2024 Priciest Motorcycle: Luxury on Two Wheels

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Priciest Motorcycle

Now look, I know what you’re all thinking. How can I use the money I’ve saved to buy a house to buy a fancy motorcycle instead? Well, fortunately, we’re here to help because here are the most expensive bikes on sale for 2024 from 8 of the biggest manufacturers. And naturally, we’re going price order ascending.

Royal Enfield :

Honestly, Royal Enfield don’t really make anything particularly expensive. The highest price I could find in their current lineup is their Supermeteor 650 cruiser at £7,299.

But keep in mind that’s only if you specifically choose the most premium paint jobs because it actually starts £500 cheaper at £6,799.

For one of the best-selling brands with a fairly large lineup now, it’s impressive that they’ve stuck to their core principle of offering cool-looking bikes at a great price, and for that, we admire them.

Husqvarna Nordern 901 :

Next up, we’ve got Husqvarna with their Nordern 901 Expedition adventure bike at almost exactly twice the cost.

For £14,599, you get this super tall and off-road capable bike, finished with a special paint job to differentiate it from the standard Nordern 901.

It’s not quite as good as the standard bike in terms of road handling, it still didn’t stop me from really, really wanting one.

Motoguzzi Stelvio :

Another 800 quid, though, would get you motoguzzi most premium bike in their 2024 lineup, and that’s the Stelvio adventure bike kitted out with their rider assistance package at £15,400.

The Stelvio is new for 2024 with the same liquid-cooled V-twin as the V100 Mandela’s sports tourer that was launched the year before.

And while Motoguzzi are generally best known for their retros and cool-looking bikes, this Ryder Assistance Equipped Edition is actually super impressive from a technology perspective, with radars both front and rear to enable front collision warnings, active cruise control, blind spot warnings, and lane change assist.

Suzuki Hayabusa :

Next up, we’ve got Suzuki with their iconic Hayabusa rocket ship, which is actually 25 years old now.

That’s why they’ve decided to mark the occasion with this 25th anniversary special edition, which will cost you just shy of £19,000. That’s £400 on top of the standard bike.

For your money, you get this popping orange paint job, a solo seat cow, and special 25th anniversary badging dotted all around the bike.

For me, I absolutely love it in this color. Now, we’re not even a third of the way through this list in terms of price.

Aprilia RSV4 :

Now, at £23,450, we’ve got Aprilia’s RSV4 factory, which is already a beautiful sports bike with one of the best soundtracks on the market.

But specifically at this price, we’ve got this you’d be looking at their SE09 SBK Edition, which they’ve just announced to celebrate Max Biaggi’s first of many World Superbike wins on the RS V4 back in 2009.

Fundamentally, it’s very similar to the regular old RS V4 factory with the 217 horsepower V4 top-notch chassis and Ohlin Smart EC2 electronic suspension.

But for this special edition, you get a dedicated black, red, and white livery on top to reference the OG race bike, as well as a carbon front mud guard and air ducts on the brakes and a limited edition number on the tank.

Triumph new Rocket 3 Storm :

Next, we’ve got something completely different with Triumph new Rocket 3 Storm that starts at £8,895 if you go for the GT Edition.

This was already the largest capacity production motorcycle engine at two and a half liters, and also the most torque produced at 221 newton meters peak.

But with this new Storm Edition for 2024, they tweaked the electronics to get another 4 newton meters out of it, as well as another 15 horsepower at the top for a peak now of almost 180 horsepower.

Now, admittedly, this is a big old bike with a wet weight figure of 320 kilograms, but it corners surprisingly well and gets top-spec brakes from Brembo, so it also hauls up pretty quickly, too.

But more than anything, it’s just an incredible thing to look at, and I think the stealthy finishes that they’ve chosen for these storm versions just suit it down to the ground.

Recently, Yamaha announced that moving forward, they won’t be updating their iconic R1 Superbike to meet increasingly stringent European emission standards, which effectively means it will no longer be on sale in European markets, at least for the road anyway.

For me, it’s a huge shame as it’s one of the most instantly recognizable and aggressive sounds on the motorcycle market with a unique engine configuration of a cross-plane Inline 4.

And it has to be said it’s an awesome-looking bike as well. But ultimately, if they don’t sell enough and it’s expensive to keep updating, then it’s a simple business decision in the end.

Still, if you really, really still want one, then you’ve got pretty much two options.

Either move to a country where emissions regs are a little more slack, where presumably they’ll keep on selling it, or go for a track-specific variant like this R1 GYTR.

The only catch is that it’s 26,500 pounds, but that’s still not even half the price of the top bike on this list.

Bmw M1000 RR :

Bmw up next with their Superbike homologation special, the M1000 RR, and this one comes in at £30,940.

Effectively, what you get in here is a race bike with lights with 212 horsepower on tap from its 999 cc inline 4, a pit lane limiter, carbon wheels, carbon bodywork, reverse gear shift, adjustable geometry, and a GPS lap Timer.

Although it may surprise you to learn that not everything is included in that whopping 30K price tag.

Some of these are in the extra £5,255 M Competition package. Now, overall, it’s quite a serious thing, both in terms of price and performance.

So if you fancy something a little bit more chilled out, but you do like the idea of the famous BMW M badge, then you may also want to consider the M1000R naked or M1000XR Super Sports Crossover Tourer thing instead, both of which are closer to £20,000 than £30.

Gold Wing Tour :

kicking off a little bit of a run of ridiculously expensive heavyweight touring bikes, we’ve got the Gold Wing Tour DCT from Honda.

This bike has the absolute works so that if you’re ticking off the big miles, you’ll be doing so in absolute comfort.

The 1.8 liter flat six engine is buttery smooth and delivers huge dollops of torque, and the effectively automatic DCT Gearbox is pretty much seamless with its shifts.

There’s keyless ignition, central locking luggage, car plate, an airbag option, an electronic windscreen, electronic suspension, riding modes, cruise control, a radio and sound system, tire pressure monitoring, countless rider aids.

And so like I say, it does have pretty much everything. We’ve been lucky enough to borrow Gold Wings on a few occasions now.

And yes, they are expensive, but they’re really like nothing else on the road. And so if you’re even half considering one, I’d thoroughly recommend taking one for a demo.

I guess the other option, though, is to go for a tourer with a bit more of that Americana vibe.

And the new 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite does it, I think it’s fair to say, pretty well.

The dedicated paint job on this bike gives it a bit of a lift and definitely gives it more of a luxurious appearance than the fairly understated Gold Wing.

And then you’ve got an absolute throne on the back for your passenger, combined with a seat that’s both heated and cooled, so it can pump cold air directly onto your undercarriage, presumably to help maintain your fertility.

Again, you’ve got remote locking luggage, this time with speakers inside the lids.

The Pathfinder adaptive LED lighting, their ride command infotainment system, and all the latest rider aids and gadgets that you should ever need.

Now, I’m not going to lie, this is a humongous motorcycle at 909 pounds ready to ride or just over £400 12 kilograms.

That’s pretty much two normal bikes. But fortunately, you’ve got their super talky 116 Thunderstroke engine to shove it along with 126 foot pounds or 170 Newton meters made right down at just 2,900 RPM.

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