SUV Alert! Top 5 Worst SUV You Should Think Twice Before Buying In 2024

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Top 5 Worst SUV

What are the worst small crossover SUVs that you Never buy? That’s what we’re gonna find out.

I’m gonna share five crossovers that you should not waste your money on and you should just avoid buying altogether.

The First One SUV that you should avoid buying and not waste your money on, We have the Kia Soul.

Now, normally I don’t like to bash affordable vehicles because with today’s really high car prices, having more affordable options on the market is really only a good thing. Top 5 Worst SUV

Kia Soul

But the key is soul is one that I just cannot recommend buying, at least not for long-term ownership. And that’s because of its reputation for reliability.

The soul uses a two liter direct injection 4 cylinder engine, which unfortunately has been plagued with a lot of reliability issues over the past several years.

This is the same engine that’s part of the enormous Kia and Hyundai Safety recall, where these engines have been known to completely fail or sometimes even catch on fire.Top 5 Worst SUV

Both companies have recalled millions of vehicles with these engines that have been made over the past decade and complaints from owners involving oil consumption, engine problems and engine failure are unfortunately very common.

And even though Kia claims that they’ve solved this issue on the new models, who really knows after all, they have made that claim in the past only to

Expand the recall to more and more vehicles and newer and newer vehicles. So it’s really hard to put a lot of faith in them.

This engine can also be found on other vehicles, including the lower trims of the Hyundai Kona and the Kia Seltos.

But at least on those two vehicles, you do have an optional turbocharge engine that allows you to avoid this risk, but that’s not the case with the soul, which only comes with the two liter engine. Top 5 Worst SUV

So unfortunately, if you’re looking for a vehicle for long-term ownership, this is one that’s just best to avoid.

Volkswagen Taos

The next SUV on the list, which is the Volkswagen Taos. if you want a small SUV, this is really not a good choice to go for.

The first problem with it is that the all-wheel drive models come with a dual clutch automated manual transmission, which is one of the worst types of transmissions that you can have in a vehicle like this.

Volkswagen Taos

Unfortunately, dual clutch transmissions are sometimes known to be a little bit jerky and unrefined, especially at lower speeds, and this can only become more problematic as the vehicle ages.Top 5 Worst SUV

It also has a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that’s a little bit underpowered and overstressed as well.

Now, it’s one thing to have a complicated drivetrain from a reliable brand, but unfortunately Volkswagen is not always known for making the most reliable vehicles long term, and they can also be extremely expensive to repair and to top things off, the Taos is just a really expensive, overpriced vehicle for what you’re getting costing thousands more than comparable crossovers from better, more reliable brands.

So this is one that’s just not worth wasting your money on because you have way better options that you could be buying instead.

The next crossover, which is the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, also known as the Mitsubishi RVR. Now, the Outlander Sport or the RVR as it’s known in Canada is not exactly a terrible SUV when it comes to quality or reliability.

Mitsubishi RVR

It’s actually proven to be fairly decent in that area, and Mitsubishi does offer one of the longest warranties on the market giving you peace of mind.

It’s just that in almost every other way, this is a really unremarkable SUV and a fairly dated one as well. The interior is pretty cheap feeling and has very dated technology.

You don’t have the best safety features or the highest safety rating either. And it’s not the greatest driving SUV either with underwhelming performance, any rather unrefined noisy ride.Top 5 Worst SUV

Now, many would be willing to overlook those things if you could get one of these for a really attractive price.

But unfortunately, it’s not really any cheaper than much better crossovers that you can be buying in a very similar price range.

So it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially when you’re going to have to contend with Mitsubishi’s much smaller dealer network, which brings more issues when it comes to servicing and parts availability in the long run.

Mini countryman

Next will be Mini Countryman. All things considered the Countryman is a vehicle that I just can’t recommend.

It’s not a particularly comfortable or great driving SUV with fairly underwhelming performance, and it just doesn’t feel like it’s worth its price tag, which is surprisingly high.Top 5 Worst SUV

Many, of course is owned by BMW. And even though this is intended to be a much more affordable vehicle, there’s really not much that’s that affordable about it.

The pricing just seems extremely high for what you’re getting. And not only that, it has a fairly underwhelming reputation for reliability as well.

So even though it doesn’t have a BMW badge on the hood, it certainly has BMW-like repair bills.

Mercedes GLA

And on the other side, we have a small crossover that’s the complete opposite, and that would be the Mercedes GLA.Top 5 Worst SUV

The GLA unfortunately has the honor of having one of the lowest owner satisfaction ratings of almost any new vehicle that you can buy in 2023.

Mercedes is a luxury brand that’s not only supposed to be about delivering luxury, but refinement and comfort as well.

And these are things that seem to be missing from the GLA. It’s also a very small vehicle, so it really doesn’t offer a lot Of interior space or cargo space.

So it’s not very good at the SUV qualities either. And finally, you have the reputation for build quality and reliability, which is another area where Mercedes tends to suffer in.Top 5 Worst SUV

Now it’s true many European luxury brands, whether it’s BMW, Audi or Mercedes, tend to be very expensive to repair as they age past the warranty period.

And the reliability can really be hit or miss, but at least in the case of the others, until you get to that point, you do get better performance, more interior space or better technology or comfort.

Whereas with the GLA, you really don’t get any of that. So consider this one. Just another overpriced, underwhelming SUV that’s not worth wasting your money on.

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