Hybrid and Electric Cars to Avoid: The Worst Choices for 2024

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Hybrid and Electric Cars to Avoid

What are the worst hybrid cars and electric cars that you should avoid buying, That’s what we’re going to find out.

I’m going to share the worst hybrid cars and electric cars that you’d be crazy to buy that are a complete waste of money thanks to poor design, poor reliability, and will have next to no resale value down the road. So let’s start the list.

Dodge Hornet and Alfa Romeo Tenali

The first two are relatively new plug-in hybrid SUVs, and these are the Dodge Hornet and the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Alfa and Dodge are part of the Stellantis Group, and the Hornet and Tenali are identical plug-in hybrid crossovers with slightly different styling and different branding. electric cars

Now, on paper, they might not seem too bad, but after you get to know them for a while, you quickly realize that they are just complete duds.

The plug-in hybrid system that they use has decent performance, but there have already been many reported electrical glitches where just doesn’t seem to run right, and it has a tiny 1.3 liter turbo engine that has to work rather hard.

Quality control and reliability have been major problems for Dodge and Alfa Romeo for quite some time, and the Hornet and Tonale just feel like overly complicated throwaway vehicles that will be a headache to own outside the warranty period.

These crossovers are also surprisingly small with not much room for anything, and they are ridiculously expensive, which explains why they really aren’t selling either.

Bottom line, don’t waste your money on these two because all you’ll be doing is pouring your money down the drain.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xE and the Wrangler 4xE

The next two vehicles I would put in the exact same category, and these are the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xE and the Wrangler 4xE. electric cars

Although completely different vehicles, both the 4xE models in the Jeep lineup use the exact same plug-in hybrid system, and it’s not a very good one.

Not only has it been plagued with reliability problems and recalls, some of which are incredibly serious, leading to fires and hybrid system failure.

They just don’t perform all that well or even that efficient.

Driving either one of these for an extended period of time will likely make you wonder why you spent such an insane amount of money on them, anywhere from 60 to 90,000.

And they are just not worth the money or the potential reliability issues that they will lead to down the road.

If you absolutely have to get one of these vehicles, you’re better off just going with regular V6 engine, but the plug-in hybrid 4xE versions just stay away.

Chevrolet Blazer EV

The next vehicle on the list is a full electric vehicle, and that is the Chevrolet Blazer EV. electric cars

Gm has had a very tough time launching its lineup of electric vehicles, with many quality and reliability issues along the way.

The Blazer EV is a perfect example of this. When it initially launched, there were so many quality issues, including problems with charging, freezing touchscreens, and other software-related issues.

The problems were so bad that GM had to stop selling them to sort out all these issues and find fixes, which they claimed they eventually did because the Blazer EV is now on sale again.

But with a significant price cut, it is still a very expensive vehicle, though, for what you’re getting, and it’s just not worth taking a risk on it.

Not until enough time has passed to have more confidence in the quality.

Audi Q4 e-tron

The next vehicle is another EV crossover that I just would not bother with, and that is the Audi Q4 e-tron. electric cars

This one suffers from a lot of the same issues that are plagging many first-generation EVs.

Not enough driving range, not enough value, charging concerns, a bit rough around the edges, and a high likelihood of heavy depreciation, and a general sense that you are overpaying for a vehicle that will likely be extremely outdated, if not obsolete, in a few years because the technology will have moved so far forward.

The Q4 e-tron is not alone in this category, as we will see in a bit, but it is a great example of an EV that you should not be wasting your money on.

Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid

the next vehicle on the list, we’re getting back to another Stellantis product, and that is the Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid.

The Pacifica is a popular family minivan, but the Plug-in Hybrid version is certainly one to avoid. electric cars

This model has been plagued with constant reliability issues and major recalls, some of which are quite serious, involving the hybrid system and battery.

It’s no wonder consumer reports ranked it as the least reliable vehicle of 2024. They are a pain to repair and clearly not built to last.

The pricing is ridiculously high, and if you were banking on saving money on gas, well, that likely won’t happen because the V6 engine is still quite thirsty, and the EV hybrid modes are somewhat inefficacious.

Inefficient, particularly in cold weather. This one is just a total mess, so stay away.

Tesla Model X

And next up, moving back to EVs, we have the Tesla Model X. Although the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are very popular vehicles, the Model X is a bit of a forgotten member that seems to have little reason to exist anymore.

It was Tesla’s first attempt at a family SUV, and it wasn’t a very good one, earning a reputation as Tesla’s most problematic and least reliable vehicle.

It is also hideously expensive, and despite several massive price cuts, Tesla is still struggling to sell them, which is why the resale value has just gone down the drain.

Now, I’m not a Tesla hater, but this is a vehicle that has no reason to exist anymore, and buyers seem to agree. electric cars

EQ Mercedes Benz

Now, for the next group of vehicles, I’m lumping them all together because they are more or less all equally bad.

And these are the EQ vehicles from Mercedes Benz. The EQ vehicles are the electric models in the Mercedes lineup, and regardless of which one you look at, the EQB, the EQE, or the EQS, sedans or crossovers, they all suffer from very similar issues.

None of them have much going on for them in terms of their design, EV performance, build quality, or value.

It seems buyers have caught on to this as well because Mercedes is seriously struggling to sell them.

Down, being forced to make massive price cuts, and plummeting resale values as a result. electric cars

Mercedes really messed up with these, and if they are really serious about an EV future, their next attempt will need to be a lot better.

Jaguar I-Pace

The next vehicle on the list is one that has absolutely no reason to exist anymore. And fortunately, most consumers have forgotten that it does, and that vehicle is the Jaguar I-Pace.

The I-Pace was one of the earlier EVs to hit the market way back in 2018, which is ancient by EV standards.

And it really shows because the I-Pace is now terribly outdated and at the bottom of the pack in almost every possible way.

And of course, being a Jaguar, the reliability is pretty terrible. The pricing is ridiculously high, and resale value is basically nonexistent.

In fact, the entire Jaguar lineup is suffering from these issues, and it really is quite puzzling how they are still in existence, which is a bit sad to say for such a story brand, but there it is. electric cars


The next vehicle, on the other hand, is a relatively new one, and yet somehow it manages to be even worse, and that vehicle is the BMW XM.

The more expensive a vehicle is, the higher your expectations become. So naturally, with a price tag starting around 160,000 US or 220,000 Canadian, the expectations for the XM are very high.

And yet, it is a complete disappointment in almost every possible way.

The XM is a horribly designed, ridiculously overcomplicated, luxury performance SUV that somehow manages to fail at almost everything it aims to achieve.

It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle for some reason, but it also has a twin turbo V8 engine, which is in no way efficient. electric cars

It is very fast, but because it’s so insanely big, heavy, and stiff, it is not comfortable and not fun to drive.

It is just a confusing mess and a laughably expensive one at that that almost no one seems to be interested in buying.

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