BYD Reveal Latest New EV Seal X: 2024 BYD Newest Electric Marvel

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BYD Reveal Latest New EV Seal X

on the 11th of May, the BYD SEAL X hatchback, it’s not really a hatchback, in my opinion. It looks like a crossover SUV/hatchback.

I think this car would be actually really good for Europe.

It was declared by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but it could potentially have some other names.

Variety of Names and Potential Variants

There’s the SEAL 06 GT it might be called that, apparently, people are It could be called the SEAL Mini, and it could be called the Seal Mini, and it could be called the Seal 05 EV.

BYD apparently has trademarks for all four of those names, or it could be called the BYD SEAL X. It’s called, apparently, the Ocean M before the name was changed to the SEAL X.

Sales Performance and Market Dynamics

in April, 14,270 vehicles were sold under the BYD SEAL family, accounting for 10.26% of the Ocean Series monthly sales, which were 139,000.

The BYD SEAL Sedana has It’s been a complete flop in China. It’s selling well, though, outside of China. It’s selling well in Australia, well in Thailand.

It’s a really good international car. But in China, there’s just too many different electric sedans, so the electric sedan version of the Seal hasn’t really sold that well.

I think this Seal X would be much more popular and will probably be.

Design and Specifications of the SEAL X

The dimensions of the Seal X, 4,630 millimeters long, 1,880 wide, and 1,490 high, so about 5% smaller than a Tesla Model Y.

Wheelbase, 2820 its maximum speed is 200 km/h, says Carnews China, and the Seal X will come in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

As you can see, BYD is moving away from front-wheel drive for its new models and going to a rear-wheel drive or wheel drive combination.

Powertrain Options and Battery Technology

The single-motor model will have a maximum power of 160 kW. The dual-motor model will have a combined power of 310 kilowatt.

The batteries will, of course, be lithium-ion phosphate blade batteries. Don’t know if they’ll be blade battery version 2.

Do not know as well if this will come on the new powertrain. There’s an ability to have a new powertrain that’s come out.

It’s a bit faster charging than the old powertrain, and it has more powerful motors as well.

That information has not yet been revealed, it’s got fairly slim line headlights.

It does look like, in my opinion, more of a crossover vehicle than I would say a hatchback, but it’s obviously bigger than the Addo 3, a little bit bigger, like one size up.

Getting back to those three different versions, 170 kilowatt single motor rear-wheel drive, 230 kilowatt single motor rear-wheel drive, and 390 kilowatt all-motor.

Is this going to come to other countries outside of China? No idea yet. Byd have not said yet. Good chance it could, though.

Global Expansion Plans for BYD

I have heard some rumors coming from BYD. There’s going to be an onslaught of models.

There’s not going to just be the three or four that you might have heard of already. Apparently, BYD plan on just launching massively into Europe, into other countries outside of China over the next five years.

They’ve revealed their global plans, which are far more ambitious than what they’ve done so far.

You can guarantee there’ll be a lot more BYD vehicles choices over the next five years.

If your country is going to sell BYD, there’ll be a lot of choice. I think the prices will start to come down.

The prices right now in some countries are just ridiculous. Some of those prices are definitely coming down, which is really good news.

Battery Packs and Range Expectations

Now, in terms of battery packs, I believe this vehicle will have the same battery packs that the current BYD seal has.

There’s an 80 kilowatt hour lithium-ion pack, lithium-ion phosphate pack in the longer range seal, and the smaller battery pack, I believe that’s the same as the big battery in the Atto3, which is about a 60 kilowatt hour LFP blade battery.

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