2024 Rivian R2 Cool Accessories Unveiled – Check Now

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Rivian R2 Cool Accessories

There’s a lot of excitement around the Rivian R2, and part of that is to do with its 1,000-volt architecture, 4695 cylindrical Tesla-like battery cells.

But also part of it is the fact that there are so many different cool accessories that Rivian have already unveiled for the vehicle.

Rivian R2 it’s got some pretty cool accessories. Now, we know some of them, but some of them Rivian haven’t ever revealed before.

Bike rack

First of all, there is an integrated bike rack. It’s a Rivian-specific rack. Not really sure if it will work with Rivian’s electric bikes. Rivian R2 Cool Accessories

Rivian is going to manufacture electric bicycles, I’m going to guess it probably will be compatible.

Another cool thing is, of course, Rivian’s SUV can charge its electric bikes, which are coming soon, apparently.

Now, it looks like there are some storage accessories which allow you to use the vehicle to some degree like a mini pickup truck.

Remember, there’s that rear window which comes down all the way down that rear, right at the back of the car, the very back, has a window which slides all the way down. Rivian R2 Cool Accessories

Then you can use the vehicle like a pickup truck if you use the accessories that hold stuff on the back of the vehicle, It’s a cool idea.

Rooftop tent

Now, there’s also a rooftop tent that folds into a small roof box. That seems like a really good idea, having a rooftop tent.

Now, Rivian actually used to have a camp kitchen for the R1s and the R1t. They stopped producing it.

Everyone was, well, a lot of people were a bit disappointed, but the price was probably a bit ridiculous. Rivian R2 Cool Accessories

I don’t think Rivian sold too many of them. Rivian have revamped it, That was part of the reason why they removed it from the market.

They’ve made a much better one now. So yeah, it’s a camp kitchen. It’s a compact camp kitchen. Looks actually pretty good, I have to say.

For the camp kitchen, there’s an induction cooktop, there’s prep space on the top. You can obviously store things. Rivian R2 Cool Accessories

It looks like a bin in there. Yeah, it looks pretty professional. So if you want to wow your friends, this could be the way to do it.


Now, in addition to that, Rivian is saying they’re going to be bringing out boxes. So I like the Cybertruck, how you can get tray boxes, organize stuff, where you can organize stuff in your boot better, which I think is a good idea.

Another feature is off-road wheel and tire packages, which apparently Rivian already offer now, but they’re going to offer those as well with the R2.

Those are just a few of the new features coming to the R2, which you can option up.

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