Acura Integra Type S is Better Than the Honda Civic Type-R 2024

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Acura Integra Type S

This is the most powerful Integra type S ever made. And while it is also the biggest type S ever made, it has the best power-to-weight ratio at just 10.1 pounds per horsepower, making this the best and most fun Integra type s ever. It’s also better than the civic type R.


Front end looks very corporate. The Diamond Pentagon Grill and square root daytime running lights. They are straight from the Acura branding experts, so you know exactly that This is an Acura from very far away.

It’s also kind of boring that way, but there are elements that make this more exciting, like the blacked out integrated canards, which help with downforce.

There’s also a hood vent to extract away the engine heat and provide more downforce for the front axle. Acura Integra Type S

This is also the wide body version of the much more plain Integra.

The wide body has an attacked on look compared to the civic type R, but this one is actually molded into the body so it has a very clean look and you’d want that wide body because the front track is now three and a half inches wider than the standard Integra.

Wheel Size

These come with 19-inch wheels that are nine and a half inches wide. This normally comes with pilot support four s tires, which are 265 millimeters wide.

Acura Integra Type S

You can also get these wheels in the optional copper color finish, which will be an extra $2,186.


That’s pretty pricey considering that it’s just a color difference. Now you might be better off taking the wheels off and taking it to a powder coating place if you really wanna personalize it. Acura Integra Type S

But the copper finish on these racy paints available looks very, very good. The type S also comes with four-piston calipers with Acura and Brembo branding on it, and that’s gripping on the 13.8-inch floating rotors.

These floating rotors are nice because it reduce rotational inertia and it keep the weight lighter compared to just plain old steel rotors.

As for the rear axle, you also see the wide-body treatment. This time the body parts have a attacked on look to it, which isn’t as clean as the front end, also not as good looking as the Honda Civic Type R.

And There are two piston caliper designs on the 12-inch steel rotors. And at the back there are the most exciting place to look at the Acura Integra type S.

You have the three exhaust pipes, which is a nice nod to the Civic type R brother though this one has equal size tips. Acura Integra Type S

If you look at the LED taillights, they look great and I love the carbon fiber spoiler Much more subdued than the wild civic type R spoiler.

Overall, I love the look of this type S. The paint is called Apex Blue Pearl. It’s an extra $600.

In fact, all the color options except for the plain silver are an extra charge for the Integra. Now, how would you personally spec the Integra type S? Personally, I’d go with the performance red and the copper wheel finish.


Now let’s jump into the interior, if you were hoping for a more unique look than the standard Integra, then you might be a little disappointed here as it’s mostly the same with the exception to the unique type S badge, the type S behind the shifter and also the contrast upholstery on the passenger side dash.

Acura Integra Type S

And if you were hoping for a more luxurious-looking Honda Civic, then the materials aren’t that much nicer than the Civic, which isn’t a dig on Acura, but more of a praise on Honda.

I’m liking their interior quality and I think it can look really nice as long as you don’t go with the very base versions.Acura Integra Type S

This Integra type press has all the same knobs and buttons, but this has a more traditional dash design compared to the more modern-looking civic type R.

And just like the civic type R, this only has a six speed manual transmission. You can also get a titanium shift knob for an extra cost.

Front Seat

I do like the micro suede inserts on the front seats and there are firm side bolsters to help you lock in the seats.

There is a 12 way power adjustment for the driver’s side, but only manual for the passenger side.

The seats are also heated but there’s no ventilation, which is kind of a bummer for a more luxury or premium brand. Acura Integra Type S

But this is still an improvement over the more basic feeling Honda Civic Type R, which don’t have heated seats and only have manual seat adjustment.

What you get is the standard steering wheel. You can get a heated steering wheel as an option.

Acura Integra Type S

You can also get an Alcon Terra steering wheel, which is more grippy and great for performance driving, but I don’t think Alcan terra steering wheels age very well and it’ll start to feel a little grimy in the long run, but generally speaking, the three spoke design is very comfortable to hold when you’re driving fast and it just looks good.

I love all the physical buttons and there are dials on each side of the spoke so that you can customize the screen in front of you.

Second Row Seat

For the second row, There’s a decent amount of leg groom at 37.4 inches, if you are 5.8 inch and above then this is feeling a little cramped, but generally speaking, there’s not a lot of amenities back here.

There’s no vents, there’s no USB ports. It’s pretty basic. There’s also a healthy amount of cargo space at 24.3 cubic feet. Acura Integra Type S

I love lift back design because you could fit tall items in there and when you fold the second row down, that space almost doubles.


Now let’s talk about the technology. This comes with the standard nine inch touchscreen and it comes with the Honda Acura infotainment system.

It’s very simple to use and it’s easy to understand the layout and you can even customize the shortcuts as well.

Acura Integra Type S

I also like the finger ledge front of screen so that it could stabilize your hand when you’re making selections.

These are just the small car design things that go a long way, way to go Acura, and also the dedicated home back seek buttons and the volume dial that’s very much appreciated.

And when it comes to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it comes with the wireless version, so that’s great. Acura Integra Type S


Now, there’s a 10.2-inch digital driver display with the customizable gauges that you can manipulate through the scroll wheel.

There’s also a 15 watt wireless charger there and this is a flat design, so you just lay your phone flat, but there are raised lips to help stabilize your phone.

But I think your charging experience is going to vary depending on your phone, your case, and how crazy you drive.

And lastly, for the listening experience, this comes with the ELS Studio 3D system. There’s 16 speakers, It sounds pretty awesome. You just have to try it out for yourself.


When it comes to the power, the Acura Integra type S comes with a two liter turbo, four cylinder engine making 320 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque.

There’s a five horsepower increase compared to the civic type R, which is a welcome change considering the extra equipment and luxury features found in this car. This also has a freer flowing exhaust that sounds better than the type R.

Acura Integra Type S

320 horsepower is enough power for a car of this size, but don’t expect this to be a head snapping performance. Acura Integra Type S

The magic really lies in how this thing handles.

Now that engine is attached to a six-speed manual and it is by far my favorite six-speed manual on a car that isn’t priced like a house mortgage.

The flywheel feels right, the rev matching system is spot on, but I still think it’s much more delightful to rev match yourself.

Driving Experience

The short throw shifter just feels so crisp and so premium. And the clutch is also pretty easy to modulate. Overall, this is a very easy car to drive.

The handling is also a delight, just like a civic type R. This type S tester comes with winter tires.

This type S is business casual and it can still set impressive lap times. Now as for the ride quality, it is also very similar to the type R.

You can switch between the different driving modes and you can also customize the overall driving characteristics by changing up the suspension damping, the throttle response, and also the power steering assistance at the sport.

Plus setting the ride is pretty firm, but it isn’t punishing like something you’d find in the Hyundai and cars. Acura Integra Type S

Final Word

So I think my favorite part of the Integra type S is that it’s not a compromise to the Honda Civic type R.

You still have the raw performance of the Honda Civic type R. Without the boy racer, maybe more premium, slightly different appearance.

You just have to pay an extra $7,000 on top of the Civic type R. And is there $7,000 worth of upgrades in this car?

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