2024 Nissan Leaf America Cheapest EV- Tax Credit, Pricing Full Details

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Nissan Leaf America cheapest EV

The Nissan Leaf, it’s a bit of an ordinary EV. It’s not really that impressive, but it’s now the cheapest electric car in America.

Based on its current price, it’s now actually a good deal. I mean, I’m saying this with a completely straight face.

$24,000 US dollars for the Nissan Leaf. That’s actually really good.

Tax Credit Advantage

The Nissan Leaf now qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit, bringing its price down from $31,000 to $24,000 US.

Cheapest electric car you can buy, cheaper than a Chevy Bolt. Not that you can really buy those anymore.

Cheaper than a Chevy Bolt EUV, which doesn’t exist anymore either. General miners have stopped making them.

Basically, Nissan are offering what might be the best EV deal in America when it comes to affordable cars.

Not everyone needs a new Model 3, a new Model Y, a new IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6. Some people just want a smaller car.

They want something that’s affordable. They want to get an EV today they don’t want to be able to wait until they can afford it.

And this is what that does. Nissan Leaf actually is really good car for this price. Now, is it a great EV? Absolutely not. Is it a great EV for this price? Definitely.

With the tax credit that it now applies for, that it now qualifies for, which the IRS have revealed, it comes down in price to exactly $24,400.

Now, like many automakers, Nissan hasn’t really been able to make their vehicle qualify for the full $7,500 incentive, so it doesn’t actually qualify for that. It actually qualifies for $3,750 incentive.

But because the price actually begins at $27,000, it used to be 31, it’s now $27 that means, yeah, it It only costs $24,000.

Jumpstarting Sales and Ariya Price Cut

What this means is that the Nissan leaf, which is built in Tennessee, has actually put itself in a position to jumpstart its sales.

And a Nissan, to be honest, the Nissan Ariya, it’s expensive. No one’s buying them well, sales, to be honest, have been very, very low in America.

Even though it’s Nissan’s new EV, Nissan have reduced the price. They said they basically admitted it was too expensive.

The CEO said, You know what? We’ve got to We’ve got to hit the market where the market’s at.

So they reduced the price of the Ariya by up to about $8,000 US. That’s a much better deal. But is it as good of a deal as the Nissan Leaf? Absolutely not.

2024 Nissan Leaf Tax Credit Details

Here’s what Nissan said, the 2024 Nissan Leaf, manufactured in 2024 and sold on or after March sixth, is eligible for part of the US federal EV tax credit provider that the customer meets or purchase an income qualification for the credit as outlined in Internal Revenue Code Section 30D.

Now, this is a point of sale credit. So if you qualify, you can get this credit on point of sale when you pay for the car.

You don’t have to wait until you have to do your taxes, right? Now, the reason Nissan says it doesn’t qualify for the full 7,500 credit is because the battery Minerals requirement.

Well, the batteries are obviously coming from China, I believe. So that’s probably why it doesn’t qualify.

So the least official starting price is exactly 28,100. I’ve seen them listed for about $27,000.

Pricing and Market Positioning

Pretty good chance you can get one for probably $23,500 if you find one at a dealership where they’re $27, and I’ve seen quite a few listings online where they’re about $27, brings that price down for you down to $23,000.

This is a really good car at that price. I don’t think there’s anything, internal combustion engine-wise, that is as good as this at this price.

Personal Considerations and Model Y Comparison

Now, would I personally buy one? Probably not. It doesn’t really fit my needs. I want a bigger boot.

I want a bigger vehicle. I’d probably get a Model Y for the base model for $42, $43,000. That does apply for the full tax credit.

That would bring that vehicle down to about $35,000. For me, personally, $11,000 more for the Model Y is worth the money. But for a lot of people, it’s not going to be.

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