2024 Rivian Retro R3: The Compact Electric SUV Marve

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2024 Rivian Retro R3

Rivian just revealed the compact R3, It’s incredibly similar to a Tesla model Y.

It’s going to use structural battery packs and 4695 cylindrical battery cells. Here’s what else we know about the Rivian R3.

Yesterday Rivian revealed the R2 and the R3. There are two is more kind of vehicle similar in size to a Tesla model Y, this is a little bit smaller.

The R2 is about 15 to 20% smaller than the R3. Now what do we know about it so far? Well, for me the biggest thing is structural battery packs.

I mean, this is not very normal for manufacturers to use these in America. Rivian will be the first company other than Tesla to manufacture vehicles using structural battery packs. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

Range and Charging

And they obviously go in the Tesla route here using 4695 cylindrical cells. Of course, 95 is a reference to the height of the battery.

So the batteries are a little bit higher. They’re 50mm higher than Tesla’s 4680 cells.

But they do have apparently a 1000 volt architecture could be fast charging up to 400 kilowatt charging speeds. We don’t really know yet, but that is definitely possible.

Now, unfortunately, this vehicle you’re looking at, I think it looks good for starters, it’s kind of retro looking a bit weird, but pretty cool. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

Unfortunately, though, it’s not going to come to the market for at least two years. It’s a while away and Rivian still losing a lot of money. they don’t make money as a company.

Could be a very big challenge to ramp up, especially when they’re going to be using new batteries. They said they’ll be using lithium ion phosphate battery cells plus 4695 battery cells. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

I mean, that’s going to be a relatively complex situation when you consider the fact they also need to make structural battery packs a big change to their manufacturing.

Retro Design and R3X Variant

In my opinion, this looks a little bit like the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Lancia Delta integral from the 80s, kind of like a retro looking vehicle.

They’ve done a good job with it when you look at it from that perspective.

Now there is an R3X, which is more of an off road version, has all terrain tires, wheel flares, orange accents, rear spoiler, two motors instead of one motor.

There’s going to be two options here with this vehicle apparently there’ll be a rear wheel drive version and an all wheel drive version. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

Interior Features and Options

Inside, you’ve got two screens in the R2, two glove boxes, I don’t know if there is two in the R3.

The R3 will have two different battery pack sizes, and we don’t know yet whether or not there will be a long range version, but I’m assuming there would be considering there’s two different battery options. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

Plus there will be a tri motor version that’s called the R3X, To be honest, you’re looking at a pretty damn long weight range, Rivian’s saying range is approximately 300 miles to 330 miles for the longest range version of the R2.

I’m going to assume range will be similar for the R3, but we can’t say for sure yet because, well, we don’t know yet.

Now, because of these very big cylindrical battery cells that Rivian will be using, which obviously, like I said, are very similar to what Tesla is doing.

We should see really good charging speeds.

Glass Roof

Now, one thing I noticed about the R3, I mean, if you look at the roof, it’s got a big very, very big glass windscreen. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

It’s like a windscreen on the roof. It’s a little bit like a Cybertruck or a, you know, a Tesla vehicle with that big glass panel.

Huge glass panel makes it feel really airy and bigger inside than what it actually is.

Uncertain Future

My only disappointment, and honestly it is a significant one, is the fact that Rivian might not even exist by the time this vehicle is meant to hit the market in 2 or 3 years. Is it going to happen? Probably not. 2024 Rivian Retro R3

I mean, if they go to that position, someone might buy them. Maybe Amazon, maybe Amazon do own a significant percentage of the company.

Either way guys, I hope Rivian make it through because I’d really love to see this EV on the market. I think it’d be a big a big hit.

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