2024 Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor: A Stylish Urban Companion

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor

The Urban Cruiser Taisor, it’s Toyota’s version of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx. Now, it’s not surprising what Toyota has done to turn this into one of the cars in their lineups.

Taisor Exterior styling

It’s very similar to what, say, it does with the Glanza. You get a new DRL. It’s very similar to what you see on the high riders, and differentiates it quite significantly from the Fronx.

This element is also different with the dark chrome finish to it.

The grill housing itself It’s different it’s more Toyota-like, again, very similar to the high rider and say the RAV for the Toyota product that you have internationally.

The entire bumper, too, is very marginally different from the Fronx, although the lighting is still the same.

Even the bottom air dam, that’s also very similar to the Fronx.

Taisor Engine options

Now, the Taisor is mechanically identical to the Fronx, and you get all the engine and power train options that you do with the Maruti Suzuki.

You get that CNG option with the 1.2 NA, you get the regular fuel option with the 90 PS 1.2 NA again, and you also get that booster jet turbo 1 liter, which makes about 100 PS.

You have a lot of power train options with the Taisor as well.

Profile styling vs Fronx

Now, again, it’s very difficult to spot the Taisor from the Fronx.

But new orange shade is what separates it most, apparently, from the Maruti Suzuki.

You also get Alloy wheels, which are, again, more Toyota-like, very different from the Nexa ones that you get in the Fronx.

Urban Cruiser Taisor Rear Styling

Now, the rear of the Taisor is again, very similar to the Fronx, but the light signature is very slightly different.

At least this part is, again, a bit more Toyota-like with the C-shaped lighting. You also get dynamic turn indicators.

Then, again, between the two cars, it’s really what’s different is the badges. You have the Toyota badge and the logos.

Cabin layout

Now, there’s literally very little to differentiate this from the Fronx, of course, aside from the Toyota badge and within the infotainment.

Now, again, you got the same screen as in with the wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, very similar features, climate control. This is, again, the automatic with the paddle shifter, the turbo variant.

You get regular cruise control. You get that 360-degree camera and auto-dimming mirrors.

So between the two cars, there’s literally no difference in features.

Rear space

Now, again, it’s exactly the same on the inside and very similar leg room and knee room.

So to the Fronx, it’s enough for a family of four as the Baleno and the Fronx are. Similarly, two Type C charge ports.

The seat bag, again, is relatively comfortable it’s not the most comfortable. The cushioning could have been a bit better contoured and you could have done with a bit more under the support.

Urban Cruiser Taisor Pricing

But for the price, it’s perfectly usable as a family car. And yes, even with the Taisor, you still don’t get a sunroof.

Now, prices for the Urban Cruiser Taisor, starting will be 7.74 lakh for the 1.2 NA and about 10.55 for the turbo.

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