2025 Exploring The Enhanced Honda CRV: A Middle Child’s Makeover

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Honda CRV

Today we are talking about Honda CRV. The CRV used to be always the smallest SUV in Honda’s lineup until this year where they introduced their HRV and the GRV.

So the CRV had to take a step up and take the position of the pilot. So the CRV has now become essentially the middle child of Honda’s lineup.

It’s a five seater family, SUV with two extra seats in the back that pop up on demand. Obviously the C has seen a big improvement in the CRV where they’ve changed the design completely.

On the outside we see the new Honda DNA all over the place and mechanically of course the car is different as well.

Honda CRV Engine Specs

So we can start with the engine, which is a 1.5 liter Turbocharged four cylinder that produces 190 horsepower and about 240 Newton Meter of torque.

That power goes to the CVT transmission, which I’m not a big fan of CVTs, but I do understand why they would have a CVT in a vehicle like this because it is a family oriented, a grocery getter that takes you from point A to point B.

So you need the best fuel economy and the CVT helps with that as well.

The power eventually makes its way outta the CVT into the all wheel drive system, which is very similar to the all wheel drive system that we see in the pilot of the CRV as well.

And that gives the CRV good stability on the road, especially around turns like this one.

Outside View Of CRV

On the outside, the CRV had a complete makeover.

Headlight & Grill

So we can start obviously with the design elements in the front, starting with the big grill in the front with the big Honda logo in the middle or the Honda emblem.

From there we can talk about the headlights, which are obviously integrated with LED technology as well as DRLS or they’re running LEDs which look really nice on the headlights, especially at night.

And it’s the same story with the taillights, which give it its own identity with those three curves.


And it also comes with 17 inch alloy wheels. That is mostly it when it comes to the exterior because the interesting bits of this car are mainly in the interior.

Honda CRV Inside Function

On the inside you have all sorts of nice things, so we can start immediately, as we always do with the seats.


The seats are very comfortable, they are made of leather and they are ventilated and heated as well. This is the case for the front seats.

The rear seats are very similar to the front seats in terms of how comfortable they are and how they look design wise.


The dashboard as well is nicely designed. So we have the leather soft plasticy material that we all know and love, but that we see in all of these sort of cars.

Underneath you’ll find a small storage area with a place to charge your phone wirelessly.

USB Port

They give you two USB ports. One of them is a type A and the other one is type C. And obviously you have the V 12 socket as well.

This car is pretty straightforward, so if you wanna change your gears, you’ve got the gear shifter and as well as a small button that says econ.

This helps with the fuel economy. Once you do that, it basically tells the engine to consume as little fuel as possible to get the car moving.


You’ve got two cup holders with a small storage area for coins is what I assume it’s for.

The window controls the two USBC ports and of course the panoramic sunroof that extends all the way to the back.

Steering Wheel

And then in the driving position, we’ve got the steering wheel with all the controls that you need on the right.

You’ve got all the controls for the adaptive cruise control, as well as lane keeping assist on the left.

It’s your multimedia controls that allow you to change channels, raise the volume, and turn it on and up.

So this is a very good feature to have.


Now if I have Android Auto on and like I turn that on and I want to see where my map is going, if that’s the right direction that I wanna go to,

There is a small button that when You press it turns off the camera.

Now the same button, the same exact button if you are stationary. Once you press it, it shows you a 360 view of what’s going on around your car.

These are all just really nice features that Honda offers in cars like this and I appreciate that a lot.

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