2024 Fisker Ocean Ev SUV Price Reduced to an incredible $24,999

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Fisker Ocean Ev SUV Price Reduced

Automaker Fisker, who are on the verge of bankruptcy, have discounted their cars by 50%. The Fisker Ocean, I’m talking the premium spec model here. The price was $50,000 it’s now $25,000.

How would you take a risk and buy one of these cars? Well, the reason they’re so cheap, say, Fisker, is not because they’re about to go bankrupt, but it’s just because this is inventory stock.

let’s just have a quick look at the specs. What are you going to get for your money here and what the prices are.

Then I’m going to tell you my opinion on whether or not you should buy one because These cars are absolutely insanely cheap.

Fisker Financial Struggles

For a brand new electric SUV for $25,000, this has never happened before, really, outside of China. The 2023, pretty much the same as the 2024 version, Fisker Ocean EV has been discounted by 50%.

The American EV startup has reduced the price of the ocean’s most expensive model, which is called the Xtreme. The price has been reduced by $24,000, or really, about close to $25,000 US dollars.

The entry-level version now is only $25,000 US. Means the Ocean is the cheapest EV you can buy in America.

It undercuts the Nissan leaf, which costs 28,000 US$. Yeah, it’s the cheapest EV, period. It’s an incredibly good deal.

Decoding the Discount

The Fisker Ocean Sport, this is the model. This is the most affordable version. It had its price dropped by US$14,000, the Ultra is now $35,000 that was US$53,000.

The most expensive model has a $24,000 price drop. That one was, well, at 61,500. Now, I’ve got to admit, it does look good, this model, the Ocean Extreme.

So the Ocean Extreme, US$61,500 price dropped by 24,000 US dollars it’s now US$37,000.

If you paid full price, would you be pretty pissed off? Would you be going, holy smokes? I mean, I know there was a lot of Fisker buyers out there that were being very vocal about how great the Fisker was don’t buy a Tesla, the Fisker Ocean is way better.

But then MKBD, I mean, Marques Brownly, he revealed the video saying it was the worst EV had ever driven, the worst vehicle had ever driven. Some journalists were a bit critical of the car.

They said it was claustrophobic or there was issues with it, software issues. Then there started the phantom-breaking issues.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

There’s a range of issues, unfortunately, that the Fisker Ocean has had. Have those problems been fixed? I don’t know.

If If you get problems in future, and after this company has gone bankrupt, will you be able to get your car fixed by Magnestea in Austria, who actually manufacture the car? They’re the contract manufacturers for Fisker would they fix it for you? Maybe.

There is a new software, though, that’s been installed in the cars it’s called version 2.0, and apparently, it’s ready to go.

All the problems have been sorted out. In addition, some cars do have additional options such as exterior colors and 22-inch wheels that add up to US$7,000 over the starting price, but you’re just going to get the car.

With those options, you don’t have to pay for them. You get those options for free. Now, I don’t think you really want 22-inch wheels.

It’s going to give you significantly less range than if you had, say, 20-inch wheels. Obviously, your tires are going to be super expensive as well.

But if you like bling, if you’re a bling-bling guy or girl, 22-inch wheels might be a thing, maybe.

To Buy or Not to Buy

these are inventory vehicles that’s the reason, that these are so cheap. They’re inventory stock because a Magnesteer in Austria who make these cars, they have paused production in the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker weren’t getting enough orders there’s heaps of cars in inventory. In fact, they have 4,700 cars in inventory.

They’ve only ever made 9,000 cars, so more than 50% of the vehicles they made didn’t sell.

They’re sitting gathering dust, andFisker are like, Well, you know what? We’re going to be losing a lot of money here, but it’s better than nothing, right? the California startup right now has 4,700 cars in inventory, 1,300 of them were built in 2024.

So that means that 3,400 2023 models are sitting in inventory right now, there’s quite a lot of cars.

Maybe Fisker will discount them even more than this because, now, our receivers will probably jump in within the next few weeks to try and recover whatever money can be recovered. I mean, Fisker stock has collapsed completely.

Future Prospects

The CEO is brilliant at telling all the right things, putting on a Fantastic sales presentation. But when everything is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

Now, is this EV too good to be true at these prices? Well, it’s great, but I wouldn’t buy one.

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy one if it was even cheaper than this. The reason is because it’s an orphan car.

Fisker are almost certainly going to go bankrupt within the next manner, probably within a month.

Right now, manufacturing has been paused completely. Receivers are about to step in. So I just don’t think it’s worth taking the risk.

Evs now, they’re so digital. That’s where the tricky part comes in.

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