2024 Huge Discounts on Kia EV9 and EV6

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Huge Discounts on Kia EV9 and EV6

Some pretty insanely great prices here, on the Kia EV6 and the EV9. One thing to keep in mind, the EV9, brand new car, it’s not about to be changed anytime soon.

If you were to buy an EV9, not saying you should, by the way, but if you were, then you’re not going to get done for with depreciation because a new model is about to come out.

EV6: Imminent New Model

But if you buy a Kia EV6, you are because there is a new EV6 that’s going to come out within a few months time.

The new EV6 not a revolutionary upgrade coming in a few months, it’s bigger battery pack.

It’s going to have about 10% more range, higher energy density in the battery as well.

Some other upgrades, minimal upgrades, exterior design, interior design. But the primary change is the extra range with the new model.

The EV6, it is essentially like buying a Tesla Model 3, right as the Model 3 Highland is about to come out.

But the The discounts are pretty good, so it’s definitely worth having a look. Hot on the heels of the facelifted 2025 Kia EV6, several discounts have come out.

These mean you can save as much as $13,000 on a new EV6.

Discount Details for EV6

Now, if you’re going to get a $13,000 discount, that makes it worth it, in my opinion.

10% more range is not worth $13,000. what are these discounts? Apparently, there is discounts on all Kia vehicles ranging from $500 to $1,500, but But the EV6, it gets the full 1,500 plus.

The EV6 gets a $7,500 customer cash incentive, that’s essentially like Kia’s version of the tax credits.

You know how the Kia EVs don’t currently qualify for tax credits in US because they’re not made in the US right now.

They will be in the future, but they’re not at the moment. So that’s Kia way of giving you back that amount of money.

That means the saving in total is US$9,000, plus there is a $500 loyalty discount.

Really, this shows you how much dealerships suck because there’s no way you’re going to walk into a dealership and they’re going to say, Hey, did you know the brand, Kia as a brand, is offering $1,500 for all our models this vehicle qualifies for that.

Great deal for you, $1,500, plus, you get this $7,500 customer cash incentive. that means you’re going to get a discount of 9,000.

Plus, we have a loyalty discount. That’s another 500, 9,500 for you. Plus, actually, we have a few extra discounts, meaning you can get $13,000 off.

Now, if you walk to a dealership and you don’t know that stuff, they’re not going to tell you.

Tell your friends, that if they’re going to buy a car, they need to keep in forward with this stuff.

Otherwise, at a dealership, you will pay more than what someone else would who knows this information.

Financing and Leasing Offers

if you want to finance an EV6, you can do so at a ridiculous zero % for 60 months, California, Oregon, Washington, EV6, you can get up to $11,000 in lease cash, plus a $1,500 WIN offer, whatever that means, and a loyalty discount.

All of that comes to around $13,000 US dollars if you lease, plus you’re getting it a zero % interest.

EV9 Discounts

EV9, you can get a $1,500 discount on this, plus you get the $7,500 them a cash offer.

If you want a lease, you can get a 0% lease deal for 48 months, that means the EV9 qualifies for the 1,500 and the 7,500.

Be confusing here, but 9,000 US$ discount on the EV9. I do see some of these being sold much cheaper.

We’ve just seen Polestar, Peugeot, Aura, multiple car brands in Australia discounting EVs by up to $20,000.

Competitive Market Discounts

Discount on the GT line is actually $10,000, ev9 land, $10,400 that’s in the US. Plus, you get a $500 loyalty bonus on top of that, apparently, if you’ve bought a Kia V4.

there a massive discounts on the EV9 and the EV6, both of them are really good cars.

It’s probably a good time to look at one. If you want a seven-row SUV, the EV9 is a really good car.

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