A Full Review Mercedes Benz GLS 2024 – Styling, Price, Interior, Boot Space

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Review Mercedes Benz GLS

So the Mercedes Benz GLS has been the best selling three row luxury car in India. So why is it that over 12,000 of these have been sold and what does this new facelift GLS do to still keep it at the top?

Styling changes

Mercedes Benz seems to have decided to not fix what isn’t broken. The result is you have some minor but effective changes to the outside of the new GLS.

The most apparent of these is the bigger four-bar grill. Mercedes says it’s inspired by the G class and it does seem to add toughness to the GLS while keeping its rich look intact.

This also goes quite well with the more detailed look of the new pixel LED lamps. Similarly, the new bumpers with that textured inserts and measured chrome adornments make the GLS stand out, but not in an especially flashy way.

The body work hasn’t changed. The GLS continues with its simple and stately look. So while you do have quite a committed stance with the heavy hunches and rounded body work, the new blue shade does, its bit to further lift the look of the GLS.

Review Mercedes Benz GLS

The changes to the rear of the GLS are again minimal. You now have new light designs in the tail lamps, which with the horizontal look bring the GLS in line with newer Mercedes SUVs. They also announced the sense of width of this already quite large SUV. Mercedes Benz GLS

Cabin layout

Now you realize why the Mercedes name is so deeply associated with luxury. As soon you step inside the new GLS, for example, layout on the way this rich panel houses the new screens on the way of the cabin, sort of envelopes you.

➤ It’s somewhat like a large luxury yacht, maybe especially with the paneling and just the quality and feel of the materials. But with this update that’s been taken to a whole new level, you now have brown upholstery that is new.

➤ And then of course, this being the slightly older setup, what you do get is a great deal of tactile functional buttons. They really are a joy to use.

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➤ Now, this in stock contrast to new steering wheel. It’s been taken from the S class and while again it’s good to hold, you have capacitor panels, which maybe on the move are not that easy to use.

➤ They can get a bit smudgy and they become a bit more difficult to use them, but it’s not something that you can’t get used to.

➤ Further lifting the cabins ambience are the chrome finish on the vents and grab handles that were always there, but feel quite nice to have around with the leather and metallic finishes. Mercedes Benz GLS

Feature List

The Mercedes GLS is suitably well equipped for an SUV of its price. You get acoustic glass, soft closed doors, wireless Android auto, apple CarPlay, ambient lighting, 13 speaker burmeister audio heated and ventilator Front seats, seat kinetics, air purifier, panoramic sunroof, powered steering adjustment, and connected tech.

2nd row comfort & controls

Now for many of you, what the GLS does with its back seat, the second row of seats will be of utmost importance. And at first you might be a bit worried.

I mean, there is no captain seats here, right? But don’t worry because what you get with this update is the extended comfort package, which first of all gives you longer center console.

1. Functions

So you have a storage space , another phone charger, a pocket, and seven inch tap through which you can control pretty much the seat controls, the climate controls, the navigation.

Pretty much most of the functions of the front MBUX screen you can do, but that’s just the start because what you do get also, yeah, you do get the powered adjustment. Mercedes Benz GLS

2. Screen

Now you also have another 11.6 inch screen for each of the passengers, which again, repeat the functions of the MBUX screen. So again, the media, all the seat kinetics, seat functions, all of those you can control right from you.

You even get those really cool dials from the front And needless to say, the quality, the trim, the materials, all of them have been repeated right from the front. So it’s a very, very comfortable, very luxurious place inside.

Review Mercedes Benz GLS

3. Space In Car

Like I mentioned, space is not much of an issue. You have a good amount of head room, a lot of knee and leg room, maybe undersized support. There could have been extendable swaps considering how much it cocoons you.

But yeah, aside from a bit lacking in under thigh support, we think is about as good a backseat as you can get at this price. And of course you have other functions like a five zone climate control.

So two for front , two for Mid, and another one back side and ambient lighting. The soft head pillows are a small but effective addition that amps up comfort to a good extent. You also have HDMI inputs and numerous charging ports here to keep you entertained.

3rd row comfort

Now, one of the main reasons you might want the GLS, aside from all the luxury is the added practicality of the third row.

Mercedes has done is that it’s left you a fairly decent boot despite the three rows.

So there is good luggage space and with this comfort package, this is how much space you have Once you’ve stepped inside and you realize that it is comfortable, of course you have a control to fold the seats, two USBC ports for each of the passengers and fairly comfortable chairs. Mercedes Benz GLS

I mean, you have a good amount of back support. So in terms of head and back support, your good and like most of these third rows under thigh support isn’t especially great, but it’s completely possible for something of this size. Where you do notice there’s a compromise is in the general amount of knee and leg room.

Because what you do realize is that Mercedes has left you a fairly generous boot despite these three rows being in use.

Safety List

There Is a suite of level two ADAS functions, but notably Mercedes-Benz India’s heated feedback and you can now completely turn off the quite sharp emergency braking function.

There Are front side and knee airbags, 360 degree cameras on a transparent bonnet function for off-road use.

Engine & refinement

The cameras are useful, but could have been offered with a few more views to navigate type traffic. Now with petrol version, you get a three liter engine.

It’s a turbo petrol aided with an electric compressor that makes about 381 PS and 500 newton meters. And you also have mild hybrid assistance now.

Review Mercedes Benz GLS

So that adds about 20 Ps and 200 Newton meters in short bursts. And so of course, this is generally speaking even for its size, a fairly sprightly machine.

And when you first start out, that’s not what catches your eye immediately. It’s the quietness. There’s barely an idle. Mercedes Benz GLS

You barely notice any vibrations or sound, especially if you’re below say 1500, 2000 RPM. So it’s a really quiet experience in the way that you want a Mercedes to be.


You don’t get a spot mode but ring out the motor. You come away surprised with the performance that’s on offer. the gearbox tool is on the money putting in constant shifts to get more of the power to you.

Ride & handling

Now coming to the way GLS rides and handles, it runs on 21 inch wheels. You get air suspension, adaptive damping, and an auto leveling suspension set up.

So you’re on the highway where you might spend a lot of time doing long distances in your big SUV. It feels flat, it’s composed, it’s rock steady in the way you want a luxury SUV to be, but show itself some rough patches.

And you do realize that maybe the damping in any of the modes you have, the equal and the comfort mode could have been a bit better tuned for maybe India. This you especially notice it lower speed rather than at higher speed.

It smooths the road surface out pretty impressively. But in lower speed, say in the city, you do notice sharp speed breakers or potholes, they sort of cut through in the cabin. You feel them even in terms of the way it tackles, say, a winding stretch of road.Mercedes Benz GLS


Price is 1.57 Crore On road for the GLS 450. This Mercedes is pricey for its segment.

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