2024 Kia Sorento GT Line Review: Your Ultimate 7 Seater Family SUV

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Kia Sorento GT Line Review

The top-spec GT line diesel model Kia Sorento. This luxuriously appointed family mover has some stellar features that makes it a fierce competitor against other large SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Toyota Kluger.

There are four grades available for the Sorento, and you can choose either a petrol or a diesel engine.

Kia Sorento GT Line Pricing

This particular combo will cost you $68,590 before on-road costs. That places it right in the middle of its rivals, so it’s not the most affordable, but neither is it the most expensive seven seat are on the market.

However, it should be mentioned that you can pick up the top spec Carnival, which is a proper people mover and has almost the same spec list for a smidge less.

If the seven seats and the space were the main factors for you to consider.

Features In Kia Sorento GT Line

You get so many features in this grade level that it will spoil you for future cars because you get ventilated and heated front seats, heated rear outboard seats, a heated steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, as well as a bunch of cool tech, like the upgraded 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

This grade also gets two features that are always handy on a family car, and that’s the remote start on the key fob, which we use to cool down the car after a particularly long stint at the beach on the weekend.

You can also park this car remotely from the key fob, which I always think is very handy in a tight car park.

Kia Sorento GT Line Design

The Sorrento has been beefed up to compete against its heaviest set rivals like the Kluger and the Everest.

Overall, I really like the chunky body styling because it’s well-proportioned and there are some really nice highlights on this car, like the full suite of LED lights and the black grill and 20-inch alloy.


The interior looks up market and has a good mix of materials like the Napa leather upholstery, suede headliner, and soft touch points throughout.

The dashboard now sits a little bit lower and is now headlined by a beautiful curved panel that houses the dual 12.3-inch digital screens.


The head and the leg room up front is fantastic, and I feel like even when you have a full car load of passengers, you don’t feel like you’re on top of them, which is also good.

The individual storage is excellent for this class, and I like how many storage nooks there are in this center console.


The seats are really comfortable, and there’s lots of practical features up front, like the extendable under-thigh support on the driver’s side and the two-seat memory position as well, and the extendable sun visors, which is always a personal favorite of mine.


Charging options are really good throughout the car with two USB-C ports found in every row, and the front also gets a wireless charging port, and the middle and the back row also a 12-volt port, too.

Touch Screen

The touch screen multimedia system is responsive, but with the update, the layout has shifted, which means that it took me a little bit to get used to this one.

I really like that it has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which you don’t often see on a car, which is great.

The built-in satellite navigation has map updates for the next 10 years. The instrument panel is semi-customisable, and I really like that in this grade level, you get a clear head-up display.


Also, there are so many buttons within easy of the driver. You can open the boot from the front, which is fantastic when you’re doing the sport or school run.

The middle row is really comfortable, If you’re taller, the sunroof does cut into the headspace a little bit, and that’s not helped by the fact that these seats are set in a stadium-like positioning.

Having said that, the seat’s really wide and the flat floor will mean that three adults will be pretty comfortable At back Side .

There Are many amenities you get directional air vents, mat pockets with device holders, fold-down armrest, and a total of four cup holders.

The third row isn’t forgotten with amenities either. You get reading lights, directional air vents, an electric fan controller, as well as cup holders, a snack tray, and those USB-C ports.

It is a little bit more suited to kid-size occupants in terms leg room, but an adult could be comfortable in there on a very short journey.

Middle Row

The middle row has a 60/40 split and Isofix child seat mount on the outboard seats plus three top tethers.

The seat’s wide enough that I reckon you could get three child seats if you needed to. But it’s the extra Isofix and two top tether points in the third row, which should excite families.

Third Row

When the third row is stowed, you get 608 liters of storage capacity available, which is perfect for an average family.

The third row has a 50/50 split, and they fold flat, so you get a level loading space as well.

There’s a small storage compartment underneath, but the full-size spare tire is located underneath the car itself.

Engine & Performance

It’s always handy having a power tailgate. This great It has a 2.2-litre Four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a maximum power output of 148 kilowatts and 440 Newton meters of torque.

It’s got plenty of grunt even when you have a full load in the back, but it can feel a bit sluggish off the mark.

This one’s an oval drive with an eight-speed dual clutch auto transmission.

You can also select up to three different terrain modes with sand, snow, and mud for those weekend adventurers.

Kia Sorento GT Line Camera

it has a very clear 360-degree view camera system, as well as front, rear, and side parking sensors.

It also feels really easy to navigate a tight car park because of the crisp 11.6 meter turning circle. The official combined fuel cycle is 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Based on the official combined fuel cycle, and the 67 liter fuel tank, you should be able to get a driving range of a 1,116 kilometers, which is outstanding for a family car.

Safety Feature In Kia Sorento GT Line

The Kia Sorento comes with a safety list as long as my arm, which is always good to see on a family car.

I really like the safe exit warning feature because it’s always handy in a school zone with those big busses darting around.

But the traffic sign recognition tech is super annoying.

I know I’ve said it before with other car models, but that feature with all the warning chimes every single time the speed sign or just a normal sign changes, gets all fast.

The Sorento comes with a maximum five-star NCAP safety rating from testing done in 2020.

It has seven airbags, including the newer front center airbag, but it misses out on curtain airbags covering that third row, which is really disappointing in a family seven-seater.

Ownership Warranty

The Sorento comes with a seven-year unlimited kilometer warranty, which is excellent for the class.

It also comes with a seven-year or up to 105,000 kilometer CapPriest servicing program, and the services average just $541, which is also very good for the class.

Reasonable servicing intervals, too, at every 12 months or 15,000 kilometers, whichever occurs first.

Final Word

The Kia Sorento GT Line diesel has the looks, the space, and the features. If you’re after a seven-seater and don’t want to compromise on the luxury, this is one to consider.

If you’re after people and luggage stoage, the Carnival might be a slightly better fit,

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