2024 The New Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Competitors: A Detailed Comparison

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New Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Competitors

The biggest launch of the year is here with the new Maruti Suzuki Swift, which has come in with a new advanced Z-Series three-cylinder engine.

Here’s a spec comparison of a few other players in the market that the Swift competes with.

We have four cars which are competing with the Swift in this comparison, and they are the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, and the Renault Kyger.

Engine Specs

In In terms of power train, the Swift, Ignis, and the Kyger are petrol run, while the i10 Nios and the Baleno come in petrol and CNG options.

All the Maruti Suzuki’s in the list and the i10 Nios have 1.2 liter engines with 1197 cc of a displacement, while the Kyger is the only one with 1 liter engine and 999 cc of displacement.

However, Kyger is the only one with a turbo option.

The I10 Nios, Baleno, and the Ignis show same figures of max torque at a 113 Newton meters, while the Swift comes in a close second at 111 newton meters, and the Kyger is at 96 newton meters for the naturally aspirated variant, and the high 560 newton meters for the turbo variant.


The Baleno comes The first with the longest wheelbase of 2520 millimeters.

The Kyger comes in second at 2500 millimeters, and the Swift and the i10 come in third with a close 2450 millimeters, and the Ignis comes in last with 2435 millimeters.

Boot Space

The Kyger claims top spot with a huge boot space of 405 liters, and the Baleno comes in second with 318 liters.

The Swift comes in third with 265 liters, and the last two spots are held by the Ignis at 260 and the i10 with 256 liters.

Fuel Capacity

The Kyger holds the largest amount of fuel at 40 liters, while the Swift, i10, and the Baleno hold 37 liters each, and the Ignis holds 32 L.


Mileage figures look good on the new Swift with 24.8 to 25.7 kilometers per liter, it claims the top spot.

The Baleno comes in second with 22 kilometers per liter, the Kyger and the Ignis at 19, and the i10 Nios at the low end at 18 kilometers per liter only.


Price point-wise, the Ignis comes at a price of 5.84 Lack onwards, making it the most affordable one in the list, while the I10 closes in on the second spot at 5.92 Lacks and the Kyger at 5.99 Lacks.

The Swift comes out as the second most expensive among the lot at 6.49 L onwards, and the Baleno is at the top with 6.66 L.

Safety and Features

The Swift might seem on the higher end, but it justifies all that new that it comes with and also there’s one thing, it comes with six airbags which is available across all variants.

The Swift brings in a fresh new energy to the hatchback segment.

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