2024 Hyundai New EV Success: CEO Says High Demand for Our Electric Vehicles

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Hyundai New EV Success

The Hyundai Yarding 5 has just set a new sales record in the month of March. Amidst the so-called EV slowdown, Hyundai and Kia have just had their best months ever in history in America.

EV Sales Performance in March

Ev sales actually increased for Hyundai by more than 100% in March. Hyundai IONIQ 5 set a new record in the first quarter.

Its EV sales group are more than 100%, and Hyundai is saying there’s no slowdown. They don’t believe that’s true.

They’ve said that a few times now. Hyundai is obviously increasing its sales in America. The IONIQ 6 has been a bit of a flop.

Currently, the IONIQ 6 is the cheapest car you can lease in America, period.

It doesn’t matter what car it is, considering it’s a legit luxury car, I think it is anyway, considering its performance, its interior, It’s specifications, it’s charging.

I think it’s an incredible deal, I probably would consider leasing one. I just think the deal is so incredibly good.

Despite rising competition and interest rates, Hyundai have said demand for our vehicles, especially EVs, is high and remains high, that’s what the CEO said.

So, yeah, don’t listen to the media. I think they’re just making things up. Hyundai’s EV sales or Hyundai’s EV sales doubled plus 100% in March.

Hyundai EV Growth and Prospects in America

The IONIQ 5 set a new record with 3,361 deliveries. That’s up 58% from the 2,114 Ionic 5 handed over in March or sold in March of last year in America.

First quarter EV sales for Hyundai hit a new record as well, increasing by 62%. To be honest, they’re coming off a pretty low base.

I mean, Hyundai still did only sell 6,822 IONIQ 5 in the first three months of the year. I mean, what’s that? Nearly 2,300 per month, still not that many.

But to see sales grow this much is really good. It’s incredible because they’re not yet made in America, so they don’t qualify for EV incentives.

When they do, they will be made in America within, I believe, six months, then they’re going to sell even better.

Unbeatable Deal in the EV Market

Hyundai’s other EV, the IONIQ 6, saw high demand as well. IONIQ 6 deliveries hit nearly 2,000 in March or 1,984, which means that deliveries of the IONIQ 6 increased by 794% versus Q1 of last year

Total, 3,646. So still a low number. But if you increase sales by 800% again from 3,646, you’d be looking at quite a lot of EV deliveries.

Now, of course, we’ve just seen Tesla’s deliveries of 386,810. And so people are thinking, it’s true. The media are telling the truth.

Global EV Sales Trends

Ev sales have collapsed worldwide. Ev sales in China have grown significantly this year. They’re actually up nearly 40% versus last year.

That’s pretty strong growth and it means that in the month of March, the percentage The percentage of cars sold in China that were NEVs, as in either fully electric or plug-in hybrids, hit 48%.

A BYD is saying that EV sales will hit 50% in China, EVs only, by the end of this year or actually, they said it within five months, and that was the last month.

Hyundai’s Kona EV Success

So they’re saying in four months from now. The Kona EV, one of the most affordable electric cars in America, which starts at under $33,000, also sold extremely well. It had one of its best quarters ever. Hyundai upgraded the Kona EV.

The new one, though, it’s massively better and it doesn’t give me that anymore that’s car nice. Sales of that vehicle grew significantly.

Now, at the moment, you can lease the IONIQ 6 for $260 a month with no fee. There’s no initial cost. That is just the average fee per month, which is absolutely unbelievable.

Hyundai Aggressive EV Strategy

As you can see, Hyundai really kicking goals here, and they’re being aggressive. They’re saying, You know what? We’re not slowing down an EV factory.

We’re not slowing down EV production plans. In fact, they’re investing $51 billion over the next two and a half years into electrification, $51 billion.

Fortunately, they’re not doing what Ford and General Motors are doing, and slowing down their EV investments, they’re speeding them up.

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