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IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment July 2023 & January 2024

Q 1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below in complete sentences:

1. What problem do many presenters face? What solution does the speaker offer?

ANS: The majority of speakers experience anxiety and are terrified to speak in front of an audience. PowerPoint slides are recommended by the speaker. These might increase your comfort level by providing you with the crucial support for your presentation.

2. How does Power Point help you in dealing with the content of your presentation?

ANS: The titles and subheadings on the slides can be used as a roadmap as you proceed. By doing this, you can avoid forgetting any crucial information out of anxiety or carelessness.

3. Give a suitable title to the passage.

ANS: public speaking anxiety

Q 2. Use the following words in sentences of your own:

1. Persuasive
Ans. Remember the fable of the Sun and the Wind and be gently persuasive.

2. Visionary
Ans. Another visionary American colony, led by a certain Adams, came in 1866.

3. Icon
Ans. The icon was carried further, accompanied by the throng.

4. Philanthropic
Ans. As a man he was loyal, affectionate, philanthropic and entirely estimable.

5. Revenue
Ans. The gross revenue of all the states is estimated at 24 millions sterling.

Q 3. Rewrite/fill in the following sentences as directed:

Q 1. Yahoo and Rediffmail are________


Q 2. He said. “I had already left” (Change into Indirect speech).

Ans. Indirect Speech: He said that he had already left.
Explanation: If the direct speech is in the past perfect tense, then the indirect (reported) speech will remain the same.

Q 3. Her party was________ [use preposition]


Q 4. ______you like some help? (Use a modal]


Q 5.NOT _____word was said. (Use an article)

Ans. A

Q 4. Write short notes of about 150 words each on the following topics:

Q 1. Common trends in E-communication.

ANS: There are more than one ways to exchange information in business. Email is simply one of them. One of the fastest growing mediums of communicating is through a well-known application- Whatsapp.

Most of us are used to sending Whatsapp for personal use. However, when using Whatsapp for professional use, there are some good practices that must be followed.

1) Always use professional language on Whatsapp.

2) Avoid using unnecessary short forms like ‘b4’ or ‘2moro’. It does not take long to type ‘before’ or ‘tomorrow’. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

3) You may use short forms like ‘asap’ or ‘pfa’ as these are acceptable in the business world.

4) Do not send unprofessional messages like ‘good morning’ or jokes or messages unrelated to business either to individuals or in business group.

5) If possible avoid sending messages after working hours. Respect other people’s time as well as yours.

6) Instead of sending one long message on Whatsapp, number them and keep to the point.

7) If sending a message in a group, when possible mention the name of the person for whom the message is important.

8) Be respectful in your language IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

9) Ensure that your name is clearly visible as a sender rather than have nicknames.

10) Avoid exchanging personal messages.

Q 2. Difference between a portfolio and a resume.

ANS: A resume is a formal document candidates use when applying for a new role to list their work experience, academic qualifications and achievements that may qualify them for the position.

It’s typically no longer than one or two pages and only contains information that directly pertains to the position they’re pursuing.

Many candidates also may supplement their resume with a customized cover letter in which they express their interest in a specific job and company.

You can also highlight your skills and qualifications that echo those mentioned in the job description to show your suitability for the job.

It’s useful to quantify your achievements in both the cover letter and the resume by adding percentages and numbers. Such information can directly show the value you may add to a company. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

A portfolio is a collection of material and information that provides visual examples of the work you’ve done in a professional field.

Providing a hiring manager or prospective client with samples of the best work you’ve done is an effective way to show the skills and abilities you possess.

Instead of reading about your abilities, hiring managers get to see real-life examples of the work you do, which is useful for gauging whether you’d be a good fit for the company and the position.

A portfolio typically may include different content, such as photographs, videos, illustrations, website links and text.

Although a wide range of candidates use portfolios, they especially provide creative and artistic candidates with a means to showcase their work.

Individuals who commonly use portfolios include artists, photographers, designers, writers, architects and developers. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

Q 3. Work Ethics

ANS: Work ethics is a universal norm, which makes us feel personally accountable and responsible for the work that we do. Basically, work ethics is usually associated with people who work hard and do a good job.


