Mercedes-Benz G 400 D Features Shocking, A Giant Car 2024 – Let’s Dive In

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Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

The car Today is iconic. It’s unstoppable, it’s got attitude and well it makes you feel on top of the world meet the Mercedes-Benz G 400 D.

Now the G made its debue in India in its manic A MG avatar despite its bumpy ride, crazy price tag and thirsty engine eight was sold out. That was the case with the next iteration as well.

The G 350 D and naysayers thought, why would anybody want a G with a more practical engine at a still ridiculously high price? But that was sold out to such is the appeal of the car.

Today we Tell you about the latest version that has been launched and it’s been launched in two trim lines adventure line and a MG line, both priced at 2.55 CR onwards. Now, despite all that, it’s a car that’s hard to recommend at its price point.

Well it all sounds rich, plenty rich and that’s what you’ve gotta be to buy one of these. Now, strangely enough, despite this being one of the most hardcore off-roading vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz range, most of its owners, the A-listers will be seated in the backseat arriving at events and since no one’s really going hardcore off-roading or just a very few, but it’s really worth taking a look at the stats.

It can do some and more. It’s got a rugged body on frame construction, 241 millimeters of ground clearance, which means you really don’t have to be bothered about where you go with it. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

700 millimeters of water weighting depth means the toughest monsoon flood won’t bother it. Approach departure and breakover angles are impressive too.

Now let’s take a quick look around the car. The adventure version comes with the roof rack and the ladder to get up there, which is removable. This variant also has a logo projector and the logo embossed on the handles.

Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

There is also a tailgate-mounted spare with a special holder. Now this makes the side mounted door heavy and inconvenient to open, but look at it this way, it’s better to have a full-size spare instead of the space savers that a lot of other SUVs come with.

The G wagon is undoubtedly an iconic-looking SUV very traditional in its design with the upright stance, square offlines, extended wheel arches, exposed hinges and push button door handles as well as the very vertical slab-like rear.

The design is a huge part of its appeal and with the add-ons, this adventure edition looks expedition-ready, but AMG line is less outdoorsy. Now this edition gets 19-inch wheels, the A MG gets 20-inch ones. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

Oh well there’s lots to like about the G wagon, but I think the thing I like a whole lot is this amazing green color that kind of changes its stones with the sunlight. I just love it.

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And of course, the sounds that this car makes just that satisfying punk of a door when it closes like that. I love it. Okay, that ladder on the outside might be really helpful on this side to actually get into the car.

Well, on the inside as well, you know, all the lines are pretty squared off. Uh, they curved around the edges but they’re all square or rectangular. So that theme of the straight lines from the outside follows through to the inside.

It’s modern enough with this widescreen, but really it is the old MBUX and it’s not even a touchscreen. I still love these turbine rotary vents no matter how many times I see them, they still have that appeal. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

And of course, the master keys to your off-roading. Uh, these are the switches for the diff lock torrid space for cup holders, the touchpad, the rotary dial and more storage on the inside. So it’s modern enough.

Mercedes-Benz G 400 D Inside

All materials feel really rich and nice and strong and rugged. You have that grab handle to give you that SUV feel with the logo on it, which is a nice touch.

Matt Chrome really looks rich as well, but there are some really nice retro touches in this car. Uh, one of them I particularly like is the pop-up door locks and they make a super satisfying clack sound.

There’s A lot of cool quotient to this car and that is a large part of its inside or out. Now both variants come with the same diesel engine,

Mercedes-Benz G 400 D Sunroof

Now this does have the slider sunroof in front, but in the adventure edition, it’s not really of much use because the roof rack actually covers almost half of it. So it’s not much of a sunroof at all, but it’s there.

I think the one good thing about this is you won’t get those kids sticking out the sunroof. There’s no space for them to do that. so instantly that first feeling is a position of power. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

You know that commanding feeling of driving one level up on the road in something that feels like it’s built like a tank? Yep. I feel ready to decimate everything now.

There is a winding section of roads so I can tell you there is a fair bit of roll in this car and is gonna be a handful around corners.

Not really for very enthusiastic driving though the steering does give you enough confidence, but what’s really nice is the adaptive polling in the seats, sides come in and hug you gently like a mother holding its baby, not allowing you to feel the role of this car. So yeah, it just gives you that little extra confidence.

While it may not be the best around corners, it definitely feels very surefooted and secure when you are barreling down a highway. Now the earlier G came with a three-liter straight-six engine that had 286 HP and 600 nmm of torque.

But now it gets the most powerful diesel in the history of Mercedes. This is a three-liter with a two-stage turbo and a lot of high-tech from F1 that’s filtered down into it.

Mercedes-Benz G 400 D Power

Power is now up to 330 HP and you get a whopping 700 NMF torque. It’s a heavy car but it gets to the a hundred in a rapid 6.4 seconds.

This may not be the manic V8 with that good tor of torque. The nine-speed gearbox shifts up and down very smoothly as well. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

And it’s quick to drop three gears. If you suddenly put your foot down once you’re in a cruise and let you get a move on

And you know if you wanna have some fun, you can always play with the paddle shifts. There are three driving modes too. Shifting from comfort to sport does heighten the responses.

The engine is very refined as well and it delivers power smoothly and silently while cabin refinement is good overall. Like all other Mercedes, the AC blower makes a lot of noise when you put it past the second blower setting.

Once you hit the button to raise the airspeed, it takes almost three to four seconds to increase. So you tend to hit it again. And if you’re trying to increase it just one notch, you often go past it.

So you have to get used to the delayed response when you’re trying to increase or decrease the blower setting. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

Coming back to refinement, the roof rack did whip up a fair bit of wind noise at higher speeds. So unless you are a hardcore off-roader, the A MG line would be the quieter choice.

Now, talking about off-road, it’s good to have one of these. When the road is bad, this car just feels indestructible, and unstoppable no matter what the surface of the road is below the wheels.

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But what that means for passengers at the back where most of its owners in India will probably be spending their time.

The Backseat Well its passengers are definitely gonna be comfortable ’cause there’s ample leg room. The seats themselves are well-cushioned and comfortable.

You sit nice and high, you’ve got good visibility to the front, nice large window area so it feels open and airy. You’ve got the air-con vents as well.

You have an armrest with cup holders when You need it. So yes, pretty much have everything that You need in this backseat. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

But the problem is this, when you do go over a bad section of road, there’s a lot of rocking and rolling and moving and bouncing around at the back.

So yeah, feel that roll a lot more at the back as well, especially when you go around corners. But honestly not as bad as I thought it would be.

Uh, while it is choppy in the backseat, the landing is very gentle and you still have that plushness to the ride. Um, there’s a soft edge with which it goes over all the bumps, and potholes, so it never really feels harsh.

Fuel Tank Efficiency

The only thing is you won’t have to worry about fuel ups on a long drive because the fuel tank is massive. Well, this diesel is a great engine and it’s nice to drive.

It’s comfortable enough, but you know what? It may be a hole in the cabin. It may not be the most practical.

It may be crazily expensive, but spend some time with this car and you walk away like that little emoji with hearts in its eyes. Mercedes-Benz G 400 D

There’s just an irresistible charm to this car. It steals your heart, and blows your mind away. And if I had the money, I’d buy one.

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