2024 Kia US Electric Car Sales Sparks Industry Wake-Up Call

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Kia US Electric Car Sales Sparks

Kia Electric car sales have just grown by 151% in the month of March in America. But apparently there’s an EV sales slowdown. Kia says actually, no this is a wake up call to the industry.

They could be onto something. This sales number from Kia, it’s truly staggering. And the reason that I say this is because Kia doesn’t make EVs in America.

Growth Despite Incentive Challenges

So when you buy a Kia EV6 or an EV9, both of which are actually two of my top ten favorite electric cars, when you buy one, you don’t qualify for EV incentives.

You don’t get that 7500 dollars discount that you get when you buy a, say, for example, a Tesla model Y. Kia Electric car

So these sales figures are staggering. They should grow even more because by May.

Manufacturing in America

So what, two months away from now, Kia will be manufacturing electric cars in America and in a couple of months from then, they’ll be sourcing batteries for America as well.

So that will mean that within about six months, Kia EVs will qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit, making them much cheaper than they are today.

Discount Offerings and Value Proposition

That said, Kia is offering some big discounts the EV9 currently, you can get it at a discounted price 7500 dollars anyway, they’re giving you that discount off the price, making the EV9 one of the best value cars in my opinion, period.

I can’t believe I’m saying this because they’re expensive, but considering the discounts offered on these cars and considering how good they are, there’s really nothing else in this segment. Kia Electric car

EV9 Impact on Kia Q1 Sales

You know, a Land Cruiser size electric vehicle with decent range. Now, Kia first fully electric SUV, the EV9, sparked a 151% increase in sales in March.

That means Kia has achieved its best ever Q1 sales, our growth in SUVs and early impact of the all new, all electric three row EV9 helped deliver Kia second best first quarter sales results.

Now he’s talking about sales in general for Kia, but its EV sales were its best ever. Kia sold 1000 about 1300 EV in March alone, for a total of 4000 through the first three months of the year. Kia Electric car

Growth Momentum and Future Prospects

The new model helped drive EV sales up by 151% in March. Sales of Kia’s first EV it brought to America.

The EV6, which I think is an equally good car, reac hed 1537 in March, which was growth of 55% from last year.

Kia sold 4059 EV6 in Q1, up 20% compared to last year, so case delivery numbers are still not that good really, to be honest, even with this massive growth of 150% in March, that’s a great figure, a really good result.

But they’re nowhere near as good as what they will be by the end of this year, when Kia are manufacturing EVs in America and I believe increasing their output, making more of them. Kia Electric car

Kia Wake-Up Call to the Industry

After launching the electric SUV in the US last year, starting under $55,000, Kia called it a wake up call to the industry, and it kind of right this there’s nothing in this segment at this price.

And Kia actually selling these now for around $50,000 for the cheapest version, the long range version you can actually get discounted from kia for around about $55,000. Kia Electric car

There is nothing else in the market this size as big as the Toyota Land Cruiser with this kind of range and this charging speed.

So Kia do make a good point that it is a bit of a wake up call to the industry, that there’s a lot of demand for cars this big. Even if, you know, environmentalist height cars this size.

But what do you do if you’ve got a big family, what do you do if you’ve got, you know, three, 4 or 5 kids, you need a car with seven seats.

Kia builds the Ev9 currently in South Korea. But like I said, when production moves to America, that’ll be a big bonus for a lot of people who buy these cars.

Now, unfortunately, Kia sales last year worldwide the EV sales didn’t really go up. That’s nothing to do with the quality of their cars.

Kia and Hyundai Electrification Investments

I think it’s more to do with their actual production. But considering Kia, Hyundai are investing 51 billion USD over the next two and a half years into electrification, that’s just South Korea, by the way. Kia Electric car

That doesn’t even include the EV factories in America and their plans in other places worldwide.

If you put all the numbers together, Kia and Hyundai together, investing at least $75 billion into electrification over the next few years, that’s a lot of money.

That’s not really a Ford and General Motors thing, is it? Ford and GM are saying we’re slowing down. People don’t want our car or EVs we demand is not what we thought it was.

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