New 2024 Dodge Charger Electric Car – Interior, Pricing, Exhaust Sound

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Dodge Charger Electric Car

As much as I love this new electric car from Dodge, well, it does weigh 2,700 kilograms or around 6,000 pounds.

However, it’s got a 100 kilowatt-hour battery. I know, 93 kilowatt-hour usable-size battery pack, but it does give it a fair bit of range, approximately, give or take 300 miles, depending on the version.

There’s a sedan, there’s a two-door version of this vehicle. It’s got a lot of power the new SRT version is going to have, apparently, nearly a thousand or probably about a thousand horsepower. Dodge Charger Electric Car

Is this a revolutionary electric car? Well, maybe not. This is probably the best-looking electric car. In fact, maybe the best-looking car period, It’s a muscle car.

Dodge said, We’ve reached the limits of internal combustion engines. The limits They’re saying that EVs are the future when it comes to muscle cars.

This is Dodge’s new muscle car, there’s some interesting features here. Things like having pretend shaking to simulate what it’s like to have an engine in an EV.

Anyway, here are the features and the power outputs that we know so far of this absolutely stunningly sexy-looking electric muscle car.

However, we know a few things about it, including this, the Charger Dayton SRT has a fratzonic chambered exhaust. Dodge Charger Electric Car

Especially, the exhaust system gives the EV the sound of a performance vehicle. It will sound like an SRT Hellcat if you wanted to.

So if you wanted to buy a Hellcat, but you couldn’t get one because not many were made, well, this is your opportunity.

It also has something called an R-wing. It’s a front aerodynamic wing that creates a longer nose on the vehicle that gives it downforce at the front, and it looks cool. It’s a replica of a ’70s design from the Dodge Daytona.

It also has something called the E-Rupt. It’s a multi speed transmission with an electromechanical shifting experience similar to an internal combustion engine vehicle. As far as I can tell, it’s just basically a simulated manual.


Now, getting to the stuff, in my opinion, that actually matters a little bit more than that is the power. It actually has quite a lot of power.

Now, the concept has an 800 V trimotor Banshee EV powertrain. That’ll be the plaid version. Dodge Charger Electric Car

We don’t know a whole lot about that, but that’s expected to have about a thousand horsepower.

But there’ll be three other models underneath that model.

Engine & Performance

The cheapest model will have a 400 volt platform, it’s going to be equipped with 340 kilowatt or 440 kilowatt. It’ll be called the 340 and the 440.

That’s a reference to the kilowatt power. But that is 456 horsepower and 590 horsepower, respectively. Dodge Charger Electric Car

Now, there will also be some other versions. You’ll be able to get power upgrades, by the way, to those versions.

Dodge Charger Electric Car

You can upgrade your power from 440 kilowatt to 470 kilowatt. That’s like going from 630 horsepower to 671 horsepower.

Now, apparently, there will be a 500 kilowatt version of the car. That’s quite a lot of power, right? 500 kilowatt, that’s as much as a lot of supercars have these days.

But like I said, that’s not the 1,000 horsepower version that we’re expecting, the trimotor version. Dodge Charger Electric Car

Now, Dodge is initially saying that there’s going to be six power options, 340 kilowatt base trim, 370 kilowatt, 400 kilowatt, 440 kilowatt, 470 kilowatt, 500 kilowatt, and stage one and stage two for the 800 volt SRT Banshee, which is expected to have a 1,000 horsepower.

In fact, it’s expected to have possibly more than a thousand horsepower. Could even be more than the horsepower of that Tesla Model S plant, which would be absolutely rad.

Now, the new Coup, like I said, it’s going to be able to sound like a V8, thanks to Dodge’s Fratt Zonic chambered exhaust system, which actually pushes sound through an amplifier at the charger’s tail. Dodge Charger Electric Car

It’s not completely synthetic but, it also has the active vibration system enhancement called AVE.

It aims to replicate some the physical sensations combustion cars deliver, like having a bit of movement from the engine bay, which I find truly, truly bizarre.

New Charger

But anyway, if you’re wondering how this model lineup all works, this new charger, this new charger replaces the old four-door charger and its two-door challenger. So obviously, you can see this is a two-door vehicle.

Basically, Dodge is just getting rid of the four-door option. Now, I think there might actually be a four-door version of this that will be available at some point in the future, but we just haven’t seen that one yet. Dodge Charger Electric Car

Interior View

Now, looking at the interior of the car, it looks like a pretty significant improvement of the current Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charges.

It looks like they’re going to really put a lot of effort in there. I’m not a big fan of the red LED lighting. I think it looks a bit cheap.

It looks a bit maybe like a service station, like a gas station lighting or something like that. But in general, the interior does look a fair bit better than previous Dodge vehicles. Dodge Charger Electric Car

But in my opinion, The main thing is the exterior of the car, the fact that this is an electric car, it looks sensational.

Exhaust System

For diehards who just need that noise, they’re going to get the noise they love, but it’s an EV.

If you go to work early in the morning, let’s say you’re going to go to work at 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, or 7:00 AM, you don’t have to have the sound on.

You can have the sound turned off. Then if you want a bit of fun, if you want to get the excitement of the noise of the vehicle, I don’t know why you would, but a lot of people will, you can then turn it on. Dodge Charger Electric Car

When you’re out of the suburbs, on the highway, on the freeway, on some twisty roads, you can have a bit of fun.

It’s got plenty of power, and the thing looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait until these vehicles are for sale.

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