2024 Tesla acquires 1.4M sq ft facility in Texas People Wondering What is it for?

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Tesla acquires

Tesla has just secured a massive number of buildings and space in Texas. Now, a lot of people wondering what is it for? I mean, what exactly are Tesla doing there? Well, here’s the thing. Tesla is trying to ramp up a couple things.

Cybertruck and these two other areas of the business.

Tesla’s under a lot of pressure from investors and from probably Elon Musk as well, to ramp production of the Cybertruck, but also to ramp production of 4680 battery cells and has begin manufacturing the Tesla model two as a result.


Tesla have said that rather than wait for the gigafactory in Mexico to be completed to manufacture the model two, they’re going to do it at the gigafactory in Texas.

Well, now Tesla has taken over a new industrial park in Austin. It looks like, in my opinion, it’s for these two areas for Tesla to ramp up as quickly as possible.

Industrial Pipe Project

Tesla has actually taken over a huge industrial pipe project in Austin’s suburb of Kyle. I’m not sure if I pronounced that right, but it’s Kyle.

Despite Tesla’s gigafactory, Texas site in Austin being its largest gigafactory in the world, and I believe it’s actually the second or third biggest car factory in the world as well, Tesla is still buying up, leasing massive amounts of space.

Anodes and Cathodes

Now one thing they’re doing is manufacturing anodes and cathodes and kind of try and figure that out how to do that consistently with speed 4468 Battery cell production.

Tesla actually has five buildings at Kyle 35 Logistics park in Kyle, Texas, a suburb south of Austin, say reports.

900,000 sqft

According to the Austin Business Journal, Tesla has leases for more than 900,000 sqft in the park’s buildings two, three, and five.

They also now have building number one. So they got one, two, three and five. You wouldn’t really want to be in building number four, would you?

That’d be kind of weird. what this means is Tesla has secured an additional 127,000 building one. Tesla has taken over 80% of a 1 million square foot park.

Total Location Size

In total, the actual location size is 1.4 square is 1.4 million Sq feet. Tesla they’ve taken over the majority of that.

People are saying they’re not sure what Tesla plans to do, but I think it’s pretty clear that Tesla, they’ve got enough production capacity for the Model Y.

It’s clear that Cybertruck production is underway. In fact, I’ve seen recent photos showing production for the Cybertruck is actually significantly improved.

The amount of cybertrucks coming out of the factory in Texas seems to have increased significantly.

Working on 4680 battery cells

So I believe that Tesla are working on 4680 battery cells and they’re also planning on getting things ready for the model two.

I know it’s a way.a They’re saying next year may or may not happen next year, but clearly Tesla has to build it somewhere.

They’ve said it to Texas. Tesla said they need the space. There’s not a huge amount of space left at giga factory Texas because of cybertruck production.

And there is also a model Y production line there as well, where there was anyway, so that’s what I believe is happening here.

I believe Tesla is getting ready for model two and for ramping up 4680 battery cells and of course, to ramp up anode and cathode production.

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