Interpersonal Skills

Our routines, attitudes, etiquette, outward appearance, and behaviour when we are among other people are all examples of interpersonal skills. Our ability to get along with others is impacted by this.

Early in life, we start to hone our social skills. Our attitudes and social abilities are influenced by our relationships with our family, friends, and the people in our surrounding environment.

Our ability to interact with others is likewise influenced by television and films. Since our genes and outward appearance have a significant impact on our personalities, some interpersonal abilities are also inherited.


Initiative is a very important characteristic in modem times. It means the ability to act or take charge before others do. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

Direct supervision is often not a feature of the modem workplace. Without initiative, we may delay things and miss opportunities, which can cause problems for us.

And if our performance is poor, we may lose our job and may not get another chance to prove our worth.

Being dependable

In the modern workplace, dependability is highly regarded. This idea encompasses integrity, dependability, and punctuality.

People that are unreliable may incur additional costs, have emergencies, waste time, lack initiative, and poorly manage resources. When someone isn’t reliable, it can sometimes result in catastrophic losses, including fatalities.

Q 4. Importance of good customer service.

ANS: 1. Helps you retain customers
If a customer has a good experience with a company, they’re more likely to return, and the more loyal customers you have, the more your company can grow to its full potential. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

For instance, if your customer service team has a seamless procedure that makes online returns quick and simple, you’re more likely to retain customers and build a loyal customer base that appreciates your no- hassle return policy.

Boosts employee retention : Employees want to work for companies that treat their customers fairly.

When your employees see that your company is focused on delivering exceptional customer service, they will be more likely to become advocates for the business.

They are also far more likely to remain with the company and be fully engaged in their work.

Reinforces company values and brand : Your customer service team communicates with customers on a daily basis, which means that they are directly responsible for representing your brand’s mission and values.

Great customer service can result in positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations for your business that can lead to new business.

A positive public persona can strengthen the way people see your company, products or services. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

Generates referrals : Positive word-of-mouth referrals come directly from previous and existing customers that have had a great experience with your company.

They tell their friends, relatives and colleagues and may even post to their social network about your friendly and helpful customer service.

Their contacts, in turn, feel encouraged to buy from you. Word-of-mouth advertising is often a company’s best and least expensive form of advertising.

Increases customer lifetime value : Customer lifetime value (CLV) represents the total amount of revenue your company can expect to receive from a single customer over time.

By increasing the CLV, you can significantly increase your company’s revenue without having to spend more on marketing.

An increasing CLV means that your customers are spending more money each time they order or they are buying more often.

Q 5. Behavioral requirements for a discussion.

ANS: Listen respectfully, without interrupting.

Listen actively and with an ear to understanding others’ views. (Don’t just think about what you are going to say while someone else is talking.)

Criticize ideas, not individuals. We all can learn something from each other, even if your views don’t necessarily align.
Avoid blame, speculation, and inflammatory language.

Allow everyone the chance to speak. IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment

Avoid assumptions about any member of the class or generalizations about social groups. Do not ask individuals to speak for their (perceived) social group.

We are accountable for our words and their impact.

Personal information that comes up in the conversation should be kept confidential.

This is one of the less conventional skills on the list, but has an important role to play. In this fast- paced world reinforced by technology, we forget that everything takes its own time and all you need is a little patience to hold onto your emotions and personal greed.

One of the underrated attributes of an employee, time management does not refer to the employee’s ability to meet deadlines, but an efficient organisation and execution of their work to complete a particular task on time.

While time management relies more on the abilities and habits of the employee, you can develop efficiency in your performance. Behavioural skills include removing distractions such as cell phones and social media to ensure that you are fixed on your schedule IGNOU BEGLA 136 Solved Free Assignment


Q 1. You are interested in applying for the position of a manager in a marketing firm. Write an application for this position, showing how you are suitable for thisjob.


Subject: Application for Manager with abc

Dear Mr. xyz,

This is regarding your call for a manager on the Indeed job portal. I have reviewed the job requirements and visited the abc website, and I am interested in working with you.

I have a first-class MBA from IGNOU, and I have worked for seven years as a Marketing Manager with aabbec company.

My work experience includes ideating, planning and organising product launches and customer engagement programs.

