2024 Top 5 Newly Released Electric Hatchbacks Car in Australia

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5 Newly Released Electric Hatchbacks Car

We’re zipping through the lineup of electric hatchbacks coming to Australia in 2024, packed with all of the details you crave, the WLTP range, battery size, and price. And now the top five upcoming electric Hatchbacks.

1. Abarth 500 E

Starting with the Abarth 500 E. This Italian Dynamo brings a 42 kilowatt-hour battery with a 252-kilometer range.

Starts at $58900 for the Turismo model there’s been quite a bit of hype around this model.

2. Mini Cooper E and SE

Next, the Mini Cooper E and SE hit the roads with a retro vibe. The Cooper E sports a 40.7 kilowatt-hour battery for a 305-kilometer range

while the SE ups the game with a 54.2-kilowatt-hour battery, giving you 402km of range.

3. Peugeot E 208

The next one is the Stylish Peugeot E 208 arrives featuring a 51 Kwh battery and a 400-kilometer range.

It’s the epitome of French elegance, and it’s expected to cost around $55,000.

4. MG cyberster

Now this is not a traditional hatch as such, but I do want to mention the MG cyberster it looks nice.

Arriving later this year, it will have a 64 kilowatt-hour battery. This electric roadster is designed to deliver high performance with a sporty exterior and a luxurious interior. There are rumors of a price tag up to 100k.

5. VW ID 3

The Last one is the VW ID 3 might just sneak into late 2024 with a 77-kilowatt-hour battery.

It offers a 546-kilometer range targeted below $60,000 for that classic European flair.

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