2024 Kia Sonet Inside Review – Safety Feature, Ranging From 7.99 to 15.69 Lakhs

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2024 Kia Sonet Inside Review

Since 2020, Kia took over the compact SUV segment and set the market on fire with the upmarket, tech-rich, and super-sporty Sonet.

The journey was pretty smooth, and after selling more than 3 lakh units in the last few years, they are the youngest brand who is seeing rapid growth in the Indian auto market. 2024 witnesses the new Sonet, and this one is here to win.

Kia Sonet Safety Features

Now, what does the Sonet have? More than 25 safety features, segment best A-Dash with 10 features. 15 robust high tech safety features added, along with six airbags as standard across all variants. Kia Sonet Inside Review

Now, you might think that this is going to be a pricey car, or maintaining it is going to be a pricey deal.

This is why, Kia excels as a brand as they have established high standards and great pricing.

And now, they say that maintaining them is more affordable than their segment competition.

That is pretty much every car owner in the country would want right now, isn’t it? A car which looks as good as this one and drives great too, is easy to afford and maintain.

Did I say looks? And also this works pretty well among the young crowd who would want a vehicle which stands out in the crowd, yet is safe, performs well, and is, well, pretty darn cool.

Kia Sonet Outside Look

The new Sonet gets full marks with the more muscular design with the new grill and the new headlamps and the connected tail lamps are killing it.

The new bumper design with the sharp stance is complemented well with the 16-inch alloy.

The Sonet has always been a class apart with its reinvention of benchmarks since the beginning.

Inside Feature

With six airbags and 50 connected features, it was the most tech-rich car on its launch in 2020.

The new Sonet reinvents on the design and tech. The new set brings in the surround view monitor where it helps you to find your car.

And yes, now you can control your windows with a remote in the Sonet. The VR now accepts English commands too and also, the Sonet allows you to control your air purifier.

Pricing Of Kia Sonet

The new Sonet comes across 19 variants, ranging from 7.99 to 15.69 Lakhs, giving it the Indian market ample opportunities to own one.

Calling it the most value-for-money owning experience, the people at Kia made an analysis which proves that the total cost of ownership of a Sonet is lowest in the segment, which is a brave stance to take.

But with the recent history in mind, it is expected that Kia would deliver upon promise.

The Sonet has been winning hearts all over the country since the beginning.

And with this new Sonet claiming such high standards of looks, safety, performance, and affordability, it looks like a bright future for a Kia in India.

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