2024 Massive Discounts On Tesla Model 3 Offers Up To $10,500

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Massive Discounts On Tesla Model 3

There are some massive discounts on the Tesla Model 3. I’ve been watching this for the past few weeks.

There’s been discounts on the Model 3 now for about two months, but the prices have just come down even more.

Up to $10,000 off the price of the older version of the Tesla Model 3 could be a really good choice if you want what is pretty much a bargain electric car.

Model 3 Performance Highlights

In Europe and in the United States, Tesla has been clearing inventory of the Model 3.

So we know there’s been discounts both in America and in Europe, but the Tesla is offering a discounts on the Model 3 in Australia.

They’re offering nearly, well, up to $10,000 off the price of the older version of the Model 3.

Now, keep in mind the Model 3 performance, that’s the one getting the biggest discounts here, but could be a good reason for this.

We now know the power outputs for the new Model 3 performance they’re ridiculous.

I mean, it’s about 115 horsepower more, which is insane. Anyhow, that said, I still think the Model 3 performance and the long range and the standard range now, the old version, still a really good car.

Regional Discounts and Incentives

For these prices, well, it’s definitely worth considering. The pre-update Model 3 has There’s only about 40 of them available left in Australia.

But if you’re looking for a car, yeah, prices are pretty good. Tesla Model 3 long range. You can get them for a discount now of around $9,000.

It depends on what state you’re in, but approximately $9,000 is the current discount.

That would mean in some states, you qualify for EV incentives, like in Queensland, you can get an extra $6,000.

Smart Shopping Tips

So you get an extra $15,000 off the price south Australia, you’re getting three years of registration.

Tasmania, they’re giving $3,000 discounts. So definitely, if you add that up, really cheap.

Tesla Model 3 performance is discounted by between $6,500 to $10,500. Yeah, really, really, really affordable now.

Special Offer in the ACT

2023 Model 3 performance in stock, $10,000 discount in the ACT. So depending on the state you’re in, put your state in there.

But at the same time, who cares? It’s like what? Like 100 bucks to find somewhere else, pick the car up, drive at home.

So whatever car you want. This is what I would do if you’re interested. Put in every state.

Put in except maybe Perth if you’re on the Eastern Seaboard, a bit of a long distance to fly to Perth and drive back.

That’d be a cool road trip, but maybe not that practical for most people.

Anyway, Adelaide, Tasmania, Victoria, ACT, so Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, New Castle.

Put in those states and check for each one of them on the prices if you’re looking to get a really good deal because some of the prices here are really, really low.

Final Word

I’ve seen the standard range model selling for about $55,000, the long-range version selling for about $63,000.

That’s probably the longest range vehicle you can get in Australia right now for that price.

Worth having a look but it’s also worth having a look at the new Tesla Model 3 or the BYD seal. That’s also a really good car for the money.

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