2024 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Review – Talking About Interior, Outside Looks, Pricing

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Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Review

The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series single cab GXL. This beast is a no frills powerhouse, and a throwback to when cars were as straightforward as a handshake.

Launched in 2007, its recent upgrade injects a bit of modernity into its DNA while maintaining that bulletproof engine and reputation that, for some reason, makes it a darling amongst its fans.

Exterior Design

let’s talk design, the Land Cruiser 79 series has always had that tough as look, but the new front lights, they remind me of Ironman’s heart reactor. They look really nice. They are bright, bold, and unmissable.

The retro-inspired changes, including a square grill and circular LED headlamps, give a nod to its predecessors while making it clear this vehicle is not stuck in the past.

It’s mostly old-school charm with just a few modern elements. The front bonnet is relatively raised, and that’s the first indicator that there’s a serious engine in this car.

Engine & Performance

It’s a 4.5 liter turbo diesel V8 engine that turns out 151 kilowatts of power at 3,400 RPM and 430 Newton meters from 1,200 to 3,200 RPM.

It’s paired with a five-speed manual transmission, really sticking to its rugged roots. Fuel consumption is listed at a thirsty 10.7 liters combined.

It’s a lot, but it comes with a 130 liter fuel tank, which is massive, great for long journeys.

For those of you a little more fuel conscious, there is a 2.4 liter diesel option, and that one comes in an auto.

On the road or off it, the Land Cruiser feels like a tank in a tuxedo. It is tough and capable and surprisingly refined for a tank in terms of performance.

It’s part-time 4×4 system and durable live axles ensure you’re never left wanting, whether you’re on a farm or boarding a river.

Interior Design

let’s take About inside the Land Cruiser 79 series. Now, remember, this is not your luxury SUV, far from it actually.

So adjust your expectations accordingly. First off, we’ve got the 6.7-inch infotainment screen.

It’s not exactly your cinema screen, but it gets the job done. Plus, it has Android Auto and double car play, so at least it’s trying to keep up with the times.

And now for the creature comforts. You’ve got two cup holders, which is nice.

But if you’re looking for a If you’re ready to rest your elbows on a long drive, you might need to improvise.

I mean, maybe bring a pillow or a lunch box. As for the extra storage space, It’s a bit like our TV producer’s diet plan.

Really not much to it. You’ve got a bit of room behind the front seats, but don’t expect to stash all your worldly possessions there.

Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Review

The most advanced thing I can spot up front, two USB-C ports.

In a car that feels like it’s from a bygone era, ports are like finding a smartphone in a medieval castle.

In summary, interior is about as basic as it gets. Safety-wise, this land cruiser has upped its game with lane departure alerts and automatic high beam headlights.

But a reversing camera? No. And in a vehicle this size, that’s like forgetting your sunscreen and hitting the beach on a 40-degree day.

A bit of an oversight. But I will note there are reversing cameras in some of the non-single cab trim.

I guess the biggest safety feature is that you just feel tougher than anything else on the road.


Priced from 75,600 without on roads, this GXL single will cost you around $85K.

I mean, let’s face it, Land Cruises aren’t exactly pocket change. But then again, you’re not just buying a car, you’re buying a piece of Toyota’s legacy.

Let’s be honest, for some, that is worth every penny.


To sum it up, the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series single cab GXL is a testament to the adage, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

It’s tough, it’s reliable, and it has a charm that’s hard to find in modern vehicles.

It’s like your favourite pair of jeans. I mean, they’re not the fanciest, but they’re just so comfortable comfy and so reliable. For those who love it, there’s simply no substitute.

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