2024 Hyundai Creta N Line Review They Already Sold 22,000 Vehicles

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Hyundai Creta N Line Review

The latest Hyundai Creta N Line is all about excitement for Hyundai Motor. They want to cater to all the enthusiasts, and that’s why they already have i20 and Venu N Line.

They’ve already sold 22,000 of such vehicles. But in this case, I think the number is going to go up as they have also introduced their best seller in N Line.

But the engine is the same, which we’ve already seen in the existing Creta, 1.5 litre turbo, petrol, 160 PS engine.

And that raises the question whether this one is just a cosmetic upgrade.

we are going to talk about the changes in the Creta cosmetic changes, list of features. How exciting is it? Is it better performing or not? And are there any mechanical changes and yes, fuel efficiency as well.


The first thing we have to talk about this car is the drive, 0-100 in this latest, Hyundai Creta N Line. Company claims this 0-100 figure is 8.9 seconds.

Creta N Line Engine

As you mentioned, this Creta Enline is fitted with 1.5 L turbocharge petrol engine, which produces around 160 PS so far and 253 newton metres of torque.

You get an option of seven-speed DCT or a six-speed manual transmission as well.

The claimed or tested fuel efficiency figure shared by Hyundai is around 18 kmpl, 18, and 18.2 kmpl, where DCD gives just a bit more fuel efficiency.

There are two trims, N8 and N10. N10 doesnt get a dash cam, n8 gets a dash cam, but no AIDAS.

Creta N Line Design

Even when the engine delivers the same power, this Creta N Line feels different when you’re driving in straight line or while taking a fast corner.

There’s some work done on the suspension front and the steering feedback as well. And this runs on 18-inch alloy, and overall, this feels more planted.

This feels more rigid, not radically different from the Creta, but this feels like more enthusiastic-centric car.

So you must be wondering what all has changed in this CretaN Line because shape, size, design, they remain the same.

Outside View

There are some red inserts which you can see from outside, obviously. Front, break callipers, side, and rear as well. You get 18-inch alloys in Cretta inline.

The bumper and the skid plate gets sporty treatment, and you can see inline badging everywhere.

Front, side, rear, and the other side is there. And exhaust, sounds the same, but looks different. This has got this chrome-tip twin muffler.

Interior View Of Creta N Line

Now, changes on the inside. You can see lots of red inserts on the dash. Then you have a red ambient light as well.

Then red highlight on the gear knob, red stitching throughout. So designers have gone for this dark and red feel so that it looks more sporty.

And this also has metal pedal.

Second Row

Now, the second row of Hyundai Creta N Line and this is a familiar space for all of us.

So the knee room is adequate thigh support could be a bit better. Back angle, back support is nice.

Overall feel, again, dark plus red theme is going on. And headroom could be a bit better for taller passengers, but otherwise, average engine height, I think this is a spacious, comfortable space.

You have AC vent, two type C charging ports. You have armrest and BOSE sound system and sun-blind as well.

Boot Space In Creta N Line

Then the storage space, which is 436 L, and the rear seat, the second row, is also 60/40 split, so you can fold them as well.

I also expected this N line to come with wireless Android Auto Apple CarPlay. And I would also suggest request to work on the wireless charging pad, which is not very consistent.

Final Word

So how is this Creta N line as a package? I feel it’s a solid package, considering the numbers this is doing.

This is the best seller, and that is the reason it’s becoming more and more common as well.

But those customers who enjoy Most who enjoy driving can go for this version.

But the price difference between the regular Creta and the Creta N Line can’t be exponential because their performance is not exponentially different that, Hyundai has to take it otherwise, had fun.

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