2024 Kawasaki W 175 Street Review – Price, Speed, Display, Mileage

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Kawasaki W 175 Street Review

The all-black look might work for some & The red actually looks better. But I think given the Kawasaki DNA, the corporate color or the signature, they ought to have made one in green. Thankfully, there is now a Kawasaki which is not just black or red.

There is a green color available on the W175, and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.

2024 Kawasaki W 175 Street

The 2024 W175 street debuting at the 2023 India Bike Week in December, and we are told it garnered quite a bit of interest this time around.

The new color definitely looks striking, to say the least, and the paint quality is pretty good, too. Kawasaki W 175 Street Review

Technical Things

But as they say, if you ever get a second chance, you have to go all the way. From that perspective, there are a couple of other things that I think they should have done.

Since Kawasaki listens to feedback, I think they should have also listened to the market’s feedback and given LED headlights, at least on this street variant.

Kawasaki W 175 Street Review

Similarly, the console should have been given Bluetooth connectivity to work with the Kawasaki rideology app.

it isn’t a sporty offering, but the engine and the suspension deliver a far nicer experience than what their specs suggest. With the W175 street, they have made the experience even better now. Kawasaki W 175 Street Review

Alloy Wheels

So Alloy wheels give you two things. One is tubeless tires so fixing punctures, much easier just carry a puncture repair kit with you, and it’s going to be far simpler to fix that puncture compared to the wire-spoke wheels.

The second thing is it offers better rigidity. So when you’re going around corners, bends, etc, there’s going to be a lot more feedback coming from the wheels and tires, and it’s going to inspire a lot more confidence.

They haven’t made any changes to the engine tuning or the gearing.

However, the added mass of the Alloy wheels might make marginal differences to the acceleration times and roll on acceleration times, but not something that one would really notice in the real world. Kawasaki W 175 Street Review


Since the wheel sizes remain the same, there is not much change to the ergonomics of the vehicle. It’s still a very accessible seat height for riders of varied sizes.

A thoughtful addition, however, a little plate that you get, a heel plate that you get with the foot peg. I think it’s quite nice, though I think they should have done this on the other side as well.

Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking for a retro-style motorcycle then that handles decently in the city and on the highway, and well, even around the bends, and is lightweight at the same time and also very, very fuel-efficient, the W175 street must be on your list of considerations.

Kawasaki W 175 Street Review

In the new colors, it doesn’t look as commuterish as before, and they to fix the pricing as well. Kawasaki W 175 Street Review


But I think the biggest concern that they have fixed is the price. Those black and the red motorcycles are now available for 1,22,000 Rupees Ex-showroom, give or take. And this one, the good-looking one, is about 1,35,000 if I’m not wrong.

So if I were to put the pricing in perspective, that’s actually cheaper than the Hero 160 R, the Extreme 160 R.

Engine & Transmission

TypeAir-cooled, 4-stroke Single Cylinder
Displacement177 cc
Maximum Power9.6 kW {13 PS} / 7,500 rpm

Final Word

Now, that motorcycle definitely has a lot more equipment, but you’re getting a 175 cc, you’re getting the reliable Kawasaki motor, the Kawasaki badge, and then you have a motorcycle that looks as good as this, a proper retro. So I think it has now become a more convincing package than before.

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