Hero Mavrick 440 Review: Is Hero ready to make its mark in the premium segment?

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Hero Mavrick 440 Review

Today I Tell You About Mavrick 440, and if you are a hero nerd, you would recognize it as their spin on the Harley Davidson X 440.

But here’s the kicker, This motorcycle and the 440 platform have been cooking for over three years now, long before the Hero Harley partnership even brewed the X 440, however, hit the market first to dip its doors in the testing waters.

But don’t think of this to be what the slavia is to the Worders. Think of it to be what the Kodiak is to the Passat. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

It belongs to a more relevant segment, a street naked instead of a cruiser.

It is also significantly cheaper, significantly because Harley Davidson commands a bigger brand value.

But I also feel that the Expo 40 is diluting that very brand value for Harley Davidson.

Whereas on the other hand, the Maverick will up the brand value the premium quotient for hero.

LED Lighting

You will notice the premium touches as well. LED lighting all around, a striking headlamp housing, sleek tank shrouds, and a premium machine finish for the wheels, mirrors, and engine cases.

Allen Key Access

Even under the seat, the components are neatly tucked away, but requiring an Allen Key for accessing the battery or the electrical connections for those add-ons.

Speaking of which, there’s a slew of accessories available at launch, including luggage options and fog lamps leaving a favorable initial impression.

Although I must say the exhaust could have been more aesthetically pleasing, but it might just grow on you. Hero Mavrick 440 Review


The stock headlights on the motorcycle are actually quite good.

when it comes to touring, for some reason the royal En-fields are the most reliable ship that people really believe on, and they have upped their quality, their reliability in all these years.

And from that perspective, some of the materials here, maybe the plastic parts, the switch gear, etc, the quality doesn’t feel as good as what we’ve seen on the newer Royal Enfield 350. Hero Mavrick 440 Review


However, that said, it’s definitely the most premium quality that we’ve seen from Hero so far, weighing in at a little under 190 kilos.

The Maverick is among the heftier motorcycles out there. However, it manure with surprisingly is feeling light and agile, almost like a commuter bike in motion.

Fuel Tank

Now between the legs, the tank is not gonna feel too big. it doesn’t really have that big bike feel honestly speaking. But it’s not too small either.

It doesn’t feel too compact like a commuter. What I also like is the design of the tank. You can very nicely lock your knees into recesses.

So whether you are breaking or while cornering, you get a nice grip on the tank. It adds the sense of security. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

Hero Mavrick 440 Review

Although the Pack set slightly rare road compared to the Harley Davidson, they are mid mounted enough for standing while navigating rough terrain.

However, standing off road could feel cumbersome and gripping this bulb tank isn’t a breeze.

Now the riding push or the triangle created by the knee is not too aggressive and it’s not too relaxed.

It is comfortable for highway cruises or even for city. And when you are riding around twist, it can also make for some sporty riding kosher.


So the beauty of this engine is that it doesn’t feel as peaky as something like the speed 400 or even the KTM 390 adventure.

At the same time, it’s not as laid back as something like the 350 from Royal Enfield, the classic or the hunter that said it’s not as Rev happy as something like what we’ve seen with the Java. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

So what you get is an engine that has a very unique character pulling overtakes feels very easy. It is quite brisk.


Even at highway speeds, you can pull overtakes quite nicely. And speaking of highway speeds, triple digit speeds, you know, 110, 120 kilometers an hour seems effortless. So even in terms of the cruising ability of the motorcycle, it’s actually quite nice.

A single cylinder engine is remarkably smooth with only minimal vibrations at higher speeds, comfortably cruising at 120 kilometers an hour or trotting along at 40 kilometers an hour in fourth gear is a breeze.

Hero Mavrick 440 Review

And that makes it an ideal tour or commuter. The RE 350 is feel equally good, if not better in the city, but can’t quite match the highway cruising manners of the maverick.

Also, offering a charact pump in the low end, a feature which is now missing in most new end fields. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

Power & Torque

In fact, what I like is that instead of only focusing on delivering a better sound profile than as competition, heroes also worked on delivering better talk.

Now it’s a little bit down on talk compared to the Harley Davidson X 440. This delivers 36 Newton meters, but the same 4,000 RPM or thereabouts.

And that’s actually better than the competition. And it’s not just on paper because you can also feel it out on the road.

While it may not sprint off the line like a triumph speed 400 or the less powerful Honda CV 300 R, it’s mid-range power and comfortable riding posture make it a formidable touring machine compared to the motorcycle it so closely resembles.

I wish the rev limiter wouldn’t kick in as aggressively, though we saw off speed of 135 kilometers an hour. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

The Harley Davidson X 440 gets upside down, folks, this one doesn’t. the suspension compliance is actually quite good.

And if you were to take it to winding roads, it won’t disappoint there either. The front end field is actually quite nice.

The Maverick doesn’t dodge into corners like it’s time for KTM counterparts. However, its linear handling traits are sure to impress cooling enthusiasts.

It’s not gonna be the sharpest handling motorcycle in the category. There are other motorcycles, even the Honda CB 300 R is excellent compared to this.

But I quite like the way it handles the fact that geometry is pretty relaxed, but you are gonna be exploiting that cornering clearance quite often when you hit some really nice fast switchback. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

The brakes have a progressive field, but I would’ve liked even better bite from them, especially when carrying a billion and luggage.


Now even the rear suspension is different compared to what you get on the Harley Davidson X440.

But in terms of the preloaded adjusability, it is one of the best in the segment.

They are offering the highest level of customizability for the rear preload compared to any of the competition.

So when you are touring with pin, pin plus luggage etc, it is definitely going to come in handy. Setting the sag, setting the preload for all of this is gonna be much easier

From top to bottom, Front to Rear the maverick feels meticulously crafted, leaving little room for complaints. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

Despite this price conscious bill, it exudes a premium aura, which until now was missing on any of the hero machines.

This reflects an earnest effort behind its creation, whether upgrading from a smaller bike or seeking an easygoing tour, the Maverick emerges as a compelling choice.

And among the three variants, the mid tier option, particularly in the red or the blue exudes the most appeal.


Now, if I were to sum it up, you know, it really has me excited, as are most of you, that the pricing for this thing is really good and the way Hero has delivered this particular product.

I think that pricing is really, really good because mechanically this motorcycle is very sound, but at the same time, that 1.99 lakh Ex-showroom pricing for the base variant. Hero Mavrick 440 Review


And as you start climbing up the ladder, if you were to reach somewhere here, this kind of motorcycle where you get the Alloy Wheels,

the E-SIM Connected features, the 3D Tank and the Tubeless tires, of course for these few bits you are going to be spending a lot of money because the top end variant is now entering the Triumph Speed 400 category.

And honestly, that engine, that motorcycle is a lot, lot sprightlier than what this machine has to offer.

And I think that is going to be the biggest challenge for Maverick. The challenge is not gonna come from Harley Davidson.

The challenge is not to really take customers away from the X 440 is the Triumph Twins that they have to beat.

And that is going to be a very upheaval task. So once again, will Hero have it very tough breaking into that premium segment?

Well, it is very likely, but this time around the premium product that they have delivered is really very convincing. Hero Mavrick 440 Review

So if you don’t like the Triumph for whatever reason, the Maverick could actually be one that you need to consider or anything else in the market at the moment.

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