2024 Fiat 500e Review: Italian Microcar Goes Fully Electric

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Fiat 500e Review

Fiat 500E, this little electric gem is keeping its Italian heritage alive, still proudly made in Turin, Italy. It’s like a Vespa but with four wheels and zero emissions.

Fiat 500e Design

The 500E is sticking to its roots with that unmistakable Fiat look, but with a modern twist. From the front, it’s got a friendly face,

With LED infinity headlights and DRLs, wheels that say ciao.

The side profile shows off those stylish 17-inch diamond-cut Alloy wheels, while the rear keeps it compact and cute, and the colors are cool.

I have what I think is the most elegant here, which is called Celestial Blue. Although The rose gold does look pretty cool, too.

Motor & Battery

Under the hood well, that’s not the storage front that you often see in EVs.

The Fiat 500E is powered by an 87 kilowatt motor, pushing out 220 Newton meters of torque.

That battery, it’s a 42 kilowatt hour pack, giving you a range that can hit up to 311 kilometers on a good day.

Fiat 500e Charging Time

Charging from zero to 80% can be done in a Swift 35 minutes with DC fast charging.

Keep in mind that the maximum charging speed you can get with this architecture is 85 kilowatts, and given the battery size, that’s completely fine.


Now, don’t expect this car to set any speed records. It hits zero to 100 kilometers per hour in a leisurely nine seconds, and the maximum speed it will get up to is 150 kilometers per hour. But Let’s be real in the city, it’s more about agility than top speed.

The 500E is tiny and nimble, making it a breeze to zip around town and park in those tight spots.

Switching between the drive modes, normal, range, and Sherpa, you’ll notice a change in pep, with Sherpa mode dialing things back for maximum efficiency.

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Interesting they didn’t opt for the standard normal, eco, and sports modes.

It’s a bit confusing, but hinting that this isn’t about performance. That’s what the Abarth will be for.

The mode The connector is a bit finicky, though. It’s not as snappy as I would have liked.

Fiat 500e Interior

Inside, the Fiat 500E is brimming with character. There’s a 10.25-inch infotainment screen that has all the usual favorites like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and also some EV-related functions.

The instrument cluster is seven inches and fully digital. The interior is light beige, which adds to the fancy feel, and the seats, even though they’ll need to be manually adjusted, are very comfortable.

Now, to get out from car, you press button, which looks like the Ignition button.

Speaking of the Ignition, when you’re going to turn off little electric Italian, it makes a rather defeated noise. It’s the exact same noise when you get denied access to a building.

I would have liked something a little more.

There’s no transmission tunnel, which helps with space. In fact, the cabin is surprisingly increasingly airy for its size. But let’s not kid ourselves, the back seats and boot space are pretty snug.

this car is best enjoyed as a two-seater, with the back seat serving as bonus storage. I mean, you don’t even get a window that opens back.

Safety Feature In Fiat 500e

On the safety front, the tiny Fiat 500E still carries some big safety features. Features like autonomous emergency braking, blind spot assist, lane keep assist, driver behavior warning, and intelligent adaptive cruise control with lane centering and traffic jam assist.

The adaptive cruise control works great. It’s like having a little copilot on board keeping an eye out for you.

Fiat 500e Pricing

Now, the moment of truth, pricing the Fiat 500E comes in at $52,500. It comes with a three-year warranty and an eight-year battery warranty.

It’s definitely a price tag that is carrying that currently unavoidable EV premium, especially for a compact car.

But then again, you’re paying for Italian designed and made flair, as well as that electric innovation.

Final Word

What’s the final word on the Fiat 500E? Well, it’s a charming little electric car with a lot of personality.

It’s perfect for zipping around the city, and you’ll look good doing it.

Just be prepared to pay a premium for that Italian badge and eco-friendly creds.

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