2024 Honda Reveals New Electric Sedan Targeting Young Drivers

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Honda Reveals New Electric Sedan

Honda has just revealed their first electric sedan. Now, this is being manufactured in China. I imagine now, Honda say that they plan on exporting EVs from China.

So this could be one of the ones that they export, possibly. I hope it’s not, though. Honda’s first EV it’s called the LINGXI L.


It has 215 horsepower, lithium-ion phosphate battery. Sounds like a winner so far, but then you look at it and you think, What were they thinking?

This has got to be one of the ugliest sedans I’ve ever seen in my life. there are so many great-looking cars in America, in Europe, in China, everywhere. So many very, very beautiful-looking electric cars.

Because with an EV, you don’t have those limitations of an internal combustion vehicle having to design it a certain way.

But this thing, the angle, it’s got curves and then sharp creases and all the wrong things are going on.

Market Strategy

I don’t know what they were thinking. Anyhow, this is Honda’s EV that they hope will impress young buyers.

Honda is losing sales very fast in China. China is, of course, Honda‘s most important car market. But because it’s primarily focused on internal combustion, its sales have been falling pretty quickly.

Compact and Lightweight

Now, how big is this vehicle? It’s actually similar in size, slightly smaller than a Tesla Model 3, and it’s incredibly lightweight.

It’s actually, apparently, they say, only weighs 1,700 kilograms that’s 3,750 pounds.

Surprisingly light, considering it’s got lithium-ion phosphate batteries, which are a bit heavier than lithium ternary batteries. Now, we don’t, unfortunately, know the size of the battery yet.

Performance and Powertrain

We just know that it’s lithium-ion phosphate and that it has a 160-kilowatt motor, which is 215 horsepower.

Now, the interior could look a lot better. But considering how bad the outside looks, I’m not holding up too much hope for the interior.

Global Prospects

To be fair, Honda’s interiors have never been particularly great-looking.

if Honda was to sell this car outside of China, which they’ve been saying there’s a good chance that will do, then would you consider buying one if it was affordable? Let’s say it was price of a Tesla Model 3, would you consider buying this instead?

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