2024 Range Rover Evoque Review: Inside, Outside, Price, Top Speed Performance

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Range Rover Evoque Review


Exterior changes, very few. You’ve got the new grill, you’ve got the new LED pixel headlamps and a lot of burnt copper touches that you see around the car.

Air vents on the side, you see a little strip on the bonnet around the side of the car as well. The two-tone, one has it on the roof and around the rear.

Again, you just get that burnt copper touch right at the bottom. There’s a new set of tail lamps as well. It’s got a new graphic and it’s an all new lamp too.

Over the years, the Evoque has remained pretty much the same with clean surfacing and the roof line The tapers down the side profile at the rear. It’s always been an eye catcher and it remains so


There’s a very minimalistic look. Gone are all the knobs buttons, physical buttons have given way to these 11.4-inch touchscreen, which has most of the commands on it.

Even the terrain response system is now on the touchscreen. You have it right up and you can pull and adjust the modes right here from the touch screen.

And because that space in the central console has opened up, you do have a wireless charging pad over there.

You have cup holders and of course the conventional storage bin, which was always there.

➤ Inside there is a lot cleaner now. Otherwise, interior still top quality materials, very plush, very comfortable.

Range Rover Evoque Review

➤ And of course that expansive panoramic sunroof that makes it feel very open.

➤ Feature-wise, you get wireless Apple CarPlay and Android auto ventilated seats.

➤ The latest generation of Pivi Pro that requires just two taps to access most controls.

➤ The 3D surround view and the clear site ground view that allows you the under bonnet view as well.

Engine Power

The Evoque will come with the same engine options as before the two liter petrol with 250 HP and 365 NM of torque. And there is a two-liter engine diesel with 204 HP and 430 NM of torque.

So this is the two-liter engine. There’s enough power, there’s no rush of torque or hard acceleration.

➤ Power builds up in a very nice leisurely linear manner.

➤ Overtakes come easily and you put your foot down.

➤ The nine speed ships down quick enough.

Range Rover Evoque Review

It’s not an enthusiastic involved drive, but it’s a drive that ferries you from place to place in a relaxed, luxurious, leisurely manner.

The engine is assisted by a 48 volt lithium ion battery, which is recharged by a belt integrator starter generator. The mild hybrid provides the electrical boost when necessary, making acceleration pretty seamless.

Driving Experience

✅ The engine is also extremely refined and smooth, and so the entire drive experience is one that does feel premium.

✅ Adding in an extra touch of luxury is the right quality. Driving down the smaller country roads where the surface is not quite as smooth as it was on the highway.

✅ I can talk about ride quality a little softens out the bumps potholes, Having said that, it is on the firmer side and sharper routes, so deeper potholes can catch it out once in a while, but overall, backseat passengers will be kept extremely comfortable.

✅ Space at the back remains pretty much the same as before, and the smaller window sections and low seating don’t make it the best of backseat.

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✅ But having said that, passengers up to six feet will be sat comfortably at the back and the panoramic sunroof does open it up and make it feel a little bit more airy.

However, this backseat is better for two than for three for sure.

However, behind the wheel, the experience is quite enjoyable on a more winding section of road.

Now Evoque is not really a corner carbo, but it does give you Enough confidence and goes round the corner smoothly enough.


Now we’ve got speed limit of about 130 kilometers an hour, And the Evoque feels rock steady at these speeds.

Even at high speeds, you do feel like you’re driving a big bad SUV. So even though it may not be an enthusiast choice for Evoque is an SUV that does make you feel like you’re driving something built tough and it gives you a very secure planted feel.


There’s no rotary dial here anymore for the terrain response system. All the controls are now off central screen, you just have to get on the mode button, get into off-road modes, and then you have literally everything there.

You have grass gravel, snow, mud, ruts, sand, you have all your info here, where you can see all the details, for the track that you are on, whether it’s altitude, whether it’s you know, the banking degree or whether you know it’s the degree of the slope that you’re going on. You have wage sensing as well, of course, not active at the moment, but you can also have hill descent control.

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And then you have the all-terrain progress, which is where the car just automatically does everything for you.

Say you’re going up a steep slope or you’re coming down a steep incline, well then all you have to do is press that, set your speed off the steering wheel and you can see all the details of that there, and then just steer and let the car do the rest.

So a lot of functions over here that you can go through. And of course, there is camera as well, which allows you to literally see everything that’s near the wheels and around the car. So it makes off-roading easy.


Minimalism seems to be the mantra at Range Rover, however, this very clean spars interior may not appeal to everyone buying this level of a premium SUV. At 67.9 lack the Evoque is right up there with the competition in terms of price, and they do feel a little more premium.


Overall, I think the Evoque is a car that gives you that feeling of luxury, of refinement. It’s not a car that you drive with urgency, but more a car to be driven in a relaxed leisurely manner.

Dynamically Though the Evoque pleases, it’s more fun to drive than you, you would imagine And it had a very comfortable ride.

Although the Indian version may be a bit on the firmer side still, it is mighty pleasing from behind the wheel and offers you loads of confidence And the petrol is refined and strong. The Evoque remains a car that you buy more with your heart than your head ahead.

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