Latest Features and Technology in the 2024 Mercedes GLA 220D

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Mercedes GLA 220D

Today we are going to talk About the latest Mercedes GLA. GLA comes into different lines, One is progressive and the other one is AMG line.

Progressive line has two options GLA 200 and GLA 220 D formatting, Whereas the AMG line just has 220 D formatting.

Now Talk About the engine specs, power, and fuel efficiency.

GLA 200 version is powered by a 1332 cc petrol engine mated to a seven speed DCT, churning out 162 horses and 270 Newton meters of torque.

Managing 0 to 100 in 8.9 seconds, the 220d gets a 1956 engine with an eight speed DCT that produces 190 PS of power and 400 Newton meters of torque.

The diesel version takes 7.5 seconds to touch the three digit figure. And let me tell you, the tested fuel efficiency figures as well, which is 17.4 kmpl for the 200 version and 18.9 kmpl for the 220 D.

Now the new design elements of this AMG line gets a star studded front grille which has chrome pins in them. GLA 220 D

The progressive line has a vertical setup. This also gets a body colored front apron. The headlamp DRL designs are also new.

One more difference between the progressive and AMG line, This AMG line gets 19-inch alloys and now some added convenience.

If you have key in your pocket, then what you can do just touch the door handle and the car opens and we are talking about all four doors And handsfree tailgate opening and that’s pretty consistent to. GLA 220 D

Mercedes GLA 220D

Other than the keyless go and gesture control boot opening, there’s one more feature that adds to its convenience which is a digital key handle.

In case you want to allow someone to drive the car, you don’t have to physically hand over the key.

You can lock the keys inside and then use your Mercedes Me app to lock unlock the car and let someone else drive it. GLA 220 D

So the process involves deactivating one of the keys with the help of the app, putting it in the glovebox, and locking the car with the help of your Mercedes Me app.

In case someone needs to drive it, open the car via app, activate the key and it’s done.

The infotainment system gets a newer version of mBUX.

This has wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well and got 60 degree camera.

Mercedes GLA 220D

GLA Active Parking Assist takes the guesswork out of maneuvering into tight spaces.

This system detects suitable parking spots, guides you during parking and exit, and provides a better view via the 360 degree camera to eliminate blind spots.

Another AMG line exclusive feature in the GLA 220 D format is the off road engineering package that includes downhill speed regulation.

This feature lets you set a slow speed between 2 and 18km/h, which the car maintains automatically using a targeted braking on steep descents.

The package also comes with a media display showing the gradient, slope angle and technical settings for better awareness and control.GLA 220 D

The interior has a couple of elements which said the 200 & 220 D versions apart. For example, the AMG line gets a carbon structure trim and the progressive line sports an illuminated star pattern.

The center console gets some additional storage space for cards and keys.

The second row of GLA feels comfortable and spacious for two passengers.

You better use it for two passengers only because the central tunnel is really high, but you get good knee room for average Indian height and then adequate headroom as well. GLA 220 D

Mercedes GLA 220D

The thigh support could be a bit better, this feels a bit flattish. This basically gives you access to the boot.

But yeah, no armrest and no temperature control for the rear passenger. But you get two type C charging ports and then you get a feeling of extra space because of glass panel above.

So mechanical changes are more or none, so the figures are very much similar. This has a 1950 cc diesel engine mated to a GDCT transmission.

The power output is around 190 PS and torque figure is around 400 Newton meters. This goes 0 to 100 in 7.5 seconds.

And with all of this, in case you’re interested, the tested fuel efficiency figure is 18.9 kmpl.

While the 19 inch alloys lend the GLA MG line a bit stiffer drive, transmitting most of the pothole and rumble strips to the cabin.

They also contribute to a more planted and substantial feel from behind the wheel.

This might not suit everyone, but drivers should look for just a little bit of extra ruggedness and handling could like this trade off.

Behind the wheel the GLA sits higher than you would expect, giving you a good view.

The 220 D engine packs a punch when you first put your foot down, but that grunt tapers down a bit as you reach highway speeds.

On the other hand, switching between the driving modes is super easy and you can definitely feel the difference in each one.

Eco is relaxed, while the sport makes it feel a bit more eager.

Overall, the GLA 220 D comes across as a refined and substantial upgrade.

Yes, the second row could get some more features, but if Mercedes manages to stick to the existing rupees 48 to 53 lakh ex-showroom price range, this baby GL could be a convincing choice for buyers seeking a compact SUV with a three pointed star badge.

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