Tesla Starts Construction In China- Tesla Starts Mega Factory in China 2024

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Tesla Starts Construction In China

Tesla have begun manufacturing a new, what I’m going to call gigafactory, It’s in Shanghai. They’ve just broken ground as actual little excavators on the site right now.

Now people are saying it’s just for megapacks, for Tesla’s mega battery packs. Now, I don’t actually agree with that.

I believe Tesla may, in fact, also build the Tesla model two at this site.

New Model 2

Now we know what battery pack Tesla is using in the new model two. That’s just mind blown at the technology that’s going to be in the model two.

For the price it’s going to be, I honestly think it’s going to be game over. For gasoline powered vehicles, internal combustion is just essentially finished.

So what kind of batteries will Tesla be apparently using at this nuking factory? Well, lithium ion phosphate battery cells are what Tesla use in their megapacks.

Mega Battery Packs

However, the new battery cells that will go into these megapacks, I believe, will be Tesla’s version two lithium ion phosphate cells, which have a higher ninja density.

They charge much faster, and they’re a much, much more technologically advanced battery pack.

Now, Tesla, I believe, will eventually move away completely from using CATLS old LFP technology, That’s what I’ve been hearing.

But, you know, that’s going to be a little while away. In the meantime, for the first maybe year or two, it might still use older CATL lithium ion phosphate batteries because, yeah, you can still fine to use for energy storage.

But like I said, I believe this site is not just for megapacks.

Manufacturing In China

I believe that Tesla plan to build model two in China as well. Tesla secured a site and they held a signing ceremony for the upcoming Shanghai megafactory in December.

Construction has technically, I mean, technically begun they’re excavating the site now.

There was a video shared by Wuah on Monday, and it shows construction equipment has finally arrived. Now, it doesn’t look like much has been done here you can see some concrete paving has been done.

Not a whole lot has been actually manufactured here. But realistically, you know how it is in China, guys, things get built in weeks It’s unbelievable.

multiple construction vehicles there’s a crane, a bulldozer, a few other hauling trucks spotted near the site and at the entrance, says Tesla Rati.

Building Location

Wiwa points out that the multiple new steel pipes can be seen laying on the ground, along with crews being shuttled around the site. The mega factory, where is it?

Well, it’s actually very close to Tesla’s gigafactory in Shanghai. It’s currently producing the model Y and the model three.

You want to have everything close by. So Tesla tries to have all their parts, everything that goes into the Tesla model three and the Model Y within 3 factory, that’s their goal.

And I believe they’ve got about 60% now within 3 km. If you look at the number of megapack batteries being installed in Australia, in Southeast Asia, in China, in New Zealand, there’s huge numbers.

There’s huge Tesla batteries being built in Australia right now. A lot of these megapacks, that’s where they’ll go.

Megapacks in India

A lot of them will come here to Australia. There’s also India. It’s possible Tesla could sell these megapacks in India, where the Indian government is planning on a huge renewable energy renaissance.

Originally aiming to start construction in the third quarter of 2023, the factory, it was put on hold. And the reason is because it was revised.

So why was it revised? Well, that’s my point HERE. I think TESLA revised it not only to produce megapacks, but to do two things, to produce cars as well. I mean, where else would they manufacture the model two.

Final Word

Tesla planned on building a new factory, a new gigafactory right next to their Shanghai factory, or like, basically an extension that would double the size of that factory where they would build the model two.

But apparently that factory is not happening now. So I think this is the one. This is the spot where they will build the model two alongside megapack batteries.

Now, I could be wrong, but that’s what I think is likely to happen at this site.

This is a really good development for Tesla. I think we’re going to see a lot of news this year for Tesla that, you know, everyone’s saying it’s going to be slow year, it’s going to be a quiet year.

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