2024 Nissan Game-Changing Battery Game-Changer or Wishful Thinking?

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Nissan Game-Changing Battery

Nissan says it’s got a game-changing battery. It will change the company. You know that I believe that Nissan will be purchased, most likely by a company such as Geely.

Who knows? Maybe BYD will even purchase them. Maybe not I mean, maybe they won’t need to or even want to.

I mean, realistically, Nissan, they’re not really a name. They’re not really that desirable anymore.

To be honest, When you say BYD or Nissan, what do you think? In terms of brand, what would you prefer? I know what I’d prefer.

Nissan’s Roadmap to Battery Innovation

That’s definitely BYD. Well, Nissan‘s new battery, they’re saying it’s going to be available by 2028. But journalists, they don’t actually believe them.

Journalists are saying, Give us some proof. Show us this battery. Show us what you’re doing. Give us a time frame.

What are your plans? How are you going to do this? And Nissan, well, they don’t want to provide an answer.

Economics of Nissan’s Battery Strategy

They don’t want to provide any real facts. I mean, does this make sense? Does this sound like Nissan’s being honest? I don’t think it does.

I can clearly see a lot of journalists don’t think it does either, but they can’t go out and blatantly say this because Nissan pays the bills.

Now, you auto-pay the bill still. Nissan say they’re committing to a launch of battery EVs that will basically save the company by reducing costs by 50%.

Can Nissan Deliver on Speedy Charging Promises

I mean, really, is a solid state battery going to be 50% cheaper than a high energy density lithium-ion, phosphate, version 3 Shenzhen battery from KDL that will charge in 10 minutes? I mean, I don’t really think that’s going to be likely, but Nissan say it will.

They say that the solar state batteries will be, well, they’ll have a factory producing potentially essentially a huge number of them.

Now, that factory has not yet been built, I should point out, but this is Nissan’s roadmap.

They have pilot line operations but the actual operations of the pilot line won’t begin until this year. At some point, they’ve begun yet.

A test prototype car will be on the road in 2026.

Battery Breakdown

For some reason, they’re saying they’ve had a prototype battery, They’ve actually made this solid-state battery, which they won’t show to anyone.

They’re saying they’ve had this since 2022. They’re saying that their pilot line was built in 2022, which I’ve presumably built this battery.

But the pilot line, while operations won’t start until this year, a test prototype car will be on the road in 2026.

Now, my question is, if they have these batteries or if these batteries will be produced this year, why wait till 2026 to actually test them in a car? I mean, if you’re betting the company on a product, saying this will save the company, surely as soon as you have the battery, which is presumably since 2022, you want to test it straight away.

You’d want to have this in your car straight away, right? You’d want to go, Oh, it does work. But they’re not going to do that.

They’re going to wait four years to test it in a car. Prototype car with this battery, 2026 is what they say.

Now, when asked if they’re programming, if they’re basically… The journalists were like, Yeah, we call bullshit, basically.

Nissan Stacks Up Against Industry Leaders

That’s what they’re saying. They said, Is this aspirational or a finalized schedule? François Bally, Senior Vice President for Nissan, said this, It’s a plan, and we need to respect it and deliver it.

We have the pilot line we have it, We’ll have it in 2024. We had it in 2022.

The pilot line has been established at Nissan’s Yokohama plant in Japan, say Nissan, since 2022, and the technology will be a big step in Nissan’s EV future.

They say it’s an absolute game changer. Batteries are 40 to 45% of the total cost of the vehicle, so this means a 50% lower cost, 50% lower cost.

They’re saying the battery is 40 to 45% of the cost of the vehicle.

Now, that would only be the case if you’re talking about, for example, the Hummer EV, which is enormous, has a 200 kilowatt-hour-size battery pack.

Industry Insights

Now, that’s an expensive battery, no doubt. Same thing with NEO’s new semi-solid state battery. It’s still not in their vehicles yet.

We, Lion, are meant to be making it. That is an expensive battery, which would make up, it does make up 40 to 45% of the cost of the car.

There’s only really a couple of vehicles EVs made worldwide where the battery cost is 40 to 45%.

The battery cost of the average car today is actually 20 to 25% of the vehicle cost. It’s nowhere near what it used to be.

That’s very, very clear when you look at the cost declines of batteries.

From 2010 to 2024, the cost of batteries has come down by more than 90%, huge difference.

Impact of Nissan’s Battery on Stock Performance

That’s why EBS are so common, that’s why Tesla can actually make a profit selling an EV for $50,000, Australian dollars or $35,000 US dollars.

That would not have been possible in 2010. It just was not possible then. That’s why the battery pack price is not what Nissan are telling us.

It’s not 40 to 45%. No one is quoting that figure because that’s completely false. I do question the validity of Nissan’s claims here.

If they believe the cost of the battery is to 45%, or if that’s the cost for them today, they’re the only car company in the world that are clearly overpaying for their batteries.

Aria’s existing battery is liquid-based, and the move to ASSB will improve 20 to 80% charging time by 25% by 2026 and 50% by 2028, three times better charging time.

Now, the current speed of the Nissan Aria battery, its charging time is 130 kw, That would mean Nissan are saying that by 2030, their EVs with solid state batteries can charge at 390 kilowatt, saying they’re going to triple the charging speed.

Now, if they were capable of doing that, that would mean in 2030, their charging speed for their batteries would be slower than one of the cheapest batteries you can already buy today. Kedal’s Shensing battery, which is in a lot of EVs already.

Zeka have it, geely are using it, that The battery pack will charge at 550 kilowatt now. It’s lithium-ion phosphate, it’s safe, it’s not solid state.

We know that Kedal’s batteries, their lithium-ion phosphate batteries last for a long time in BYD cars. Sorry, not in BYDs.

In Tesla vehicles, in numerous different vehicles made all around the world. It charges faster than this theoretical battery from Nissan, which this, I say, is going to be game-changing.

Nissan are so far behind. The other problem here is that they’re just completely talking nonsense.

I don’t think they really know what’s going on in the industry.

What’s China doing? What are our competition doing? They’re just hoping that this wishful thinking, this prayer, will maybe convince investors to, I don’t know, stick with the company, not keep on selling Nissan stock.

Whatever the case may be, Nissen’s plan is not a plan, it’s a wish.

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