2024 Top 10 Affordable New Vehicles: Your Ultimate Guide to Reliable, Safe, and Wallet-Friendly Cars

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Top 10 Affordable New Vehicles

What are the most reliable and affordable new vehicles that you can buy? That’s what we’re going to find out.

I’m going to share the ten best affordably priced new cars to buy that are reliable, safe, fuel efficient and inexpensive to own.

So if you have a budget between around 25 to 35 grand, these are the new vehicles that you need to be taking a look at.

Nissan Kicks

Let’s start with the first one in the number ten spot, and that is the Nissan Kicks. The Kicks is one of the most affordable new crossovers on sale right now.

You can purchase one new for around 23 to 26 grand, which is an outstanding deal for a practical small crossover.

It is quite spacious for its size and it’s packed with all the necessary features and technology that one really needs in a new vehicle.

The Kicks is powered by a well proven 1.6 liter four cylinder engine thats both reliable and fuel efficient.

The only real drawbacks to the Kicks is that Nissan quality can sometimes be a bit iffy and they do have a history of issues with their CVT’s.

The Kicks in particular doesnt seem to be too badly affected by this.

So I would recommend changing the CVT fluid on a regular basis just to be safe.

And you should be okay for those who have a small budget and really want a crossover, the Kicks is a solid choice.

Subaru crosstrek

If you can afford to spend a little bit more. However, there are better options available, such as the next crossover on the list at number nine, which is the Subaru crosstrek.

The crosstrek is one of the most popular small crossovers available and for really good reason.

It is safe, well made, super reliable, and quite capable with an amazing all wheel drive system.

For those on a tighter budget, you will have to go for one of the lower trim models, which come with a somewhat underpowered 2.0 liter engine instead of the much better 2.5 liter engine.

But it still works fine and it does save you some money.

This is a really tough choice to fault, so if you want to play it on the safe side, the crosstrek is a great option.

Subaru Impreza

But if you don’t need to have the ground clearance and the higher driving position of a crossover, there is another Subaru that’s even more affordably priced that you could consider instead.

And that is the vehicle in the number eight spot, which is the Subaru Impreza.

The Impreza basically gives you all the same benefits of the crosstrek, minus the ride height and crossover looks, but at a more affordable price.

And that makes it a great choice for anybody that wants a safe, reliable, all wheel drive hatchback.

It’s not that fancy, but it is well made, well priced, and it does hold its value well over time. It is definitely one worth considering if a hatchback is your thing.

Mazda CX 30

The next vehicle that’s in the number seven spot is a favorite of mine And that is the Mazda CX 30.

The CX 30 is Mazda’s smallest and most affordable crossover.

But aside from giving up some interior space, it really doesn’t sacrifice much when compared to the more expensive CX five or CX 50.

It offers the same choices of either a naturally aspirated 2.5 liter engine or a 2.5 liter turbo engine.

With a conventional six speed automatic and standard all wheel drive, it is plenty powerful and really fun to drive.

The interior is quite premium feeling and it has an excellent reputation for safety and outstanding reliability.

The CX 30 really delivers it all, and if you can get around the tighter interior and the small cargo area, it really is a great value and a terrific buy.

Toyota Corolla Cross

And next up in the number six spot, we have the Toyota Corolla Cross.

The Corolla Cross is basically a crossover version of the Corolla, which is one of the most reliable, sensible vehicles on sale.

It comes with the same efficient 2.0 liter four cylinder engine and is one of the few small crossovers that’s also available as a hybrid, which is an absolute no brainer if you can afford the upcharge or if you can even get one.

Either way, this is a very practical vehicle with plenty of space, excellent safety, and it is really well made and going to last you a really long time for the price.

It’s an excellent buy and a really easy recommendation.

Honda HR-V

There is one other crossover, however, that I do prefer just a tiny bit more, and that is the one that’s in the number five spot, which is the Honda HR-V.

The HR-V basically gives you all the same benefits of the Corolla cross, but I do find that it’s a bit more comfortable to drive, smoother, quieter and with a bit more interior space.

It is the most practical crossover in its segment, and next to the Mazda CX 30, it has the highest safety rating as well.

The HR-V is also one of Honda’s most reliable vehicles, using a very simple two liter four cylinder engine with a choice of either front wheel or all wheel drive, it is a great value and a great choice of a crossover is what you really want.

Honda Civic

If you don’t really need to have a crossover, however, you will get much better value for your money with a regular sedan or a hatchback, such as the car that’s in the number four spot, which is the Honda Civic.

The Civic is a total no brainer for an affordable car that’s reliable, safe and fuel efficient.

You can get it as either a sedan or a surprisingly spacious hatchback, either one being a great option.

In addition to the standard 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, the same one that’s used in the HR-V, Honda is adding a hybrid option to the Civic this year for North America, which should make it even better.

It’s also surprisingly fun to drive, very solid and comfortable, and has a really nice and spacious interior. All around a really nice, well rounded choice.

It is a little bit on the pricey side when compared to other compact cars, which is probably its biggest drawback.

But there is no question, for all its benefits, it is worth the price and a great choice.

Mazda 3

And now getting into the top three and the car that comes in the number three spot is the Mazda 3.

Like the Civic, the Mazda 3 is a top pick among compact cars.

It is really well made, reliable, fuel efficient, and has an outstanding safety rating and a few other extra nice bonuses which attracted me to it, including its style, its sporty driving feel and a premium interior.

It also has a few nice extras which are rare in the segment, such as optional all wheel drive and an optional turbo engine thats surprisingly powerful.

The base 2.5 liter four cylinder engine, however, is still plenty powerful and does come with a very nice six speed automatic transmission.

It is certainly not the most spacious car.

The interior is definitely a bit on the tight side, but you can get it as either a sedan or a more practical hatchback, and it is a very good value and easily one of the best affordable cars on sale right now.

Toyota Camry

If the space of the Civic or the Mazda 3 just don’t cut it for you, though, there is one mid sized car that you could buy that is considered a great affordable buy, and that’s the car in the number two spot being the Toyota Camry.

The Camry has long been known as one of the most reliable and well made cars that one could buy.

I mean, after all, there is a reason why it’s such a popular choice among many taxi drivers.

It is also very safe, super comfortable and very spacious. The new 2025 version will be sold as a hybrid only which is a great option.

But if you want to save some money on the purchase price, one of the outgoing 2024 versions, such as a base LE or SC model with the regular 2.5 liter four cylinder engine and eight speed automatic would still be a terrific value buy and a great choice.

Toyota Corolla

But if affordability is the main consideration, there is no better choice than the car that I put in the number one spot and that car is the Toyota Corolla.

if you want a car that is a money saver in every possible way, the Corolla is it.

Not only is it super affordable, but it is fuel efficient, well made, extremely reliable, and offers plenty of choice.

You can get it as either a sedan or a hatchback with a choice of either a regular gas engine or as a hybrid, and it even offers the option of all wheel drive.

The hybrid version is an incredible choice, but it is tough to get and if that’s what you’re looking for, the Toyota Prius, a very similar option which, although pricier, is just as good, if not even better.

But again, if you want affordability, nothing can touch the Corolla, even in its most basic form.

It’s an absolute deal and one of the best buys on the market.

Now ill be the first to admit that cars are getting more and more expensive and even though these are some of the most affordable options that are on the market, they are still out of reach for many consumers.

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