2024 MG One Compact SUV | Looks, Colors, Price, Features

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What is a MG One

The MG one it is manufactured by SAIC, which is a Chinese company, and marketed under the name of Mg. Now, Mg, we all know is a British car company, but it has a lot of provenance.

This is an urban dweller compact crossover little SUV that is perfectly designed for cities, especially tight cities like when you’re in Barcelona or if you’re in London or you’re in Mexico City.

This vehicle is running for the Urban World Car of the Year Awards. I wanted to bring it to you because it’s a really neat vehicle and it could be coming to the US in the very near future as well as Canada.

This vehicle has a very distinct personality. It is built on the SAIC, Motor Intelligent Global Architecture platform, and the MG one is a great option for anyone who values safety, convenience, and good looks, all in a small package for urban driving areas.


The exterior of the vehicle is both dynamic and muscular design. It offers LED headlights. It also has a very roomy interior.

It comes in two colors only bubble orange or wilderness green, and it has a very unique twin arrow rear spoiler.

The MG one rides on 19-inch Alloy wheels on all-season tires. The warranty on the MG one is six years or 200,000 kilometers.

Rear Look

Coming around to the back, you have that cool designed rear spoiler, your Wiper blade, that MG logo, very traditional back to the British days, and the one with a little checkered flag LED tail lights really clean across the back.

A very modern designed vehicle that really fits into that urban environment.


When it comes to safety, there’s a lot of advanced safety features that are standard on the MG one and this includes automatic emergency braking

MG One

blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning are included in all trim levels.

As far as visibility, there is a 360-degree HD camera, which gives you a park view assist video so that you can park safely.


When it comes to technology, there is a large 12.3-inch horizontal infotainment touch screen, in addition to the 7-inch digital cluster for real-time drive information.

This wrap-around triple screen offers infotainment with voice control, Apple CarPlay, and Android

As well as wireless mobile charging, remote engine start, a high-quality music system, ambient lighting, and a panoramic sunroof.

Seat Capacity

First row

The MG one seats five people, and these seats have really nice bolstering and are pretty comfortable, considering the price point of this vehicle.

The seats don’t offer lumbar, but they do have some power supports and tons of storage in this vehicle.

MG One

Really nicely designed and pretty comfortable as well. The passenger seat, however, is manual adjustments and no power adjustments at all.

Second row

Second row offers seating for three people and latch systems for two child safety seats.

There is some unique storage behind the driver’s seat and passenger seat for your cell phone and additional items.

Pretty nicely designed and good use space. Behind the center console, you have an additional USB-A charge port and two vents and some additional storage.

There is storage in the doors as well. Pull down that armrest and you’ve got two cup holders and it’s all soft touch, so it’s pretty nicely designed.

Considering the price point of this vehicle, I think they offer a lot when it comes to seating.

Engine Details

Under the hood of the MG one is a a 1.5 liter turbocharge gas engine with 225 horsepower and 385 pound feet of torque.

It’s backed by a CVT transmission. There is a Super Sports mode. You just push back on the gear shift and it goes into a little different drive mode.

Zero to 100 kilometers, which is 62 miles per hour, is 8.8 seconds. It rides on 19-inch Alloy wheels and has a multi-link suspension.

Inside the MG one, this is a fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive little car that is very reasonably priced.

Now, it’s not something that you’re going to see here in the US, but you’re going to see it in other countries, and eventually it might come to this country under another brand name.

Road Experience

And as far as driving, it’s really easy to drive. Excellent visibility all the way around.

And they really thought about making this a budget friendly car, but still not making you feel like you’re driving a budget friendly car, which is what are things I really like about this vehicle.

It’s really easy to drive. And if you need something to get you from point A to point B, and you live in area of the world, and you’re looking for a vehicle that is perfect for cities, easy to park and has everything, this vehicle really does the trick.

I think they really thought about who’s using the vehicle when they built this car. Pretty good pickup in this vehicle, considering it’s a little 1.5 liter engine.

This vehicle is not about performance, it’s about fuel economy. But overall, the seating comfort while driving, the visibility is nice.

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This is a really nicely designed car that meets those urban needs and bringing that Mg name back.

This is the Mg of today, and I think they’ve done a nice job. It’s certainly nothing like the original vehicle, but it is all new, both inside and out.

I think it’s cool, and it does the trick. It meets the need for where it is selling in this category, and there are lots of global competitors.

But overall, I’m really impressed with this. I mean, it’s not about performance, it’s about functionality, and it certainly does that.

Cargo space

When it comes to cargo space, the seats fold down 60/40 with large trunk capacity of up to 1,120 liters.

MG One

I do not have the conversion to cubic feet, but it’s a lot of storage, especially with second row seats folded flat. You can easily take anything from Costco and get it home.


But When it comes to the price of the 2024 MG one, it comes in around 26,000 British pounds.

Now, to convert that to US depends on the day of the week, but it’s somewhere under $30,000.

But this would be a really nice vehicle to fit into the US marketplace. This vehicle came out of Mexico, so it is available on a global basis, except for in North America.

There are a lot of competitors in this category, the KIA Seltos, the Volkswagen Taos, the Hyundai Creta, which also like a Kona, different names in different countries.

But any compact crossover SUV, this would be a direct competitor.

Final Word

Now, as far as pros and cons, I think you get a lot for your money. The one thing I take away from the MG one is it’s a great value-based vehicle that you get a lot for your money.

You get top safety, only two colors, but maybe they’ll be offering more in the future, much like Ford, who only offered their vehicles in black at one point.

Well, now you can literally get it in every color. And so that’s what you probably see coming down the road with Mg.

They just want to get into that marketplace and start using that brand name again, which is a very smart idea. If you are a fan of the Mg name, maybe you own an old Mg.

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