Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi Spotted in America with Mirrorless Design and Upgraded Cameras

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Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi

A Tesla Robotaxi has been spotted in America. Now, very clearly, this is a Tesla Robotaxi for one very good reason.

We know what this vehicle was, even though Tesla haven’t outright gone and said, Yes, this is a Robotaxi.

Features of the Tesla Model 3 Robotaxi

Tesla Model 3 RoboTaxi there are no side mirrors on this vehicle.

It only has cameras, a little digital cameras, enabling the car or the autonomous software to actually see.

Elon Musk actually said yesterday that Tesla’s newest software update would allow 5 to 10 times less interventions.

International Recognition and Partnerships

Now, interventions are actually very rare now with Tesla’s full self-driving. It has improved pretty significantly, which is really nice.

A lot of drivers have noticed that improvement. Tesla is getting criticized a lot less for its full self-driving.

In fact, China has said, wow, it’s really good, we agree to letting Tesla use it in China so that’s happening in China.

Apparently, Tesla is considering building robotaxis with BeiDou, and they, apparently, BeiDou, want to deploy those on Chinese roads this year, while the next few months that’s great news for Tesla.

Great news for anyone wanting to get around. It’ll be much cheaper to actually… Actually, this is one point we should talk about.

Apparently, it’s going to bring down the cost of taxis or bring down the cost of travel by about 90 %.

Cost Reduction in Ride-Hailing

In Australia, they’re very, very expensive, ride hailing is extremely expensive. That’s one of the big benefits of autonomous vehicles.

They’re going to bring the cost of ridehaling down enormously.

A lot of people say it’s going to come down to be 10 %, 10 % of what it is today, or even less, potentially.

I don’t know if that’s going to happen anytime soon, but eventually it will.

Tesla Model 3 Test Vehicle in Palo Alto

Tesla Model 3 test vehicle, clearly a robotaxi, was recently spotted in Palo Alto, California, with a very interesting setup.

You can see the Model 3 has been stripped of its side mirrors, and it has cameras instead.

Images of this Model 3 Robotaxi, it was shared on social media platform X by a Nic Cruz-Patane, the reengineering of Model 3 was unmistakable.

Driver Presence and Job Opportunities

You can clearly see what’s going on here, what Tesla is planning on doing. Was there a driver in the car? Yes, there was, tesla has not been.

They don’t have any registration to be able to drive these without having a driver in the car yet.

Tesla has, though, listed They listed a bunch of jobs, guys. So if you want a job, if you want a job driving around, you can get a job.

So that’s what this guy is doing now.

Tesla recently, about six weeks ago, they listed a bunch of jobs in 20 different states in the US to drive these particular cars and to just sit there, essentially, and monitor what’s going on.

Changes to Camera Setup

You need to, apparently, potentially be ready to intervene if that’s necessary.

A closer look shows that Tesla is changing the vehicle’s cameras on its front fenders as well.

So there is one other difference in the cameras on the front fenders, the camera on the new Model 3’s trunk has been raised as well.

Two cameras installed inside the cabin just behind the driver’s seat also. So two cameras inside the cabin just behind the driver seat.

This is a result on the camera seemingly pointing out the new Model 3’s rear windows.

Tesla already says that while Tesla has not explained the recently spotted vehicle on social media, people are saying, or they’re speculating that this is a robotaxi, and I think it’s pretty obvious what it is, all these extra cameras, and the changes to those cameras on the outside as well.

Upcoming Unveilings and Market Focus

Some Tesla watches speculated the cameras inside the cabin could correspond to the camera placement of a smaller vehicle possibly Tesla’s Robotaxi or CyberCamb they plan on revealing, I believe, in eighth of August.

This seems very possible, in fact, it seems extremely likely. Is Tesla’s Robotaxi just a Model 3 that’s possible, too.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Robotaxi cyber cab will be unvowed in an event on the eighth of August, 2024.

Maybe Tesla is going to unveil the roadster as well. They’re saying they’ll unveil the roadster in the fourth quarter of this year, but who knows? Maybe they’ll do that in the third quarter.

Final Word

Tesla is working on robo-taxis in China I think it’s really focused on that. There’s more than 1.3 billion people in China huge market there.

But I think the market in the US is bigger because Chinese companies are doing a really good job with their autonomous vehicles in China, but they don’t have any access to the US market.

That’s the market that I think Tesla should really focus on because ridehailing is still very expensive in the US as well.

Not quite as expensive as Australia, but it’s very expensive. That’s a huge potential market for Tesla to go after. It’s worth billions of dollars every year.

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