New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review 2024 – Design, Price, Capacity, Mileage

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New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

This is the new Kawasaki eliminator for old bikers, You might remember this name. From early two thousand, Kawasaki and Bajaj together had launched the Eliminator brand in India.

It was a lovely single-cylinder cruiser, but Bajaj continues to build that as the Avenger now in a slightly different avatar. But the eliminator name now makes a comeback with Kawasaki India.

And Kawasaki has brought this motorcycle back, not just with the model name, but also with an all-new engine, an all-new form factor.

It’s still a cruiser, but you will see that it doesn’t have those forward set pegs that we’ve seen with the original eliminator.

This one has mid-mounted pegs and apart from the more butch styling, you also see twin pipes, and twin header pipes coming from the engine because this is a parallel twin motor. New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review


It’s a 451 cc engine derived from the Ninja 400. It runs about seven millimeters, a longer stroke than the Ninja 400, And what you get is a 45 PS output and around 43 Newton meters of torque, or 42.6 Newton meters of torque to be precise.

It’s a quick engine, it’s a quick-revving engine, it’s a high-revving engine. All these attributes come because it’s a ninja motor.

Now, in terms of the zero 200 times, it is fairly quick. What those times are is something that we will show you in our review. So definitely do check it out once it goes out and the review is gonna be a very interesting review.

that’s all that I’ll say right now. I know I’m not on an embargo, so let me tell you that the engine feels quite punchy It feels quite nice I quite like it. You might say, why do you need a ninja motor in a cruiser?

Why do you need that high RVing motor in a cruiser? But believe me, once you get a strike this motorcycle and you ride it, whether you ride it, you know, like a naked street machine or just in a laid back fashion like a typical cruiser, you are going to enjoy that engine quite a bit because the attractability of this motor is really good.


You can be at 30 kilometers an hour and trot around in third gear and it’ll still not knock, it’ll still not give you any kind of hiccups.

And on the highway, cruising at 130, 140 kilometers an hour even is absolutely a breeze.New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

Now, in terms of the ergonomics, mid mounted pegs and a very relaxed seating, unlike some of its rivals like the shotgun for example, you get the rear seat out of the box, you don’t have to buy it separately and the seating is pretty low, even ride tall riders, short riders, everyone should be comfortable because despite the mid-mounted pegs, you’re not sitting in a very knees up position, so to say.


So the seating is quite comfortable. The handlebars are nice and wide, so you’re not really sitting like a chimp on that motorcycle.

You are able to get a good riding push and a very comfortable one in terms of the suspension well at this price point, getting standard fox, is something that is going to be an eyesore for a lot of people.New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

But in terms of the way they perform, I think they do a brilliant job at soaking most of the bumps that the Indian roads are gonna throw at it.

Wheel Size

And in terms of the wheel sizes, you are getting an 18-inch front and a 16-inch rear. It’s a fat 16-inch rear. You get a 150-section tire.

That was one big deal when the eliminator came out back in the day, right? It had a fat rear tire. You get a nice fat 150-section tire at the back.

The only thing that leaves me wanting is better tires, and better rubber. The IRC tires on this, are not a great option, you know especially on concrete surfaces like these, if there is even a little water there, they feel very, very, very skittish.

So that’s something that I’ve not liked. The other thing that I don’t like is the design of that exhaust. They should have done something better.

New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review


You get LED lamps all around LED headlights, LED taillights, LED turn blinkers, and this time around there is no saree guard, but you still get the front number plate I know it looks a bit ungainly, but what I also like honestly is that it’s a very sturdy design.New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

It’s goes on the alba mount itself and you’ll be able to use this, especially the big open area.

You should be able to use this as you know, some kind of a phone mount or an accessory mount for maybe your GPS device or whatever.


So I think this is, very nicely designed. A good ram mount should be able to fix right there and you should be able to get your phone, and you know, also in a horizontal position if you like, in a, proper landscape mode and then get your maps going. So I really like, the way they have done this for once. I like the design.

you don’t see a saree guard. So side sidling is not gonna happen, , if you’re gonna take a lady on the , rear seat.

But that also makes sure that it is a cleaner design. So I quite like it, I just forgot to mention, the rear suspension is going to be a twin shock unit and the right quality, like I said, is phenomenal.New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

Tank Color

Now in terms of the tank, this is the teardrop design that you get for the tank. I think it looks quite nice that eliminator branding is pretty subtle.

Maybe they could have done it in green, maybe added a few green accents because this is the only color that you can buy the mad black, the paint quality is really good.

Usually on the four hundreds or the entry spec Kawasaki’s, the paint quality leaves you a little wanting. But no, the paint quality here is really good. it is compatible with E five and E fuel.


It’s got a 13-liter capacity And the fuel economy is surprisingly good too in terms of the LCD cluster, very basic unit here.New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

You get a tachometer, you get the speedometer, you get the clock, you also get the fuel. And then you have the trip computer as well, It’s gonna give you two trip computers.

It’s going to give you real-time fuel economy, It’s gonna give you the average fuel economy.


Now Coming On console Part You have the telltale lights, So essentially you have the turn blinker warnings, you have the engine warning, the neutral, the headlight on warning.

New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

This is the ABS. So that’s your basic telltale set In terms of the switch gear, very good switch gear quality, I quite like it.

Very nice tactile feel to it Nothing feels low-end the handlebars, everything just feels quite nice. no adjustable levers.

I think they should have definitely thrown in adjustable levers at this price point. But otherwise everything else is quite nice. New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

The braking is also quite good despite the tires not being to my liking, the braking is pretty decent.


Now I keep mentioning pricing right? So this one is a CBU. So the price is high almost seven Lakh rupees. That’s a lot of money.

So would you buy the eliminate of 450 for that price? I think it does offer a lot of value.

It does offer a lot of value, especially for returning customers, people who know what the eliminator brand is.

And for those, looking at a cruiser who don’t want to look at the royal in fields, they want something else. New Kawasaki Eliminator Full Review

They maybe want something Japanese. Here’s a very nice cruiser. Now, do you want a Japanese cruiser? That’s a big question.

Would you spend seven Lakh rupees for a paddle twin 450 cc motor? That’s the bigger question again. But I think overall this is a very nice machine.

Could have been priced at least a couple of Lakh cheaper. If this was around the five Lakh rupees mark on road, it would’ve been an absolute steal. I mean, I would also recommend it as a good street bike to a lot of people.

So the pricing is the only big problem and a big one at that. So that’s the only problem here.

Otherwise, as a machine, as a motorcycle, it is simply brilliant. You are gonna love it. They should have done a better pricing and they should have done better colors.

More colors. This is the only color option that you get globally. You get a white and also an orange and black combination.

So the US report and that orange and black color is what you miss out on since you don’t get the SE model. But otherwise, I am quite impressed.

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