TVS Apache RTR 310 Review – Is It a Better Choice Than the KTM Duke 250?

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TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

TFT screen five Riding Mode Switchable, ABS Traction Control, bidirectional Quick Shifter, Cruise Control. So the new TVS Apache RT 310 is loaded with features.

While that’s impressive, what makes a motorcycle good or bad are the core aspects of it, like the engine performance and feel the ride quality handling dynamics, tires, brakes, and seating comfort.

So on the face of it, the RTR 310 comes across as a fancy and contemporary motorcycle,

but when it comes to buying and living with it, is it worth considering, especially when it is surrounded by highly potent rivals like the KTM 250 Duke? Let’s start with the heart of the matter, the engine.

Engine Performance

Powering The RTR 310 is the same 312 cc, single cylinder liquid cool motor that does duty on the Apache RR 310.

However, previous has made minor changes to the fuel map intake and exhaust for the RTR while altering the gear ratios as well.

What You get as a result is an engine which has a very strong mid range grunt making this bike an absolute hoot to ride in the city.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

There is a vigorous pool ride from 4,000 RPM, almost still the red line, but the real punch lies between 5,000 to 7,000 RPM where the bike feels really quick.

You’ll find yourself overtaking most of the vehicles in the city quickly and effortlessly. It is also tractable enough to easily potter along at 45 to 50 KMPH Speed in six gear.

Adding to the experience is a light clutch and a sleek shifting gearbox. And if you are too lazy to use the clutch, the quick shifter functions decently well for the most part, although it is not as seamless as the bigger bikes.

Once you get used to the slight job during upshifts, the system is fun to operate. The story is similar on the highway as well.

Even at a hundred or 110 KMPH. When the engine is sitting close to to 6,000 RPM you have enough go to pull off over takes without the need to downshift.

I still feel the engine can do better in some areas. while the throttle response, during acceleration is pretty consistent and accurate.

When you roll off the throttle, the deceleration happens with a abrupt jug. Even if you learn to live with that. Vibrations are what act as a downer for this engine.

There is a noticeable buzz right from 5,000 RPM and it just keeps on increasing as the revs build up.

Suppose you’re touring on the highway at 90 KMPH, there will be a substantial buzz on the handlebar and the seat and at a hundred KMPH it just gets even more intense.

Maybe it’s not, outright frustrating or unbearable, at least not for a few minutes or an hour or so.


On the handling front, this is a typical Apache. It feels incredibly agile light on its feet and playful, which makes slicing your way through traffic a delightful affair.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

The sharp handling dynamics also make it great around corners where the bike feels completely at home with the chassis feeling fairly communicative and responsive.

Not to forget the grippy Michelin Road, five tires only add to the confidence inspiring handling of the bike

Ride Quality

The stop non-adjustable suspension is very forgiving for a sporty street naked owing to the soft initial stroke.

Minor undulations, even the sharper ones are ironed out seamlessly, especially at low speeds.

It’s only when you go through a deep pothole that you send a slight jolt to your back and at higher speeds If the road is even slightly bumpy.

The bike keeps bouncing gently, but not to discomforting levels for people who want to tailor the ride to their liking TVS also offers an optional fully adjustable suspension set up as a part of its dynamic kit, which cost 18,000 rupees.

The RTR 310 also offers good braking performance. The bite from the front brake is quite strong.

Although the bite feels slightly inconsistent under hard braking, the stopping power is never inadequate.

Interestingly, you can also adjust the reach to the brake and clutch levers in four steps.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The Apache RTR 310 seats you in a fairly comfortable riding position at 800 mm. The seat height is pretty accessible.

It should be equally easy for even smaller riders. the handlebar is wide and towards you. The foot pegs are quite rear set.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

The fuel tank is pretty narrow at the rear, so you can have a proper lock on with your knees.

The seat feels koshy, So if you are extremely tall or a large sized individual, this might pose a small issue. But overall, the Apache RTR 310 is a very comfortable motorcycle.

Design & Quality

On the design front The motorcycle stays true to the Apache heritage with an aggressive street fighter stands.

The robotic low slung front end, the muscular fuel tank, which sharp extensions, the exposed frame and the pointed tail section, everything catch a lot of onlookers attention on the road, especially this fury yellow color scheme.

Moreover, the overall quality levels are impressive and the fitment of panels and components is really good.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

While The design of the Apache RTR 310 is undoubtedly radical and eye catchy. the headlamp, the overall section looks disproportionately larger than the rest of the body panels.


On the feature front, the Apache RTR 310 is a proper tech fest.

Firstly, it gets a full color TFT screen, which can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to give access to calls, messages turn by turn, navigation and race telemetry.

It also offers five different theme options dedicated to each riding mode, and this one gets five of them rain, urban, sport, track and supermodel.

In the latter three modes, you have access to all the power and torque. It has an offer withstand at 35.1 BHP and 28.7 newton meters.

However, in the rain and urban mode, the performance is dialed down to 26.7 BHP and 27.3 newton meter.

Out on the road The difference in performance isn’t huge but noticeable, Nonetheless.

Other features available as standard on the Fury yellow variant include an assistance sleeper clutch, quick shifter, traction control, cruise control, headlamp brightness adjustment, and glide through technology.

Dynamic BTO Kits

If you opt for the optional dynamic kit, which costs 18,000 rupees, you get tire pressure monitoring system and brass coated chain.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Review

Besides fully adjustable suspension and dynamic pro kit, which is worth 22,000 rupees, brings in a six axis IMU and thereby provides lean sensitivity to traction control ABS and cruise control.

Moreover, the first in class climate control seat is also a part of the kit.

Price Of RTR 310

The base variant of the Apache RTR 310 is priced at Rupees 2.43, lakh ex-showroom.

But if you go for the top spec tang blue color variant with the optional Dynamic Pro kit with the cooling seat adjustable suspension, it goes close to Three lakh and that puts it bang in the middle of its closest travels.

The KTM 390 Duke and the KTM 250 Duke. Now, if you look at what the Apache RTR 310 brings to the table as an overall package, it’s a very nice motorcycle.

The engine performance, it’s very punchy, the way the quick shifter functions, which is butter smooth, how the suspension has been tuned, how it absorbs bumps and minor undulations.

The handling it, it’s very flickable, very playful through the city and it’s comfortable.

The controls are light and of course it’s a proper tech fest and bucket loads of features have been crammed into the motorcycle.

Should you buy or not

If you want a motorcycle that is properly focused, towards city riding, or if you want something that calves corners fast over your weekend rides, then the Apache RTR 310 is a great motorcycle.

But it’s only the vibrations and the buzz that you feel at higher RPMs and at higher speeds is what sticks out like a sore thumb and it stops the motorcycle from being a great or versatile motorcycle.

reduces the oral versatility question because I think the motorcycle is very potent and it would have made for a great touring machine.

So if I were someone which, who would have it as my primary motorcycle who would commute on it and tour on it, I would probably look somewhere else.

But if occasional track days or city riding or corner carving is your only agenda with your motorcycle,

I think this is a phenomenal package, but we would still suggest you to go and take a test ride from the dealership because these days what we have observed is internet is divided with two kinds of people first who constantly crib about even slightest of buzz in motorcycle and the rest who have no issues with any kind of vibrations. So it’s quite a subjective thing.

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