As a result of these, we were successful in seeing higher sales five years in a row. Given my understanding of and passion for marketing strategies, I believe I will be a good fit for the position in your company.

Please see my attached resume and work samples.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

Meenakshi Sharma Sankhyan


Q 2. Prepare a short CV (Curriculum Vitae) clearly mentioning your career history, skills, achievements and other relevant details.

ANS: Meenakshi
23/45, Second Avenue,
Gandhi colony, Delhi 110069
+91 9816311521

Masters in Organic Chemistry, 2017
Delhi University

Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Applied Chemistry
Research Assistant 2009-2011

Conducted physical and chemical laboratory tests to assist research scientists in qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Operated experimental pilots and assisted in developing new chemical engineering processes.

Maintained all laboratory equipment to ensure a clean and safe work environment for students and faculty.

Project management
Curriculum planning
Fluent in English and French

Awards and Honours
Indian Academy of Sciences

Editorial Board Member, J. Chem. Sci., 2018
Awarded to up to three individuals globally, each year, for achievements in medical science.

Publications and Presentations
Understanding Olfactory Preferences among Modem Working Professionals, 2016 All India Chemistry Conference

Professional Associations
Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru (2010-Present)

Grants and Scholarships
Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship Programme, 2012
Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation

Licenses and certifications
Certificate in Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 2004
Delhi University


Q 1. Write an outline of a presentation on the following topic: “Gender Sensitization at the Workplace”

ANS: Gender sensitization is the teaching of gender sensitivity and encouragement of behavior modification through raising awareness of gender equality concerns.

In other words, it is the process of making people aware of gender equality and the need to eliminate gender discrimination.

It involves understanding and challenging the existing gender roles, stereotypes, and biases that are prevalent in society.

Gender sensitization aims to create a more equal and just society where individuals are not discriminated against based on their gender.

Gender discrimination is often the result of conscious and unconscious bias acquired through generations of conditioning.

A recent Harvard Business Review study confirms the connection between gender discrimination at work and gender bias.

Gender sensitization training is critical to addressing bias and thus creating a positive and inclusive workplace atmosphere.

Uber India, for instance, has been conducting gender sensitization training programs for its driver partners across the country to address the safety concems of their growing female customer base.

Most significant were the amendment to the
1972: The Indian Evidence Act Section1 13B. (presumption as to dowry death
1983: Criminal Law second Amendment Act, Section 498A
2010: Sec 41a CrPc [no automatic arrest on complaint u/s 498A
2012: Supreme Court dictate on 41a Stereotype Gender Bias

GENDER IS NOT A “Women’s Issue”
It’s a “People’s Issue
Construction of power of one Determines the Construction & Power of the Other

It’s the undue pressure on Boys & Girls to live up to the established norms of Masculinity & femininity.

Girls endure unwarranted social control, discrimination & domination.

Boys discouraged from being emotional, gentle or fearful thrust into a world of Macho Protectors, Warriors, Breadwinners.

Gender sensitization training helps sensitize employees on gender-related issues by:
Informing and guiding employees on appropriate ways of addressing and interacting with female colleagues, clients and partners.

Facilitating discussions between male and female employees, with the goal of highlighting positive as well as discriminatory workplace practices and policies that need attention.

Empowering women by facilitating access to mentoring and professional guidance on harassment and workplace bias

The benefits of gender sensitization training include a positive and gender-intelligent organizational culture, growth and progress of women leaders, and lower levels of gender conflict and harassment.

Additional benefits include the ability to attract more female candidates, leading to a balanced male-female ratio, and higher morale and retention.

One major goal of gender sensitization programs is to identify and address unconscious biases and prejudices that creep into the workplace.

Sensitization programs can be successful only when they bring subliminal biases out in the open for discussion and remediation.

The technology firm Pitney Bowes did just this by leveraging micro-messaging sessions for male employees and leaders focused on tone, gestures, inflection, messaging etc., that could unconsciously contribute to gender bias.

Q 2. You are planning to appear for an interview for the position of a Research Officer in a reputed institution. Write ten questions you expect to be asked and your responses/answers to these questions.

ANS: 1.What motivated you to pursue a career in research?
I have always been interested in the scientific process and discovering new things. I find the research process to be both challenging and rewarding, and I enjoy working on projects that contribute to our understanding of the world around us.

