2024 Global EV Sales Grow by 19% in March, Marking the Third Highest Month on Record

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Global EV Sales Grow

Turns out the whole media narrative trying to try to discourage you from buying an EV because it’s, they’re not popular anymore.

It’s all a complete load of horseshit. EV sales are down this year they’re collapsing Well, it turns out they’re actually up by 19% worldwide for the first quarter of the year.

In March, 2024, registrations of EV grew by 19% versus March of 2023.

Anti-EV Narrative

apparently, there is demand for EVs, and EV sales are not slowing down after all so far.

In fact, March was an amazing month because a huge percentage of the world’s EV sales are obviously in China and March is a crappy month for sales in China, because the first three months of the year, in China, car sales are just always really low that’s how they are.

The last three months of the year, car sales are sometimes about triple what they are in the first three months of the year. In fact, they are about triple that’s the norm.

So the fact that actually March was the third highest ev sales month in history is insane.

Global EV Sales Surge

If this was, say, October, November, December, we’d be saying, that’s just normal. But for this to happen in March, EV demand is actually better than what we thought.

Now, don’t believe Volkswagen group, don’t believe Ford, General Motors. They’re all just talking nonsense because they’re losing too much money on every ev they sell.

So they’re trying to get EV sales to slow down because China already owns it.

it actually makes sense what they’re doing, but it’s just sad they’re doing it in such a dishonest way.

Insights into March Sales Figures

I reckon just, they should just say it we can’t make profitable EV’s, so we’re going to leave it to China.

1,314,687 EV’s were sold in March. All electric car registrations accounted for about 65% of all plug in car registration.

Plug-in Hybrid Trends

So if you’re wondering how plug in hybrids are going versus EV’s of that total, 65% were fully electric and 35% were plug in hybrid.

So some people are saying, We need plug in hybrids for pickup trucks and bigger vehicles.EV sales clearly are growing.

So plug in hybrid sales, and that’s good. it’s better than internal combustion only.

But remember, a very large percentage of people, unfortunately do drive plug in hybrids simply as gasoline powered vehicles.

They don’t actually charge them, they’re too lazy, because a lot of them are company cars.

Best-Selling EVs of March

Now, looking at purely electric cars, what were the best selling EV’s just for the month of March? selling EV’s worldwide.

Tesla Dominance in EV Market

The number one was the Tesla Model Y.

First place, 118,985 deliveries. It’s a long, long way past second place because second place was the Tesla model three with 41,000 deliveries.

BYD Strong Presence in EV Sales

In third place was the BYD goal. So it’s called the Dolphin Mini in some places. But anyway, as you guys know it, the BYD go very small vehicle.

It is coming to Europe, just so you know. It’s definitely coming to Europe, but it will be bigger, so it’ll be a different version of the currency goal.

Apparently it’s coming next year in 2025, and will be priced under $20,000. That’s good.

Next you have the BYD yen Plus, which is called the Atto 3 Outside of China, that was just behind the Seagull with 29,000 deliveries.

That was followed up by the BYD Chin plus with 21,160 sales. So that gives you really the top selling vehicles, obviously Tesla one and two. Then you got BYD 3rd, fourth and fifth, and actually 6th as well.

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