2025 Porsche Taycan Review – 510 Mile Range, Affordable Car

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Porsche Taycan Review

The Porsche Taycan journey has been nothing short of an electrifying saga in the automotive realm, and now there’s a new one. On the face of it It’s just a midlife makeover, but under the skin it has a lot that has changed.

Taycan journey so far

The Porsha Taycan came about four years ago and it instantly showcased the German sports car makers province at creating electric cars.

You know, the typical aerodynamic shape of a Porsche or the lack of grills and air dams at the front, because Porsches are typically rear engine or that magic portion when it comes to razor fast reflexes and that telepathic handling, all of these things are characteristic to the speeds that come out of Stu Gut.

So adapting all of that for a fast four door electric vehicle wasn’t really rocket science and the take on delivered.

In fact, Porsche have delivered over 150,000 of these around the globe. Out of reach, about 191 are delivered in India.

That amounts to about 10% of their local sales. Those kind of numbers coming for a premium expensive four door electric like this is no joke.

Now, we can always argue that it was easy pickings for the taycan back then because there was hardly any competition, but in today’s times, all the German luxury car makers have varied options across varied body styles, and then you have the Asian options or even cars from Korea that are giving you excellent performance.

So for the Taycan to still maintain that benchmark as the best electric vehicle you can buy, they needed to do a lot more than a simple nip and tuck job for its midlife makeover.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done. In fact, when the engineers represented with a budget for the midlife makeover, they use 50% of that to improve the performance and the efficiency.

What’s new

Porsche decided that rather than fiddling around the edges, they would rather take a chainsaw to the taycan refresh.

So what you get is a Taycan that accelerates more rapidly charges with increased speed and stability and offers more range than before.

For example, the Taycan turbo s in its latest GU is not merely provoking its petrol powered cousins, but is now blitzing past them hitting the turn in 2.4 seconds.

So that means it’s actually quicker than most of the nine elevens you can buy right now. Honestly, I don’t like the sound of it, pun intended, but these EVs are getting bloody quick.

In India, the taycan turbo will lead the charge catapulting from not 200 in a swift 2.7 seconds.

And even the more sedate offerings like the Taycan forest and the base Taycan still deliver more wve and vigor than before with more power and quicker acceleration.

The increase in acceleration across the board is attributable to a rise in system output.

The base model alone sees a jump of 60 kilowatt while the turbo flexes its muscles with an astonishing 884 Ps.

It’s a clear message that Porsche isn’t just about maintaining pace in the EV race. Their intent is setting a blistering one.

Aerodynamics and new footwear

The visual cues of the Taycan evolution are subtle, yet significant. Porsche has finished the design by sharpening the aesthetics, the flattened headlights and the broadened front wings articulate the Taycan stance, making it appear assertive and wide.

The rare end while suddenly refreshed is accentuated by the Porsche logo in a new illuminated guise, an element of flair that polarizes opinion.

Aerodynamics have been the cornerstone of Porsche design and the new Taycan continues in this tradition.

All of this combined gives you better efficiency. In fact, the wheels and tires alone are contributing to 40 kilometers extra range on the overall claim.

Enhanced performance and range

Speaking of range, the new Taycan climbs an optimistic 678 kilometers on the WLTP cycle, flaunting a 35% range improvement.

This is courtesy of the collective efforts of announced aerodynamics and optimized powertrain, advanced energy recuperation, and the latest range management software.

The Taycan performance battery too has been on the growth PERT ballooning from a respectable 93 kilowatt hour to a most substantial 105 kilowatt hour and yet being lighter than before.

Another bit of improvement that Porsches man and the Taycan is with the charging types. So now you can have up to 320 kilowatt fast charging.

That’s if the charger supports it, if the infrastructure supports it. But when you do, what Porsche have done is they have increased the the number of minutes for which you can use that kind of fast charging.

So in about 18 minutes, you can go from 10 to 80%. What they’ve done now is employed better thermal management with the batteries, which essentially means that the batteries can stay cooler for longer during the fast charging period, which means you can actually get that kind of fast charging, get that kind of juice back into the batteries in a short amount of time, 18 minutes.

That’s the kind of time that you would take to just go grab a coffee, take a bio break and come back to the parking .

However, it’s important to note that these charging times are based on an ambient temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in hotter climates like in India, charging times might be longer.

Impact of Additional Power

Even if you were to find a 320 kilowatt fast charger in the future, does this additional power make a tangible difference? Absolutely.