I also appreciate the opportunity to work with a team of people who share my passion for discovery.

2) What are the biggest challenges you face when conducting research?

Ans. There are many challenges that can be faced when conducting research. Some of the main challenges include:

  1. Time constraints – often there is not enough time to collect all the data needed or to fully explore a top.
  2. Access to data sometimes it can be difficult to get hold of the data needed for a project, especially if it is sensitive confidential information. 3. Funding securing enough funding for a project can be a challenge, especially in current economic
    climates. 4. Resources – another challenge can be finding enough resources (e.g. staff, equipment) to conduct the research effectively. 5. Ethical considerations there are often ethical considerations to take into account when conducting research, such as protecting participants’ confidentiality or ensuring that they give informed consent.

3) What have been the most exciting or rewarding moments during your career in research?

Ans. There have been many exciting and rewarding moments during my career in research. One of the most exciting was when I was able to help develop a new research method that was later published in a prestigious journal.

It was very gratifying to see my work being used by other researchers and to know that it was making a contribution to the field.

Another rewarding moment was when I was able to secure funding for a new research project that I was passionate about.

It was great to see my work come to fruition and to know that it was making a difference.

4) What makes your research process unique?

Ans. My research process is unique because I take a multidisciplinary approach to my work. I integrate insights from psychology, sociology, and anthropology to understand the complexities of human behavior.

This allows me to develop creative solutions to research problems that other researchers might miss.

Additionally, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to collect data. I believe that the best research is done when it is conducted in a way that is ethical, rigorous, and respectful of participants.”

5) What is the most important advice you would give to other researchers?

Ans. There are many important pieces of advice that researchers should follow in order to be successful.

However, if I had to narrow it down to one single piece of advice, it would be to always remain curious and to never stop learning.

As a researcher, it is important to always be inquisitive and to constantly seek out new knowledge. This means that you should never stop learning, even after you have obtained your research degree.

There are always new discoveries to be made and new theories to be explored. By remaining curious, you will ensure that your research is always at the forefront of your field.”

6) What do you think sets your research apart from other studies in your field?

Ans. There are several factors that could contribute to setting my research apart from others in my field.

First, the focus of my research is on a specific population that is often underrepresented in research (e.g., low-income individuals, minorities, etc.).

Second, I use innovative methods to collect data that other researchers in my field may not be using. For example, I might use mixed methods or utilize novel data sources.

Third, I am constantly thinking about ways to improve my research design and methods so that I can produce the most rigorous and accurate results possible.

Finally, I am always looking for new and unique ways to communicate my findings so that they can have the greatest impact on policy and practice.”

7) What are the most significant findings from your research to date?

Ans. The most significant findings from my research to date include:

  1. The development of a new method for measuring the effects of environmental stressors on plant growth development.
  2. The discovery of a previously unknown plant species that is highly resistant to environmental
  3. The identification of a new type of plant hormone that plays a key role in stress tolerance.

8) How has your research evolved over time?

Ans. My research has evolved over time in terms of both the topics I investigate and the methods I use. Early on in my career, I focused primarily on issues related to economic development and poverty alleviation.

However, over time my interests have shifted to include a broader range of topics such as social inequality, environmental sustainability, and global health.

In terms of methods, I have increasingly relied on quantitative techniques such as econometric analysis and surveys.”

9) What impact do you hope your research will have on your field of study?

Ans. I hope that my research will have a positive impact on my field of study by providing new and innovative insights that can help to improve the way we understand and approach the challenges facing our field.

I also hope that my research will help to raise awareness of the importance of this issue and encourage more people to get involved in finding solutions.”

10) What are the most pressing issues facing researchers in your field today?

Ans. There are a number of pressing issues facing researchers in my field today. One of the most pressing issues is the need for more funding.

Many research projects are underfunded and this can lead to a number of problems, including delays in research, lack of access to resources, and difficulty in recruiting participants.

Another pressing issue is the need for more collaboration. Researchers often work in silos and this can lead to duplication of effort and wasted resources.

There is also a need for more communication between researchers and the public. Many people are unaware of the work that researchers do and this can lead to a lack of understanding of the importance of research.

IGNOU BEGLA 135 Solved Free Assignment

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