New Jawa 350 Motorcycle Full Review 2024 – Exhaust Sound Is Really Amazing

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New Jawa 350 Motorcycle Full Review

Now, at first glance, it might seem like this is the same Jawa that was launched a few years ago, and that is true to a certain extent as it looks near identical, but then there are some significant changes hiding under the skin.

This one gets a new engine, a different chassy, wider tires, more ground clearance, and even a new name.

Welcome everyone to the new Jawa 350. Now in true Jawa fashion, this new 350 continues to look the part.


It still gets the same round halogen headlight that’s set quite high, the same spoke wheels, the chrome fuel tank, and the iconic dual exhaust.

However, there is this new mystic orange paint shade on offer that looks quite nice. The instrument cluster has also been redone and it also gets a redesigned seat.

In conclusion, the new Jawa 350 is instantly recognizable for what it is the generous use of chrome and the subtle detailing all throughout help exude a classy wipe fit and finishes also improved and a big step up from what we’ve seen on earlier classic legends models.

However, like on the older Jawa, the lower numbers on the horizontally set speedo are still hard to read.


At the heart of the changes, quite literally is this new 334 cc engine that we’ve seen on ysd models before.

This replaces the 294 cc unit that was there earlier and the output has also changed. This one is actually down by five horsepower, but toque has gone up by about one Newton meter.

Judging by the specs, this might seem like the opposite of an upgrade, but the new engine produces its peak power 750 RPM earlier and peak toque 500 RPM earlier than the 294 CC unit.

New Jawa 350 Motorcycle Full Review

And in the real world, that effect is even more prominent than it sounds on paper to account for the larger engine.

Jawa says it has also improved the cooling system. However, on ride, we encounter a high temperature warning and some minor coolant overflow followed by a check engine light when riding through some traffic.

The temperature warning did go away after a bit, but the check engine light stayed on for the rest of ride.

It must be said however, that despite these issues, the bike continued to run without any performance restrictions.


Exhaust of the new Jawa 350 Is really cool and it’s a nice meaty sounding motorcycle as you can tell.

But it’s worth noting that this one has the DB killer removed, which comes with it as standard.

Gear In Jawa 350

The Jawa 350 also packs in a slip and assist clutch, and it works quite well. The clutch lever itself is light and easy to modulate even in traffic conditions, and the six speed gearbox is precise enough.

The Jawa now also gets dual channel ABS as standard. Stopping power is more than adequate, but the tall front end dives quite a bit under hard braking.

The Jawa 350 also benefits from a new chassy. The frame is still a double cradle unit, but the swing arm has been extended because of which this has a longer wheel base.

New Jawa 350 Motorcycle Full Review

The suspension two has been reworked and is taller than before because of which the seat height has gone up and so has the ground clearance.

Despite these changes that make it more substantial, the Jawa 350 continues to be an approachable and easy to ride motorcycle.

Tires Size

The tires too are wider than before at both ends On the road. The Jawa 350 feels nimble and light on its feet and it turns in quite eagerly despite that raked front end and larger 18 inch wheel.

The ride, especially at the rear, is on the former side, but it never feels painful overall. The Jawa 350 feels composed, be it in traffic or out on the highway.

Seat Comfort Zone

The ergonomics of the Jawa 350 are also quite comfortable for my frame. As you can tell, am sat nice and upright and there isn’t a long reach to the handlebar.

What also helps matters is this redesign seat. I’ve spent hours in the saddle today and it has left me with no discomfort whatsoever.

However, I am sat a little too knees up for my liking, but it won’t be an issue for the average heated rider.

It is also available with a wide range of accessories right from a large windscreen up front to leg guards and even saddlebags for your luggage.

Pricing Of Jawa

The outgoing Jawa was priced at is 2.04 Lakh Ex showroom for the dual channel ABS version. And in comparison, this new one is priced At 2.15 lakh.

Now that marks 11,000 rupe hike and considering the scale of the changes, it does feel worth the extra cash, but that now brings it very close to the evergreen and hugely successful RE classic 350, which tops out at 2.25, lakH just how many buyers looking for a classic motorcycling experience opt for the more modern Jawa over the classic 350 remains to be seen.

Overall, the new Jawa 350 Marx a step in the right direction for classic legends. The motorcycle continues to look special.

It has composed road manners, and the improved fit finish is also a welcome site. As such, it now does bring more to the table than before.

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