Hero Mavrick 440 Specification – Checkout All Details

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Hero Mavrick 440

Today We Are Talking About motorcycles that quite a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time This is the newly unveiled Hero Mavrick 440.

You probably already know that this is Hero’s version of the Harley Davidson X 440.

Let’s start off with what the two bikes have in common Of course, the 440 cc air and oil-cooled motor at the heart of it is shared between the two.

The same 27 horsepower, but 2 Newton meters less on the Mavrick, 36 Newton meters here, even though it’s made at the same 4,000 RPM.

The mainframe also seems to be the same, but there are changes to the overall chassy package. Hero Mavrick 440

Let’s start up front, the upside down fork from the Harley has made way for a telescopes unit here.

More Most effective, this hero will be positioned below the X440. The front wheel is also different you’ve got a 17-inch front wheel in place of the Harley’s 18-inch front wheel.

The rear subframe is once again different. You still get twin shock absorbers here, though.

Hero Mavrick 440

On the engine front, while the engine is the same, the exhaust system is now new.

The tail section, you’ve got a bit of an H-shape in the tail lamps there. The indicator is visually very similar to what you get on the Harley.

This version here is the mid-variant. That’s where it gets Alloy wheels.

The base spec, the base entry-level version, gets Wirespoke wheels.

The top variant is above this mid-variant, and the only difference there is that you get diamond-cut Alloy wheels as opposed to these simpler Alloy wheels.

Design is, of course, another area of big difference. You’ve got this muscular tank with these fiber extensions up here. Hero Mavrick 440

The headlight also has a bit of an H-shape in the DRL. Once again, the same round indicators. And instrumentation is another area of change here.

Where the Harley gets a color TFT display, here you have a fully digital display, but it’s an LCD unit, a negative LCD.

You still do get Bluetooth connectivity and an e-SIM, so you get all the connected features that come with that.

Beyond the instrumentation, other features here include all LED lighting, a USB type A charger and dual channel ABS as standard on all variants—simple classic round mirrors.

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