Hero Xtreme 125R Review 2024 – Talking About Price, Colors, Features & Mileage

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Hero Xtreme 125R Review

Now the vehicle has been spied a lot of times It’s finally out of the box. I think it looks great, but we are short on time, so we are going to do this a little differently.

I’m going to give you a quick walk around of the vehicle. Tell you what I think about its specs, its design, and then the quick ride that we’ve had on the track right now.

I’m going to add my riding impressions, tell you how it feels out on the road.

Engine Specs

The xtreme is a popular model in the heroes lineup, and now it is back with a new 125 cc engine, and this one is one of the quickest and the most premium 125 they have built in the motorcycle segment, says hero.

So this engine to address that quick factor. This is something that we saw even with the xtreme 160, where they called it one of the quickest motorcycles.

So with a 15, you’re looking at a 0 to 60 time of under six seconds, 5.9 seconds to be precise, and it puts out about 11.5 PS of power.

It’s a single cylinder engine, of course, air cooled, pretty upright and that is what you get. You also get the Kickstarter with it and you can see all the controls right here.

Now that exhaust is a very stubby little exhaust, but quite neatly designed, quite neatly tucked away. All your expansion chambers are very neatly hidden away. So all of that is done quite nicely. Hero Xtreme 125R Review


In terms of suspension You are looking at 37 millimetre standard Fox, and you are looking at a mono shock suspension that has been built in collaboration with Showa.

In terms of the wheel sizes, you are getting seven ten inches both front and rear. The rear is a flat 120 section tyre The front is a 90/90.

In terms of the braking hardware, you get a 276 millimetre disc up front and you get a drum brake at the rear.

There are going to be two versions available here One is with the ABS, one is without the ABS. Hero Xtreme 125R Review


Without the ABS is going to cost you ₹95,000 Ex-showroom Delhi with ABS is going to be 99,500 ex-showroom, Delhi.

Color Options

There are going to be multiple colours available for this motorcycle. You’re going to get LED headlights LED blinkers LED tail lights as well.

You are also going to get LED DRLs. These are the daytime running lights that’s going to light up when you switch on the motorcycle.

What you’ll also notice is the split seat design. Now in the presentation they told us this is going to be 11.5 ps. So that’s the power output for you 10.7 bhp, 10.6 Newton metres of torque.Hero Xtreme 125R Review


And the curb weight is a light and manageable 133 kilos. I quite like the design of the rear as well. It’s a very nice sporty design. You get LED tail lights.

Like I said, you get the split drive handle, split seats, you get this wheel hugger down below. All of it looks quite nice.

What I’m not too happy about is the finish on the exhaust, or maybe the engine, the blacked out parts.

We’ve seen them in other hero vehicles as well. they’re prone to scuffs and scratches very quickly, so that is going to be a bit of a worry.

What you do get are these nice metallic foot pegs for the rear for the pillion, and then rubberised foot pegs for the rider as a brake lever right there.

You also get the Kickstarter. And here is a toe only shifter. You get a main stand and a rear stand with this motorcycle, the battery terminal

For this particular display unit, you’re going to get this really nice looking tank shroud that bears the 1 to 5 R lettering.

The xtreme badging goes on to the tank. Like I said, they haven’t, connected the battery, but this is a reverse LCD cluster. Hero Xtreme 125R Review

So you have the, reserve warning. You have the engine warning, side stand warning, neutral headlamp on turn blinkers, and the i3S, which is essentially hero’s start stop system. even on the switchgear you can turn it off.

You can switch off the i3s system or the start stop system if you don’t like it. That’s the push button starter as well.

Yes, there’s a Kickstarter and a push button starter, and then the controls for the lighting and the horn right here. Uh, the quality. Yes. It leaves you a little wanting.


I think in terms of the styling they have done a really good job. They haven’t just taken the xtreme 160 R and just bolted on a smaller engine in it.

No, they haven’t done that. They’ve given it a pretty unique styling and that should keep the owners of the 125 and the 160 happy.

The 160 owners are not going to feel shortchanged. And the 125 owners are also going to enjoy their own exclusivity. Hero Xtreme 125R Review

So overall, I think it’s a very good looking motorcycle. It gels in very nicely with the rest of the hero lineup.

Ride & Handling

We had the opportunity to take the xtreme for a few laps around heroes handling circuit, familiar from our reviews of the hero Vida or the xtreme 160 R, the 125 are performs impressively on its mix of fast and tight corners.

The white tyres, which are broader than the OG 223 cc Karizma, allow it to lean smoothly without feeling unnerving, whether navigating bends or dusty public roads. The tyres and the nimble chassy will provide excellent grip.

The front end is light, and the braking on the ABS model instils confidence even at higher speeds, making it the preferred variant for better safety.

What I really like about the motorcycle is the light feel it gives you, and I’m not talking only about the weight. Hero Xtreme 125R Review

Yes, it is a lightweight motorcycle, but everything the clutch, the brake lever feel, even the throttle response is nice and linear.

All of that just makes it feel like a very easy to manage motorcycle. A light motorcycle for your everyday commutes.

And that is exactly what a 125 should be at the same time. Because given its sporty dimensions or its sporty styling, it also has to have a little bit of that sporty character when you’re out on the road, right.

And it achieves that quite nicely. For example, the suspension setup, it’s nice and soft to make your commutes a comfortable one, but at the same time, if you were to show it some corners, maybe take it for a few weekend rides with your buddies, it’s not going to disappoint.

You will have a very good time attacking those corners, going sharply into them, coming out of them, smiling for a 125 I think it does its job quite well.

It reminds me of the TVs raider in more than one things Of course, the raider is a bit more powerful compared to this, but this doesn’t really leave me wanting for much.

You know the power figures, the torque figures are humble, but never does it really feel that, oh, it could have done with a bit more power.

It’s missing that drive None of that. It’s really putting a smile on my face for the kind of machine it is. Hero Xtreme 125R Review

It’s tiny and yet it’s quite enjoyable whether you are commuting on it or simply attacking corners on your weekend rides.

Engine Dynamics

While the engine lacks the power of the TVs raider. It is refined for a 125 cc single and sounds better than the tinny exhaust of its immediate rival.

The engine is peaky and the best performance lies in the 7 to 9000 rpm range, but it handles slow speeds well and even with a billion it should be fine, offering good fuel economy. Hero Xtreme 125R Review

The wide rear seats should be comfortable for long city commutes, accommodating side styling for sari clad ladies, thanks to the tastefully designed saree guard, which certainly deserves a mention with more seating and knee room than the TVs, raider riders with a larger frame may prefer the extreme 125 R.

The low seating should accommodate riders of varied sizes. However, if you are a shorter rider, the raider could be the better bike.

That said, the 125 R should also accommodate riders of varied sizes without much problem.

However, a potential downside in this comparison with the raider is the instrumentation, which could be a dealbreaker for some due to its lack of features.

Price & Verdict

Priced at around 1.15 lakh rupees for the base variant or 1.2 lakh rupees on road for the top and ABS model, the xtreme 125 R offers excellent value for money in the 1.25 cc power commuter segment.Hero Xtreme 125R Review

While the switchgear and some buzzing plastics on our test bike were disappointing, superior features like the projector beam lamps all around LED lighting start stop taking the engine, peppy performance and neutral handling make the xtreme 125 R compelling choice in its class.

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