2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Review : Best Adventure Motorcycle

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Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

The brand new 2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. the real question now is whether it’s good enough to go toe to toe with some of the other competition in the middleway adventure market, some of which are really quite good.


Now, look, for me, the number one thing that absolutely needed addressing from the 410 Himalayan was the engine.

And I’m being sure it did have that really solid, chugging, low-end torque.

But if you needed to get a bit of speed up out on the open road, it really did quickly run out of puff, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that that bike is up around the 200 kilogram mark.

So thankfully, this bike gets a brand new engine completely redesigned from the ground up. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

Now it’s a 450, so there is a little bit more displacement, but also it’s liquid-cooled, which means they can push it that little bit harder.

And the result is really quite good. It still has plenty of that bottom end that makes it feel like a Himalayan, and it makes more peak torque than most of the immediate competition.

The thing is, when you get into the upper half of the rev range, it really keeps pulling, and it actually feels quite plucky.

There’s now pretty much 40 horsepower on tap, so not far off double the 410, and that makes it feel more comparable with the competition and much more usable at higher road speeds.

this one feels like a proper little capable adventure bike. Now, naturally, with it being a single, it’s not exactly the smoothest engine in the world.

There are plenty of vibes through the pegs, especially when it’s working a bit harder at motorway speeds.

But most of the other bikes in this market are singles as well. And you do get the rubbers in the pegs, which do make it bearable.

Himalayan 450 Toolbox

Now, I really like the toolbox on this bike. It’s very slick and easy and the clutch is nice and light, too, and easy to control with nice chunky levers that feel really nice in the hand.

Then the Gear Shifter, it really takes very little effort with your foot, and it has a nice little sneak to it that just gives you that reassurance that you’ve gone into gear.

Another thing I like as well is the sound that you get from this slim silencer it’s got enough bass to it to sound satisfying under acceleration.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is good as well it’s perhaps not quite as frugal as the previous Gen, but you do get a nice big 17 liter tank, so that should be more than enough for some light adventuring and touring.

As a look, overall, I I think this engine is a big success. Nice to use, decent enough on torque power for this category of bike.

And so I’d say at least on a par with some of the other options on the market from the likes of KTM and Triumph.


You’ve got a similar story with the chassis as well. It’s a lot like the original Himalayan with that off-road focus, with the tall stance, plenty of suspension, travel, and ground clearance, spoke wheels, and the 21-incher at the front.

And look, that rugged versatility was a big part of the 410’s appeal and so it’s totally logical to make sure that this bike ticks all the same boxes.

But I will say, almost everything about it has been specced up a bit. Breaks are from BiBre, and they give you a little more stopping power, and the shower, 43 millimeter upside down fork has more quality to the ride.

Then there’s also the option of tubeless spoke wheels on some of the colorways, and so that should make punctures quicker and easier to repair for the majority of riders.

So it is indeed like the Ogie Himalayan, but just on steroids. That means it still stands out against the competition as one of the most off-road capable.

And so it’s definitely the one to look at if you want a genuine adventure all rounder, as opposed to something like the Honda NX 500, which has a bit of the adventure image, but realistically is more suited to road riding.

Now on the flip side, because of its off roadiness, the big front wheel, the long suspension, this isn’t going to be the sharpest handling when it comes to riding on tarmac. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

And so if that’s the majority of your use, you might want to look elsewhere.

But if you do have your heart set on a Himalayan, then all these little improvements that they’ve made have led to a much more pleasant bike to ride than the 410.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Weight

The only slight disappointment, perhaps, might be the weight it comes in at a 196 kilograms curb.

And so that is realistically on the heavier end for this style of bike.

Now, I was a little bit surprised when I read that because it’s only a kilograms lighter than the 410, and yet, visually, it looks significantly lighter, but I guess you’ve still got this fairly robust build, and it is built to a price, ultimately.

Still, I think it’s acceptable for the size of bike, acceptable for the price, and more than manageable for most riders.


To go with the adventury image, you’ve got an appropriate riding position with wide high bars that will accommodate you standing up, and then also those removable rubbers in the peg so you can get a bit of grip.

But look, This is a mid-capacity bike, and as such, you probably don’t want to make it too intimidating.

Realistically, although it is suitable for any size of rider, it will, of course, be specifically of interest to those who are a little shorter in the leg.

So in my opinion, it’s great news that you’ve got a healthy range of seat heights, with the standard seat being adjustable between 825 and 845 mill, and the low seat accessory taking another 20 mill off, so you can go between 805 and 825.

Himalayan 450 Tech

Now, TFT displays are becoming increasingly common at lower and lower price points now. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

But specifically with this one, I think Royal Enfield have done a really nice job.

It’s a nice balance of modern with all the menus and connectivity features, but then also this slightly retro-inspired design to the interfaces, and of course, the round shape of it as well plays into that vibe.

Now, through this, you’ve got a couple of riding modes to choose from so performance or this eco mode.

I mean, with 40 horsepower on top, it’s probably not that necessary to use the eco mode, but maybe it’ll come in handy every now and again. You can switch off ABS at the rear wheel in either mode as well.

And then also there’s a few different themes and layouts to choose from. Now you can also hook it up with the Royal Enfield app to get navigation right there on the screen.

But personally, I prefer to use the quad lock mount on the handlebars because you’ve got that USB-C port right there anyway, so it’s really easy to hook up.

I also like the styling of the new Switch Gear, too, although I will say I would like a bit more of a reassuring press sensation on some of these buttons.

The lighting looks for me, especially the integrated tail lights at the rear. And overall, I’d say it’s very nicely put together on the tech front.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 Styling

Again, a big step up from the 410 and while the competition might have little advantages here and there, it’s certainly in amongst them.

one of the things it did have on its side, apart from the price, was the looks. It had this cool utilitarian retro vibe to it in a nice selection of different color choices.

This bike continues the theme there are the side racks, the round headlight with the shorty rally-style screen and overall, it has to be said a fairly similar stance.

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