Otherwise, why would you be paying top buck for an EV from Porsche? if you like the way they drive the performance announcements make the taycan more fun than before.

While the enhanced range means you don’t have to take breaks that often, there are a bunch of other things too that aim to up the fun quotient. Like for example, with the Sport Corona package, you get the push to fast function.

This makes manure like overtaking corner exits and just accelerating in a straight line more thrilling.

This feature underscores the takin’s ability to deliver power instantaneously. A characteristic of EVs that redefines traditional driving dynamics.

How does it ride

The new Taycon right quality significantly benefits from the introduction of the active right function.

This new feature builds upon the plush air suspension of the previous Taycan, which is now standard, but the addition of active right brings new dimensions to the Taycan handling and comfort.

Air suspension is now standard on the Taycan, but what you can also offer for is active ride.

So essentially it begins with opening the door. Whenever you open the door, the car is gonna raise itself by about 50 millimeters, and that is to make the ingress and egress a little bit more convenient.

Now we’ve seen this tech in the past. What active ride also gets you is an active lean control.

So essentially when you are approaching winding roads, the car is gonna lean into the corner like a motorcycle.

Again, something that you’ve heard us say in the past with some other sports cars like the Escu Bay Energy for example.

You also have the active sky hook, which essentially is going to only let the wheels move up and down while the rest of the body remains stable.

Again, something that you’ve heard us say in the past with some of the other vehicles.

So the differentiating factor here is that in the past vehicles like the Audi E8 L for example, have employed 48 volt electronics to have tech like this.

However, now with current generation technology with an electric vehicle, you have 800 volt electronics.

So they’ve completely done away with the 48 volt system.

With that kind of power, with that kind of technology, essentially the suspension is reacting a lot lot quicker to all these kind of inputs, to all these kind of data points, which means that all these actions are happening at a blisteringly fast pace.

Even before you, you can blink. The car’s already thought about what it needs to do with the suspension, which is what makes it technologically better.

Switching to sport mode alters the taycan character to that of a traditional Porsche allowing you more natural chassis moments and providing that familiar Porsha driving dynamics with the massive wheels.

The right quality obviously is on the firmer side. It could be firmer still when it comes to India.

Obviously they might give you options with smaller wheels also. But what I’ve noticed here is that in the range mode, the right quality is actually a little bit harsher.

You’re better off in the normal mode, but that’s because in the range mode, the car is hunkering down completely as low as it can go to increase that aerodynamic efficiency.

Whereas in normal mode it’s still staying slightly higher, which enables a slightly better given the suspension, which translates to better right quality overall.

Compared to the Competition

In the high electric sports car segment, the Porsche Taycan faces formidable competition primarily from the Tesla model has played and the Audi e-tron GT.

Each model has its unique strength, but the Taycan all round improvements give it a distinct edge.

Porsche focus on a holistic driving experience, including superior driving dynamics, luxurious interiors, and the brand’s Prestigious heritage offers a more comprehensive package that appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers.

In the Indian market, the competition is even less intense. For the Taycan, Tesla is yet to make an entry and the Audi Tron GT doesn’t have the same level of visibility or desirability as the Taycan.

This situation effectively leaves Porsche’s offering without any direct competition in our region enhancing its appeal.

Market Success

Porsche’s commitment to real world usability is evident in the Taycan increased range and reduced charging times, addressing common concerns like range anxiety and the inconvenience of long charging periods.

These enhancements not only to the practical aspects of owning an EV, but also align well with the expectations of Porsche’s customer base.

Porsche has also been proactive in standardizing features that add value and enhance the ownership experience.

This includes the adaptive air suspension for a comfortable ride, improved thermal management for better efficiency, and the Porsche intelligent range manager for optimized performance.

These features contribute to making the Taycan an attractive option, not just as a performance vehicle, but as an everyday electric car as well.

Final Word

To sum it up, the 2025 Porsche Taycan sets a new standard in the performance EV sector that combines an upgraded powertrain, elegant design, and the latest technology to offer a driving experience that’s both exciting and practical for daily use.

With these enhancements, the Taycan not only meets the expectations of those seeking a high performance electric vehicle, but also establishes a new benchmark for others in its class to aspire to.

So to answer the question we began with, is it still one of the best EVs you can buy? Well, clearly it is the kind of performance that it offers and with that kind of design that kind of build that kind of finish, it’s a Porsche after all.

So it is still one of the best EVs that you can buy. What can you buy? However, in India? Well, at launch Porsche will introduce the Taycan base. There’ll be the Taycan 4s and the Taycan turbo.

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