Performance of the Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic: A Comprehensive Review 2024

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Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic

The Citroen C3 Aircross has been a practical, if not an obvious choice in the SUV segment. So does the addition of a new automatic transmission help its case? The Citroen C3 Aircross continues to do a decent job of standing out in the crowd.

The color options work well, but the SUV does well to distinct the look of the C5 Aircross down to this lower price point.


The two part front grille design is a good source of attention, despite the halogen lamps being shared with the C3 aircraft.

The side is functioning with its large windows and doors, but again, the offbeat design is a good foil to this, along with the smart 17 inch alloy wheels.

The rear two stands out with the heavy detailing of the C-shaped tail lamps and various textures for the helping this SUV.

Now, we’ve always liked the way Citroen cars drive, and that continues even in the case of this C3 across automatic. Citroen C3

You sit pretty high up. You can look down the bonnet, the windscreen is wide, the windows are large, so you have that nice airy feel.

Engine & Power

And then engine, this 1.2 turbo petrol with its 110 Ps. We’ve always counted it right at the top of the small turbo petrol, because of how linear it is, of how relatively smooth it is, and just in the way it gives you that energetic, engaging performance.

So that continues with the added 15 NM of torque. So even with the automatic gearbox, you don’t feel that it’s sapping power.

You don’t feel like the car’s a bit sluggish, so it’s still brisk.

You still have a good deal of performance, as you can see, and if you’re not too hard with it, it’s got that smooth flow. Citroen C3

It will always keep you in the powerband, even at low speeds. In traffic, you now feel like it’s shuffling between gears looking to put you in the powerband. So yeah, in that sense it’s it’s mated to this engine really quite well.

Comfort & Handling

And even the shifts themselves say when you’re traveling around, you just want to really get going. It takes a bit of time, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Of course, it’s not sharp and quick like a DCT, but it’s also not slow by any stretch. Yes, maybe paddle shifters should have been added, but for the people who will be looking at buying this car, that’s really not a concern, I think.

And either way, you can always put it in manual mode, which does quicken up both the upshifts and downshifts. Citroen C3

So in that sense, yeah, if you want that under control, it is always there. There are no surprises with the rest of the driving experience.

The ride is slightly firm, but has that solid, well damped feel to it. The C3 across seems built to handle imperfect roads in a way that seems comfortable over rough patches.

Citroen C3 Aircross Automatic

This continues at higher speeds with good stability. Also commendable is the way it feels while around bends. Body roll is kept in check and the steering has good heft and directness.

You have a sense of what the car is doing at most times making driving easy and fun.


Now, as you would expect, the interior is very familiar. It’s exactly the same as in the regular C3 across and even the C3 hatchback, so you have some different colors.

However, you have slightly greenish brownish kind of shade, which again looks pretty decent with the textures.

But generally in this segment for the price of this car, we think the sum of the touch points like controls or even the stocks, even these events, they could have been slightly heftier. But that’s something we’ve repeatedly pointed out with Citroen.

But other things stand out again, as usual touch screen, which is pretty decent to use with simple but gets you wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, which is great. Citroen C3

And also instrument cluster which is the digital one again, you’ve seen this before, and the regular C3 across and like in the car is actually very nicely done.

It gives you good information, the various display modes, they give you just the right amount of information.

And the trip computer is pretty detailed, which you wouldn’t say, say in the C3 hatch earlier. So in that sense it is a good addition.

Now of course you do not have too many soft materials anywhere, but as a driver you are fairly sorted. Citroen C3

So the steering wheel has leatherette covering which is nice, soft to hold. You get soft covers on the armrest and folding armrest this is not a very wide car, but you still get this armrest.

the seating position is pretty comfortable And the seats too. They have nice upholstery, which is feels expensive.

you have pretty old fashioned gated action to it which you do not see very often, but it must be said that it feels tactile.

a positive of this is the good practicality you have quite a few storage spots in both the rows, and the boot is a very usable 511 meter.

The screens are a good addition, as is the remote start and cooling function on top trims. Citroen C3

Features & Safety

You even get a one touch down function for all the window, but you are still missing features that are now commonplace in this segment.

This includes push button start, auto headlamps and wipers, as well as cruise control and telescopic steering adjustment.

Safety features much to be desired to. You have two airbags, a reversing camera, hill hold and TPMS, ABS With EBD. Citroen C3

Second Row

Now C3 across in its Second row you don’t get AC blower system and of course, no sunroof and that might be an issue considering this is a big cabin.

So in hot summer weather, it might take some time for the cabin to be cool, considering there are no vents below us as well.

But that being said again, it is not a very wide car. It’s about as wide as a sub four meter SUV, but three abreast will be a slightly tight fit.

But look past that again you are greeted with a practical, spacious feeling place to spend time in. Citroen C3

There is quite a bit of knee and legroom. the roof in the shape that it is with it being scooped out a little bit and have a lot of headroom.

The windows are large so it feels airy and yeah, the seatback itself is pretty comfortable. It’s the cushioning is firm but pretty nicely done.

And bench is maybe a touch too flat maybe It would have a bit more thigh support, but other than that, for a family car, or even if you want to take five together, the C3 across does its job decently well.

And then of course, you have cupholders section and a place to put your phone.


Throughout the car too, you only get type A ports and maybe a Type-C port would have been a good addition.

Priced between rupees 12.85 – 13.85 Lakh rupees. You are getting quite a bit of car for the money. Citroen C3

The Citroen C3 continues to impress with its quite polished driving experience. The new automatic gearbox melds into well with its straightforward functioning.

Other highlights continue to be the looks and space that’s on offer inside.

But like before, the C3 across needs the features and safety credentials that are so key now in the competitive segment functions and to be a more viable option.

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