Tata Punch EV 2024 – Latest EV Price, Features, Mileage, Colors

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Tata Punch EV 2024

This is the latest Tata Punch EV. We know most of the stuff about this start up on TV, for example, the prices, the battery pack, the official claimed range.

We know what kind of trim levels or personas are we looking at? We also know that this car is based on active architecture platform.

This is the first Tata electric car which is based on that platform. But what we don’t know how it drives and what kind of real life range are we looking at And how comfortable it is?


let’s talk about those elements which are separate Tata Punch Ev from the Punch Ice version And one obviously looks department.

And then you have more features in this car and the new active platform.

Tunch Ev now adopts a face similar to its older sibling, LED DRLs with welcome and goodbye sequences. Tata Punch Ev

Smart charging indicators and LED projector headlamps with cornering fog lamps mimic the Nexon EV’s design.

Function & Features

The exterior otherwise remains familiar, with a new alloy wheel design and Punch.EV badging on the back, marking the difference.

Not to forget the 14 liter frunk and added convenience. Inside the punch, EV undergoes a significant transformation.

Tata Punch EV 2024

The dashboard receives a complete redesign featuring the Nexons illuminated steering wheel.

A larger 10.25-inch infotainment screen takes center stage with a ten inch digital cockpit offering multiple views or layouts. The Punch EV comes with six airbags, ESP and Isofix child seat mounts as standard. Tata Punch Ev


Additional features like SRS crawl function, rear parking sensors and a 360 degree camera with blind spot monitoring are available on the higher trims or personas.

The camera quality could be better to match the premium theme of the higher trims. Hill hold and descent control, along with an electronic parking brake with auto hold for extra convenience and safety.


Top variants boast disk brakes on all four wheels for optimal stopping power. So this story has two parts, one being the product itself and then the platform it stands on.

Punch EV is the first product from Tata Passengers Electric Mobility based on the active platform, which claims 10% better energy density and boasts several capabilities and modularity. Tata Punch Ev


The battery pack design offers multiple range options up to 600km. The same platform can be used to accommodate all wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and front wheel drive options, and can also support 7.2kW to 11 kilowatt onboard chargers for AC and DC fast charging.

Tata Punch EV 2024

Tata electric claims that the user will get a 100km range with just ten minutes of charging. It also support multiple body styles capable of meeting future crash test standards.

Ground Clearance

And is Adas level two ready? While developing this active architecture platform, Tata motors was clear that they didn’t want to compromise on the ground clearance of the Tata punch or the cabin space, even with the batteries fitted inside.

That is the reason we still have 190 MM of ground clearance. And just to showcase that capability, they have also organized one off roading session with the Tata Punch EV. Tata Punch Ev


Punch Ev gets two versions, the standard and a long range. The standard version starts at rupees 10.99 lakh for the Smart Persona, and the top end is called Empowered Plus Persona, which is for rupees 13.29 lakh.

This version is fitted with a 25 kilowatt hour battery pack, where the motor produces 80.4 bhp of power and 140 Newton meters of torque.

The range is 315km in one charge, and it can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 13.5 seconds.

The punch EV long range is starting at an ex-showroom price of rupees 12.99 lakh, and the top end is for rupees 14.49 lakh. This gets a 35 kilowatt hour battery and a range of 421km.Tata Punch Ev


The power output is 121 bhp and torque of 190 Newton meters 0 to 100 in 9.5 seconds.

Tata Punch EV 2024

The standard version will take 9.5 hours to charge at home via an AC home Wallbox charger, and 13.5 hours for the long range version.

Charging Time

In case you want to pay rupees 50,000 extra, you will get a 7.2kW AC home Wallbox charger, which will charge the punch Ev 3.6 hours and punch EV long range in five hours.

In case you want to charge it on the go 9.4 hours and 13.5 hours for these two versions from a regular 15 ampere plug point.

And if you find a DC charger punch EV can be charged from 10 to 80% in 56 minutes. Now comes the part where EV outshine their Ice counterparts well, mostly, and in this case, definitely punch EV is really punchy.

The acceleration is smooth, linear, but exciting. Overall instantaneous torque and that grunt makes it a very fun car to drive.

The weight is also something which works in its favor. Where, depending upon the battery pack you have, this is maybe 2 to 300kg extra and the punch ice version and overall feels robust and rigid, but not in an uncomfortable way. Suspension balance is something which impressed me a lot.

Technicial Specification

It felt composed and comfortable in the city, driving conditions, very planted on the highways and, pretty confident on the corners as well.

So on a scale of punch ice to Nexon EV, I think, this is a good 6 or 7. Now for the range we started the drive with 99% battery, showing a projected range of 330km.

Therefore, based on a typical media test drive style driving the long range versions real world range seems to be around 225 to 226km, which can surely increase with consistent and controlled trial.

The punch EV ticks most boxes for modern buyers. The interior is an upgrade over the ice version and the price, though introductory, is competitive.

It hits the mark on design, features and range, offering enough for daily and for some of us, even weekly commutes.

However, there are few minor things rear legroom might feel cramped for taller passengers.

The drive mode selector could be more responsive, and there is no spare tire. But these are not deal breakers looking at the whole package.

Final Word

So if you’re looking for an affordable EV for your small family or don’t have the budget for a Nexon EV, Punch EV hits the sweet spot. It has the potential to repeat the success of its bigger sibling.

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