Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max dominated the 3-row SUV competition 2024- Check Now

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Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max

This is the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max, and I think this is the best three row SUV right now powered by a 2.4 liter, four cylinder turbo and a hybrid system all making 362 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque.

And I think Toyota just made the best three-row SUV you can buy right now. If not, it’s at least the most compelling.

It’s priced at $59,878 for this specific example after delivery, which is more than the top trim Telluride, more than the Palisade, more than the pilot, more than the Subaru Cent and more than the Pathfinder. But the base Grand Highlander hybrid starts at $45,000. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

Here are five exterior features that will make you want to have this on your driveway.

✅ Number one, we like big cars that make big, bold statements, and this one looks like a RAV4 that has been super sized.

It’s boxy, has a robust look, and I love the proportions of this grand Highlander, and I think it looks great when compared to other good looking SUVs like the Grand Cherokee, the Honda Pilot, and the Hyundai Palisade or the Kia Telluride.

✅ Number two, the front end has a subtle use of Chrome, not too much and not too little, it’s just right. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

The Chrome highlights the Hammerhead front grill and the LED light hardware looks pretty good and gives off plenty of light at night.

✅ Number three. I like that you can lock and unlock the car through all the doors in the SUV, so you can even lock and unlock using the back door.

Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max

✅ Number four, I like the classy 20 inch wheels. This is good looking wheel for this big SUV

✅ Number five, I like the ground clearance on this thing. This has over eight inches of ground clearance.

So while I won’t take this on serious off-Road trails that other Toyotas can do, this should be able to easily handle the more tame stuff.

And as for the paint, this is called Storm Cloud, which looks exactly like the skies and I think this is an awesome shade of blue and I like how you don’t have to pay extra for this color. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

Let’s talk about the interior. And I am a big fan of brown leather interiors and this Grand Highlander comes with a portobello leather and ultra sue finish.

This is a modern looking interior, and I’ll admit it looks better than it is to touch.

It feels very much like a Toyota vehicle, but I know that this is going to be pretty durable and last for a very long time.

Number two, I like physical buttons and switches. This is a big SUV, so there’s lots of storage spaces peppered throughout the car.

Let’s start with the armrest I like how you can open the armrest and you don’t have to take off your elbows in There. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

So if you have your rear occupants trying to reach for something in here, you don’t have to bother the front occupants.

Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max

💥 And then if you look up front right above the glove box, there’s this fairly big cavity you could put your phone or maybe a power bank and some cables in there.

💥 And then down below only on the passenger side, you have nice little cavity here so that you could store some other objects.

💥 Over in the center console, you have your cup holders and if you have your very large tumblers, you could fit There So that’s a nice feature. And in front of that, you have another large space where you could store your phone.

💥 You have heated and ventilated seats. You have heated steering wheel back, you have large panoramic sunroof.

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💥 Over in the second row, you have some captain’s chairs. You have a privacy screen and stepping-in automatic climate control and also heated seats and ventilated seats as well, USB and 120-volt outlet for your household items.

💥 And in between you have a set of cup holders, some slots to put whatever you want, but the best part is that this whole thing goes out of the way so that you could step back into the third row. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

💥 By the way, if any of you are inventors out there, this is a pretty cool interface where you could just make anything that attaches to this car, assuming that you have the same physical interfaces.

Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max
Storage Department

💥 Getting into the third row, you have some switchees here to slide the seat forward or just fold it down, or you could just fold this and then slide the seat forward getting into the third row. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

💥 I love third row because this is actually usable by adults. The second row occupants are gonna be pretty comfortable, but this is comfortable for adults.

💥 Usually these third row SUVs are four little kids or small adults, you have some cup holders and this really interesting slot here for your phone and also more USB.

💥 And if you look up top, you’ve got Vince and also your own light, just like the second row to get into the third row, this is powered and this opens up to 20.6 cubic feet with the third row up.

💥 And if you look down There, you’ve got your dedicated jack and also a storage location for your tunnel cover.

💥 And you could fold the third row just by flipping up on this switch. And with the third row folded down, you get 57.9 cubic feet of space, and with all the back rows folded down, you get over 97 and a half cubic feet of storage.

Now let’s talk about technology. And There are five features that I like in the Toyota Grand Highlander. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

➤ Number one, I’m loving this 12.3 inch infotainment system. This also comes with wireless apple CarPlay and wireless Android auto.

Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max

➤ The native infotainment system is just okay. It all works well and the menus all make sense, but I think they’re just one iteration away from it being perfect because they don’t have a multi-view page in here, just like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

➤ Number two, there’s another 12.3 inch display, and this is for the instrument cluster. It’s a very nice presentation I like that when you switch through the different driving modes, there’s a nice little animation in there that shows you the car.

➤ Number three, there is a heads up display in front and that helps you keep your eyes on the road. That’s always a nice addition. It makes the car feel much more luxurious. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

➤ Number four, have I mentioned the amount of USB ports in this car? You have 1, 2, 3. You have a traditional cigarette style port here underneath the armrest number four and number five in the second row, and then six and seven on the other side.

➤ And on top of that, you have the 120 volt outlet in the second row and a second one in the storage area. And I also like the JBL speakers.

➤ There’s 11 speakers throughout the entire car. It’s good sound quality for the car’s price point.

➤ There’s also the 360 degree camera view, so you can see all around you. And if you look up the rear view mirror becomes a digital rear view mirror.

So if you have stuff in the second row blocking your sight lines, this will give you a clear view. [Grand Highlander Hybrid Max]

This is powered by a 2.4 liter four slender turbo with a hybrid system.

So it’s making 362 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque. It goes 0 to 60 in about six seconds, and that engine is attached to a six speed automatic.

So this is not a conventional Toyota hybrid system that we’ve known since forever because those would have an ECVT type transmission.

Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid Max

This is great because the electric motor gives you that instant torque and then the turbocharger takes over when it has full boost altogether.

This is making 26 miles per gallon in the city, 27 in the highway, and 27 miles per gallon combined, which is really good for an SUV of this size.

My only issue with this car is that the braking is a bit awkward here because sometimes the regen braking from the electric motor feels a bit aggressive at times.

I think you’ll eventually get used to it the more hours you put behind the wheel. As for steering, the electric power steering feels good, there’s plenty of assistance, so steering feels light and still has good enough feedback.

As for the handling, I like the performance of this new architecture. The chassis is more stiff and it makes the car feel like a smaller car altogether.

So this Toyota Grand Highlander has a really great look. It has lots of features on the inside, nice tech, and the Specification for this car is pretty good.

It’s a bit more expensive, but you know what? That little bit of extra cost makes it worth it.

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