The 5 biggest Chinese car exporters: BYD Record Breaker and Geely Global Impact

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5 biggest Chinese car exporters

A lot has been said about Chinese cars being sold overseas, the threat that they pose.

So how many cars are actually exported from China? Byd have increased their global car sales over the past month.

Chinese Car Export Trends

In April this year, they delivered a record number of vehicles overseas.

In fact, they delivered 14% of their total volume of car deliveries, that’s a new record.

BYD Record-breaking Performance

So 86% of BYD’s cars were sold in China, 14% were sold overseas. Really good numbers there from BYD.

However, whilst 33% of all cars sold worldwide so far this year have been made in China, 33%, that number hasn’t increased drastically versus last year.

Geely and BYD Global Impact

Last year, the number was 32 %. However, among Chinese car companies, Geely is the only automaker that is in the top 10 best-selling manufacturers worldwide.

Geely is actually sitting in 10th place, byd is next in 11th place.

So far, This year, Toyota is in first, Volkswagen is in second, Hyundai Kia is in third, Stellantis is in fourth, you got Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi in fifth, General Motors is in sixth, Honda, seventh, Ford in eighth, Suzuki ninth, and of course, Geely and BYD are in 10th and 11th.

But in 12th place is Cherry So 10th, 11th, and 12th are all Chinese car brands.

However, this could change drastically because BYD has been growing its sales, so has Geely.

Whereas companies such as Western automakers, they have not.

If you’re wondering who is actually selling a large number of vehicles outside of China, which Chinese car brands are doing this?

Well, SAFE actually exported 126,000 vehicles in the first three months of this year.

So they sold 126,000 cars outside of China over the first three months of the year. Well, that’s assuming all those vehicles actually were delivered.

In second place was Chery, with 117,700. Now, Chery actually will be selling EVs, their own brand electric cars in Australia and in Thailand and numerous other countries starting this year.

So Chery is probably going to grow quite fast as well.

Now, you wouldn’t think, though, that Seq and Chery would be in first and second place in terms of Chinese exports, but yeah, they are.

Third was Great Wall Motors, with 77,935 deliveries. In fourth, a Phev way behind was BYD with 51,000.

Geely was next with 46,752, and they were followed by Cheung An with only 7,000.

Key Players in Chinese Car Exports

But of course, they’ve got JAC as well with 10,938 there is. But really, looking at this list, there’s only five manufacturers that are selling any significant quantity of vehicles outside of China who are Chinese-based car companies: SAIC, Chery, Great Wall Motors, BYD, and Geely.

Now, we often think of Chinese EV manufacturers such as NEO and Xpung, and of course, BYD as selling big numbers of vehicles outside of China.

But at this point in time, they really don’t. The numbers are actually very small. Will that change? I don’t think it will change very much for Xpung and NEO, although they do have big growth expansion plans.

For example, the Xpung G6 is now available in five different countries for almost exactly the same price as the Tesla Model Y.

Future Projections

Very aggressive pricing from Xpung. Will it work? Who knows? Either way, though, I don’t think Xpung and NEO are going to sell that many cars outside of China this year.

But BYD, very different story. In April this year, BYD actually delivered nearly as many vehicles.

Outside of China as they did over the first three months of this year, combined, January, February, March. Put those months together, and that’s nearly…

Well, BYD had nearly delivered that many vehicles outside of China in April.

So big growth from BYD with their vehicles outside of China.

Still, these numbers are not that big yet.

They will be, though, I think in five years time, because all of these companies are planning some pretty aggressive expansion tactics.

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