Mahindra XUV400 Pro – Full Details of This Electric Vehicle, Pricing, Interior

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Mahindra XUV400 Pro

The Mahindra XUV 400 Pro, and it packs a whole lot more than before and makes it an EV you cannot ignore, especially once you know the price.

Price Of Mahindra XUV400 Pro

The XUV 400 Pro is priced between 15.49 – 17.49 lakh. You have to look quite hard to find another EV that offers this good value.

Inside the new XUV 400 Pro lets you know that you really are getting the best bang for your buck and why is that? It’s this new interior.

So of course it looks much more modern, much more premium, and it has this high quality ambience with gloss black elements and this completely redesigned centre console.

Interior Features In Mahindra XUV400 Pro

And it has a lot of features factor to help you and your family stay comfortable. For example, you have dual zone air conditioning, wireless charging, plush feeling upholstery with the copper contrast stitching.

But in a cutting edge EV like the XUV 400 Pro, it’s the tech that’s on offer that makes a real difference and with this update, Mahinda really has taken things up a few notch.


To start with, you get 10.25 inch touchscreen and it’s packed to the brim with features.

For example, you get wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so your daily commute is going to be completely hackle free.

And then say, if you’re on a road trip with your family, just to give you that added peace of mind that you want in an EV, there’s a full set of EV statistics, so you know exactly what your EV is doing.

Mahindra XUV400 Pro

And that’s not all just to get to your place easier. There’s also it built navigation right in the screen. And also to keep you connected at all times you get a full suite of connected Tech features as well.

10.25 inch

New 10.25-inch instrument cluster. It looks great, but the display again gives you all the information you need while driving, letting you keep tabs on your EV.

The inbuilt full screen navigation display is again very useful while planning trips. And just to keep with the premium feeling in the cabin, you now get a leather wrapped flat bottom steering wheel that’s so easy to hold.

Rear Seat

Now remember, unlike its competitors, the XUV 400 Pro is a mid-sized c-segment suv. So you get a great deal of space and comfort, even in the backseat. But with this update, there’s even more here.

You now get rear AC vents so the car cools much quicker, even in hot weather. And of course, just to keep you connected, you get type c charge ports too.

Now, because of the added space, boot space too isn’t compromised. So longer trips, no problem in the XUV 400 Pro.


All of this isn’t at the cost of the cost strengths of the XUV 400 based on the five-star rated XUV 300, it’s one of the safest EV in its class.

And using this EV as your only car is no problem with up to 456 kilometres of range will go a long way between charges and charging, it is a breeze.


You get a 4.2 kilowatt home charger without paying extra. That tops it up in just a few hours. And it will also dc fast charge at up to 50 kw. So On the go stops will be quick too.

Now, aside from efficiency, you’ll want an EV like the XUV 400 Pro for the exciting performance.

And in that regard, this Mahindra is right up there with the best in this segment. In fact, with 150 ps and 310 Newton metre, it’s segment leading in terms of its performance numbers, as the zero to 100 time of 8.3 seconds suggests.

Mahindra XUV400 Pro

Now, of course, in regular driving, you have more than enough performance for all your needs.

Whenever you want to have fun, whenever you just want to do your own thing for that matter, there’s just enough performance at all times.

Drive Mode

And then with the drive mode, the fast, fun and fearless drive mode, they’re aptly named because they then tune the performance just how you want it.

It’s fast in any mode, as the name suggests, but thoughtfully that does not come at the cost of comfort.

So even though you are having fun behind the wheel, your family will be very happy with that same rugged, tough quality that we expect from a Mahindra that’s still intact, even though this is an EV.

And more importantly, unlike many EV, this XUV 400 Pro is actually quite comfortable over any surface. So rough roads, broken roads, it just takes them in its stride like a Mahindra always does.

Final Word

So if you are in the market for an EV, then you really will do well for yourself to give a long, hard look at the Mahindra XUV 400 Pro.

It’s one of the best deals going around currently, and there’s really no compromise. You get the latest tech, a plush cabin and all the performance and safety you might need in an EV.

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